Mid-Morning Coffee – Familiar Change

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I hear it a lot from people. They don’t like the prospect of facing a change in their life circumstances. It is scary, and can be stressful. I do agree with that point of view. I would like to offer an alternative, however. Shift your perspective and you will shift your experience.

Without change, there is only stagnation. We can find ourselves in a rut of our own making that can get so deep there is no way out. Change something about how you live each day, and you give your consciousness an opportunity to see things in a new way, from a fresh perspective.

Lately, my change has come in the form of moving. Literally. Or I could see this last series of relocations as one large, extended, single move because I didn’t actually unpack all the boxes at the last place. If the recent shifts are a symbolic representation of what is happening internally for me, then I am in for some major shifts in how I experience this world. I will keep you posted on that front.

I found this last leg of the journey very enlightening. I ended up driving the truck myself, and towing my vehicle behind me – which wasn’t without its own set of challenges – which allowed me to rediscover a sense of empowerment and competency I thought I’d surrendered due to my ‘advancing age’. Hmmm. Guess that’s only a figment of my imagination!

I made the journey with a greater sense of calm and control than I’d felt in years. Perhaps that was helped along by the appearance of people willing to assist me just when I needed it. To this band of angels, I will be forever grateful.

Thank you to the elderly couple from a small town in Nebraska who helped to load my stuff on the truck. I’m no spring chicken, and neither are either of you, but we did a pretty darn good job with the help of your grandson.

Deutsch: Rungenwagen zum Holztransport der Rai...

Thank you to the car hauling guy that pulled up next to my truck/tow dolly combination just when I needed someone who could help me re-secure the straps on the front wheels that held my car on the dolly. (One had come completely off, and I had listened to the small voice that urged me to check things after I stopped for lunch and before I took off again.) As I fussed with the straps, it began to rain.

A phone call to the ‘help center’ revealed that it would cost $150.- for ‘help’ to come and adjust the strap. I had figured out how to get the strap back on the wheel, but couldn’t figure out how to work the ratcheting mechanism to tighten it back down.

That same still, small voice urged me to hang up and just go ask the guy who had three cars lashed to a trailer with the same type straps I was dealing with for some assistance. So I did. He grabbed his gloves out of the back seat, told me he did it all the time, and within seconds had me properly secured again. When I asked him if I could pay him something, he just flapped his hand at me and wished me safe travels.

Good thing I listened. The timing of this man’s appearance was ‘heavenly’. If I had not paid attention, who knows if the car would have stayed on the tow dolly. The next part of the trip was about 65 miles of Interstate complete with all that entails. I said a quiet prayer of thanks to my Guides and Guidance for the help and to God for sending an angel to help right when I needed one.

 Photo credit: Julie Marie

Photo credit: Julie Marie

Thank you to the woman who came to visit yesterday and who brought a beautiful pot and flowers for the front porch. I was just thinking I needed a pot there! And some chicken tikka masala to boot! Yum! Food, flowers, friendship. What more can a girl ask for?

Now, I would not have had the opportunity to experience any of these wonderful things if I wasn’t up for whatever changes Spirit has in store for me. Am I always successful at gracefully moving through them? No. But the wonderful thing about it is, I do keep getting another chance to do it right!

Life is beautiful. And so is change. Embrace it. You never know what wondrous surprises are in store for you.

Now go have a glorious day. I know I will.

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