Morning Coffee – Time to Build that Bridge

Cafés_bombón_-_BurgosI found myself thinking a lot about the St. Louis Arch this morning, and when I asked Spirit why it was so dominating my awareness, this is what came. I thought it would make a perfect complement to your morning cup, so here you are.

Is it any accident that it is named the Gateway Arch? I don’t think so. Certainly it was only meant as a gateway to the West, but what if we expand that symbolism for a moment? What if it could be used, spiritually, as a symbol for the gateway to our higher consciousness?

Bridges in all their forms have been brought into my awareness with increasing frequency over the past few weeks, and there is always a reason for these repeated messages. I keep getting them until the Universe gets my attention. Well, the Universe has my attention.

Symbolically, a bridge represents any sort of transition, and I bet we’re all in agreement that collectively we are in a time of transition. Since they are also a means of crossing from one plane to another, a bridge can represent a critical juncture in life, and whether (we) will be able to go through with the change from one state of being to another.(My interpretation of this sign/symbol is that it brings a collective message, not just an individual one. The St. Louis Arch is a massive structure, larger than an ‘ordinary’ bridge.)

The St. Louis Arch, in St. Louis, MissouriMy very next question was how then, are we to build this bridge? We must consciously choose to allow for the inflow of the Cosmic Codes  that are streaming in from Higher Intelligence (macro-cosmic level) that are designed to re-pattern our (micro-cosmic level) DNA so that we may become a more perfect reflection or harmonic of that Great Cosmic Chord now reverberating throughout Creation.

Take a few moments in the morning to open yourself – using your imagination – to the wonder and beauty of the Light that is streaming in all around you. Imagine this Light pouring into your crown, and flowing to the center of your brain. As you sit and allow this Light to stream in, you are building the Bridge of which Spirit speaks. When this bridge is complete, you shall be able to walk the Light Bridge to our collective next evolution.

Well, that turned out to be a bit heavy for a morning’s cup, but there you have it.

Now go have a glorious day. I know I will!

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2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee – Time to Build that Bridge

  1. Hi dear SisStar.
    And then again…….. perhaps Spirit is reminding you that part of your/our “work” here is BEING the Bridge 🙂
    Jeanette xx

    • Funny…One of very first messages I received from Spirit was that very thing, only said a bit differently. May be time to write a little story about that. Thanks for the topic for today’s blog. Sending you my deepest appreciation to you for your continued, constant connection. From my heart to yours…blessings. JM

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