Mid-Morning Coffee – An Unexpected Message

Cup of coffee with whipped creamI felt the presence of Mother Mary the past couple of days, and when I did a little research as to why that might be, I discovered that August 15th was the day that many Christian countries celebrate the Assumption of Mary.

I will concede that Catholics make a distinction between the Ascension of Her Son, Jesus; and Mary’s Assumption into Heaven after her death. I will assert here that it is my perspective that Mary also Ascended under her own power as did Her Son. I believe that the purpose was to demonstrate to Humanity that it did not matter whether your gender was male or female, if you desired it, you also had the capacity to complete the Ascension process.

Assumption of the Virgin Mary (Rubens)So what is the message for today? What can I share with you that would be of value as you tend to your earthly business? Here is what came. I ask only that you take the parts that resonate for you, and leave the rest. I am faithful in repeating here what I heard:

My presence is with you this day. My presence is with all of you this day. I come to bring the comfort of a Mother to her suffering children. What more could be needed at this time? I hear your cries. Did I not make the ultimate sacrifice? Did I not give to the world the most precious of gifts? I gave you the life of my only Son. My Beloved Son.

As a mother, what more could I offer? God asked me to make the sacrifice, and I willingly did so. When my Son came and asked for my counsel, there were words I could have said that might have changed the very course of history, yet I kept those words to myself, for to speak them would have been to disobey the promptings of my Spirit.

I supported Him, for that is all I could do. I wept for what was to come. I fulfilled my destiny. I completed my small part in the Grand Design. I have returned to the Earth on more than one occasion, for this planet is precious to me because it is so precious to my Son.

I come bearing messages of hope for all who would hear them, and I speak my words through all who would repeat them. Listen more closely, my children, for soon I will be speaking to you of what must be said, what any good and loving parent would tell their children.

It is time for you to stand for what you believe in. Do you believe in the darkness and despair that would engulf this wondrous place? Or do you believe in the Light that lives within?

How you choose to express yourselves in the world will have much to do with the path the  world will take. There is coming soon a point of choosing, where the decisions made will begin to solidify in which direction the development of this planet will go. Do not let all that has been done in preparation for this moment be in vain.

A small sacrifice from each of you at this time can be the difference between a new evolution for all of Creation, or an extension of the Time of Waiting, for that is what the rest of the Universe is engaged in at this moment: a Time of Waiting. We cannot continue on without you. You are precious, each and every one of you, and that is why there is such an increase in the volume of Light and encouragement in a myriad of forms that is coming into your awareness now.

Sacrifice your distractions. Sacrifice your personal desire. Seek with intention and earnestness what it is your Spirit would have you do. Then make the conscious choice to do that which is being asked of you. I would not require of you anything more than I was willing, myself, to give. But also understand that none of you will be required to offer up to the Lord what God demanded of me.

A little sacrifice from each of you can equal the singular measure of sacrifice that was asked of me, do you understand? Another does not have to suffer in the way my Son did in order for there to be victory here. A small sacrifice from each of you is all that is needed.

Thank you for allowing me to speak here this day, on the anniversary of this celebration of my Ascension.

~Mary, Mother of Jesus

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6 thoughts on “Mid-Morning Coffee – An Unexpected Message

  1. Oh wow Julie will have to have a think on that one…..sounds a bit close to home for me as I have stuff going on with my son at the moment, and I am having to consider what are the best choices for all people involved and not necessarily what my son would like to see happen. So thank you for that message…..food for thought!
    How’s the move going?
    Love and light
    Sandie x

    • Sandie~Move complete, except for the unpacking and settling in part. Happy to be where I am. Bought end-of-season flowers for the porch to bring some color to the front of the house. Have begun to place all the stone people, many of whom have been languishing in boxes and bins for the past six months. There is joy in the grid this day, and I am filled with gratitude. Yes, there will be new things to adjust to, but I am blessed to be alive on this planet and (hopefully) contributing in a positive way to the Shift we are all a part of. Will hold you and your son in my thoughts. May you both be shown the way…Bless you both. JM

    • Sue~It wasn’t where I’d intended to go this morning, but it was where I ended up. Interesting how that works. Was a good reminder for me, as well. Infinite blessings to you, Sue. JM

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