You Are Not Alone

The lyrics of a Michael Jackson song have been whirling around in my mind for a few hours, so let’s just see where that breadcrumb of inspiration will take us today.

“You are not alone, I am here with you, though we’re far apart, You’re forever in my heart…”

Though there may be times in our lives when we feel alone and unsupported, that is definitely not the case. My recent ‘road trip’ is a good example of how, if we open ourselves to the help, assistance from Spirit is always at the ready.

As I write these words, I feel the presence of my Guidance Team moving in more closely. In the most difficult of times, I can still feel the love and support they give me. There have been a number of occasions in the past months when, for various reasons, I have felt a bit isolated and alone. Yet still I could feel the love from my unseen helpers whenever I opened myself to Spirit.

The beauty of our incarnated situation is that each of us has a support team of spirit beings whose greatest delight and desire is to help us move along our path. We receive gentle promptings and persistent prodding from these most patient of Beings. (I sometimes wonder if their lesson in working with the more stubborn among us is patience!) They also protect us, as much as they can, from harm, and often from ourselves.

I believe their greatest sorrow is that we don’t ask them enough to help us. For that is the thing we need to remain aware of: They cannot interfere with our choices, our free will. To do so is a violation of the First Law of the Universe.

If you can conceive of a way a being without the limitations of a physical body could help you, then its likely they have the ability to make a difference for you. Do you want to conquer your addiction to cigarettes, alcohol or maybe food? Ask for a special guide to be assigned to help you with it, so that you have the strength and clarity to make better decisions.

A Woman does tai chi.Want to raise the fitness level of your physical body? Ask for help. Expressing your desire clearly and stating your intention will focus the energy. You may find yourself feeling more like a walk in the morning or evening, or you might decide you want to try something new, like a yoga class or some Tai Chi, or maybe Zumba.

With the help of your guides and angelic guardians, you can accomplish more than you could on your ‘own’, and you don’t need to have special intuitive abilities to be able to connect with your Special Team, either.

What would you like more clarity about? Your past lives, your current life purpose, Higher Wisdom? Perhaps you want to express your creativity. All of this and more is available to you if you are willing to follow some simple steps to help you begin to connect with Spirit.

The next article will introduce you to some of the spirit guides and angel guardians that stand ready to assist.

We are not alone. They are here with us. Always. In all ways. And we are blessed.

Inner guidance is heard like soft music in the night by those who have learned to listen. ~Vernon Howard

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