Grand Cross August 25th, 2013

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I recently received an email from a friend, and it had a message about a Grand Sextile that would be appearing in the heavens with a peak on August 25th. I was excited about this, but couldn’t remember reading or hearing anything about this in July when I was doing research for the August Energy Report. Besides, there had been a transitory one of these formations on July 29th, and to have another follow so close merited some research.

What I discovered when I compared notes of people better versed in all the star stuff than I am is this: there is not a Grand Sextile (Star of David formation) peaking on August 25th, but there is a Cardinal Grand Cross that started influencing our world around the 20th of this month, so that is why I’m writing about the Grand Cross instead of the Grand Sextile (which isn’t, really, unless one bends the astrological rules concerning the orb of a couple of the heavenly players to make things fit. Jupiter and Pluto are not in the right places for a true Grand Sextile).

The Grand Cross involves Venus opposite Uranus, Jupiter opposite Pluto. This August’s Grand Cross will be the first in a series of five which will happen in the next few months (the last being in early 2014). Venus is the first planet that will move through the formation, then Mercury will come through in September, then the Sun in October, and Mars will make two passes through, one in December into January 2014 when it is direct and again in April 2014 when Mars is retrograde.

Think of the next few months as a transformational parade as each lends its energies to this process.

I do note here that all levels of interaction are represented and energized in this formation: Universal, global, community, and individual. This is also a Cardinal Grand Cross, as it occurs in the four Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The Cardinal signs are the leaders, the initiators.

medicinewheelThe Medicine Wheel has as its framework a cross which is the structure around which the energies revolve. The planets that make up this particular cross bring a unique blend of energies into play. This Grand Cross will be intense as it has the energies of Uranus and Pluto (currently engaged in a “square” dance of their own) interacting with Jupiter, the social planet and Venus, the personal planet.

Mars (back left), Mercury (back right), Moon (...Jupiter shakes the foundations. Uranus brings sudden, unexpected change. Pluto transforms that which no longer serves us by bringing to light what is hidden. Venus softens the hard edges of this process.

The message of this Grand Cross series is BALANCE. One arm of the cross is Uranus and Venus: Mind versus heart, sudden shock versus flowing softness. The other arm is Jupiter and Pluto: Light versus dark, expansion and release.

So how can we make the best use of this energetic gift from the Heavens? Flow with where the energies lead us. Balance is the key here. We must be willing to flow with all of the energies, not just some of them.

Resistance is futile, or at the very least, can be painful. Remember, the energy will ebb and flow, will rise and fall. Sometimes you will be moving more in harmony with it than at other times. Be patient and forgiving with yourself.

This cross is about the continuing transformation of our experience from caterpillar to butterfly. We are at the stage now where some are ready to emerge, but now begins the struggle to break free of the constricting cocoon that confines us.

Open yourself to the possibility that is your highest potential. Welcome the support of the Universe as you move through this time. Know that it is a process, and that you will be more successful on some days than on others.

August 25 in particular will provide an extremely potent energetic support for collective meditation. Whatever we, together, intend will shift the frequency field of the planet in that direction. The energy of this Grand Cross will supercharge the energy of revolutionary transformation, especially in the areas of relationships and creativity.

The energy of this first Cross of the series will continue to influence things until          August 30th.

The call to Wake Up has sounded. Can you hear it? The trajectory of our collective experience will depend upon how and to what extent our individual and collective consciousness awakens, and how quickly we come to full awareness. We are, indeed, all in this together.

You have to light your own lamp. You have to know the miniature Universe that you yourself are. ~ Banani Ray

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