Mid-Morning Coffee – You are the Gap

English: iced coffee Deutsch: Eiskaffee mit SahneA Sister of mine from the stars commented on  one of my posts, and her observation is the inspiration for this morning’s cup: a frosty, frothy delight for your enjoyment.

When my Unseen Teachers first began sharing what has turned out to be the foundation of my spiritual education, one of the things I was shown came in answer to my question about what our function, as human beings, was in the grander scheme of things.

At this time, I was testing the giver of the information because I wasn’t sure that I was not starting to lose my grip on ‘reality’. (I now understand that I was losing my grip on reality, but was beginning to understand a little about Reality at the level of expanded consciousness.)

The response to my inquiry came in the same grand, expansive Voice that had been interacting with me for months. Here is the essence of what I was told:

NGK spark plug (type BP6ES).You are made of the stuff of both worlds, the world of form and the world of Spirit. You are, in fact, Spirit-animated form.

You hold within your consciousness a perception that you need to travel from ‘here’ to ‘there’ in order to accomplish your Soul’s purpose. This is not the Truth.

You are, already, where you need to be, what you need to be. It is what you are by Design. You are Spirit-animated form. You may perceive that there is a Gap between where you find yourselves and where you want to go.

Imagine a spark plug. There is a gap between the two parts. Imagine the top part as representing where you would travel to. Imagine the bottom part as your physical reality.

Know this: You are the spark that travels between the two.  You are the gap.

One of the questions I hear most often is: why am I here? Who am I?

You are here to bring Light to this world. With your presence here, you make a difference. Your presence is your gift. A smile to a stranger, or even looking another human being in the eye when we interact with them. Kindness, tolerance, acceptance of the other.

You are the Light you seek, Dear Ones. (It really is up to us.)

See the shining brightness that streams forth from your hearts as you go through your day. Consciously project the love you are out into the space you find yourself in, and know that it will make a difference.

The Light of Spirit is made manifest in the world of Form. That is who we are, and what we have come to do.

Now go have a glorious day. I know I will!

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