She Walks in Beauty -Sapokniona WhiteFeather

Taos Mtn. from El Prado,New MexicoOne of the most important lessons this quiet, focused Master taught me was that true dedication to a Spirit-Walk is difficult, but possible if one is willing to sacrifice one’s personal desires on the altar of ‘for the Greater Good.’

Taos PuebloI met Sapokniona WhiteFeather when I moved to Taos, New Mexico in the 1990’s. That was one of the most difficult, challenging assignments I’ve had since I started my Spirit journey. I lived on a mesa surrounded by sagebrush and sand. I had a beautiful view of Taos Mountain from my front porch, and used to spend hours watching the clouds move across the sky there and the sun rises change the landscape.

I looked forward to the days of heavy rain, and loved to go outside and breathe deeply of the air after a rainfall as the smell of sage wafted on the breeze.

I read about a presentation someone named Rainbow Eagle was going to give at a local store, and decided to attend. Yes, his talk was interesting, but the person I was drawn to was a quiet woman who came with him. I later learned her name: Sapokniona.

She is a People’s Pipe carrier, and devotes her entire being, her life, in Service to Spirit. One day, when we were talking about Spirit work, she told me about how she would meditate, and while in meditation, would travel into the tunnels that, according to local lore, exist deep under the earth in the Taos area.

She said she would open her heart, and broadcast Love to all the energies she would encounter there. Always, she said, two things would happen: the being would be transformed or would run away. Not once, she said, was she confronted or attacked.

So why do I mention this? Because she used the power of Love to transform the density she encountered in the tunnels. She did not condemn, or judge.

I also remember what she used to call the darkness: undeveloped Light. There is true power here. By framing it in this way, she removed herself from the matrix of polarization, thus neutralizing any potential influence that adversarial position would have had upon her energy field and consciousness.

Though she was not my formal Teacher, I learned much from her. My discussions with her reinforced one of the first things my Unseen Teachers taught me: Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. This is something that could be used with great effect on the situations we find ourselves witnessing today.

I offer her perspective in honor of the Light she carries, and encourage you to consider this as an alternative way to respond to the current wave of density that seems to be sloshing around in the mass consciousness.

I honor your walk, Sapokniona. I am honored to know you.

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2 thoughts on “She Walks in Beauty -Sapokniona WhiteFeather

  1. A wise Shaman whose love is harnessed for transformation. For Love and Light helps dissolve the shadows of fear and darkness,
    What a wonderful experience that must have been to discuss and share in the knowledge and her wisdom.
    Let us keep sending out our Love into the world, to ALL as we let it transform the Fear and Darkness which surrounds many peoples and places….
    Love and Blessings Julie,
    Sue xox

    • It has been almost a decade since I’ve spoken with her, yet it remains one of the brightest stops on my spiritual journey. The truth of her teaching speaks for itself. Back at you.

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