Morning Coffee – Seasons’ Change

Cafés_bombón_-_Burgos I could feel the first nip of coolness in the early morning air today. Fall, with all its glorious color, is on the way. There is an end to the summer’s heat. Just like last year, and the year before.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Just as night follows day, Autumn follows Summer, and introduces the hibernation of Winter and rest for the natural world.

And just as people come into our lives and then leave it, life goes on. I have been doing more work with bringing messages through from loved ones on the other side, and this weekend was particularly poignant.

Angel of the Violet Flame

Original Acrylic painting by Julie Marie C2012

I did a gallery demonstration for about 50 people, and in the moments before I began the work, I started receiving impressions from the other side. One impression in particular gave me goose-flesh, so I knew it was important. I drew a sketch of a standing angel, I sensed a young female (someone’s daughter, someone’s child) and heard the words “My little angel”.

I am still a skeptic when it comes to this work, and the fact that the spirit was that of a young child made me nervous. I was hesitant to bring this energy forward, but I had explained to the group that Spirit knows what it is doing, and that I give what I get as it comes to me.

As I neared the end of my time, I kept being drawn to the sketch of the angel, so I surrendered and told the group that I had one last spirit I needed to acknowledge before we closed. I gave the information that had been given to me, but no one claimed it. I reminded them that perhaps it would come to them later, thanked them for coming and for the privilege of bringing through their loved ones, and thanked the spirits for coming.

I was puzzled as the feeling was so strong with this young female, yet no one responded to it. Perhaps I’d gotten my wires crossed somehow. I went back to the table and continued working.

The next day, a young man in his thirties came to the table. He said he wanted to learn something about his stepdaughter who had passed because his other daughter was having difficulty about the passing. I agreed to try to connect with her, and as I gave the information as it came to me, I could see his face change.

The last thing I was impressed  to say to him was that the child wanted him to buy a small cherub statue and give it to his other daughter as a gift. The young man’s mother came up behind him then, and I recognized her from the gallery. She then told me that as she was sitting in the hallway after my presentation, it came to her that the reference I had made to “my little angel” belonged to her.

She had told her son about it, and that is how he came to my table the next day. I appreciated that the woman did not make herself known until after I had given him the message. It was good validation for me that I had heard the message properly the day before.

I thanked them for allowing me to bring the rest of the message to them from this little girl. I was glad to have been able to bring some comfort to them, and hopefully to the surviving sister.

I am grateful that I surrendered to the change in my life-seasons. I resisted this transition for many years, but it has brought me the greatest satisfaction. I did not want to be the bridge between this world and the next. In retrospect, I can see the irony in that. How can we not want to be that which we are?

Find your perfect season. Then be it. And when it comes time to change, follow Mother Nature’s lead and move with grace into the next season of your life.

Now go have a glorious day. I know I will.

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  1. What a brilliant workshop, lovely art and great communication and evidence… So thrilled your Season of Changes is going So well Julie, Love and Blessings sent your way, xoxox

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