Morning Coffee – A Shared Experience

Cafe_ViennoisThere’s a nip in the air this morning, so it’s a warm, frothy cup of coffee today.

I had a magical experience with some friends the other day, and decided it would make an excellent morning cup.  Hope you enjoy this one.

This was the weekend of the Equinox, a time when the energies are in balance, and according to my Unseen Teachers, also the time of great opportunity to manifest things. I had been inspired to do a simple ceremony on this day, and was able to easily persuade three other women – one of whom just ‘happened’ to be visiting from Florida this weekend – to represent the different aspects of the template Spirit was asking us to anchor on this day.

After a brief detour to a spot that wasn’t where we needed to be, we arrived at our location. It was a place I’d walked with one of the participants just a couple of weeks before. It was a wonderful, forested area that was a nature preserve close by the park. We had happened upon an unusual formation of a downed tree that formed a triangular doorway of sorts.

English: A picture of Carya tomentosa. The tre...It felt like we needed to do this ceremony at that location, so that’s the direction we headed. As we came to the place, the area wasn’t level, so after a brief look around, a large tree and a small flat, mossy spot drew us down the slope a bit. We made our way down the hill to the tree, and began to intuit our way into the energy of the moment.

There was no set plan. We had gathered some things beforehand and didn’t know what we would use, so we set them all out. I was drawn to the tree, magnificent in her energy and presence. I walked over and stretched out my arm so I could lean my  hand against her. I softened my gaze so I could better sense her energy.

As I looked down the slope into the sun-dappled forest around me, I became aware that I was looking directly into the eyes of a beautiful doe who was lying in the shaded area below us. As that sank into my conscious mind, I whispered to my friend to move slowly towards me so she could also see the deer.

Both times we had come to the park, she had mentioned her desire to see deer again. She had come to this park one day at dusk and had come upon some deer who were coming down for water. Since that time, she had hoped to see them again.

Male Kansas White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virg...Now here they were. Three does, one fawn that still had a few spots on it, and a really handsome buck who made an appearance just as we completed our calling ceremony. It was as if the white tail deer had gathered there to lend their energy to our endeavors.

Each of us stood in for the energy of each of the four directions, and waited for the words to come upon our hearts that needed to be said. The details of our time in the forest with the deer are not important. What is important is that a group of women agreed to follow Spirit and provide the opportunity for a new template to be established. Whether we were successful or not remains to be seen. At least we demonstrated a willingness to do our part to facilitate the unfolding planetary birthing process.

English: Central American White-tailed Deer (O...There was magic in the moment there in the forest the other day. A luminous, numinous moment of being present, really present, with the tree people and the deer tribe. Something startled the group as we were getting ready to leave, and a couple of the animals darted our way. We found ourselves almost surrounded by the energy of the deer, as we allowed ourselves to just be with the experience.

The interesting thing to me was, though they were obviously aware of the group of us, they did not seem disturbed by our presence. After some minutes, the fawn – which had run past our location and was now behind us – began to make its way back towards its mother. She moved back down the slope where the rest of the animals were regrouping. The buck remained watchful a little ways up the slope from where we were standing.

As our time together with the deer came to an end, the small herd made its way further down the slope, meandering and browsing as they went until they were out of our line of sight. We said our goodbyes, gave thanks to Spirit for the wonderful experience, and made our way back up to the foot path and out of the park.

It was an experience I will not soon forget. I was in a forest doing ceremony with a herd of deer calmly bearing witness less than a hundred yards from me. I could see those gentle, calm eyes gazing up at me and I had the sense she heard me when I sent my heartfelt gratitude her way.

We speak of living in harmony with nature, but what does that mean, exactly? I hope it looks like what I experienced with these women and those deer that day. What a world we would live in then. On a day of balance, we prayed for balance. From our lips to Creator’s heart. Let it be so.

This has turned out to be a bigger cup than I intended. Hope you enjoyed it. Now go have a glorious day. I know I will!

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