Some Thoughts on Energy

"Idle Thoughts", 1898I have found myself thinking a lot about energy lately. I have expended considerable effort clearing out and releasing that which no longer serves me, yet I still feel the weight of too much ‘stuff’. So I began to ask myself “Self, what is going on here with this? Why can’t I seem to find the end of this urge to de-clutter, to lighten up?”
The thoughts that seem to keep coming to mind go something like this:

Because each item in the environment holds energy, keeping items that are not relevant to one’s current phase of life can clog up the works, so to speak. I find my attention drawn to the smaller moving trucks as I drive down the road, and contemplate having LESS to load the next time I relocate.

That means that now would be an excellent time to  address the purging aspect of the process yet again. How am I going to know when it’s ‘enough’? I suppose when I feel peaceful in my space as I stand and look around it.

There was a major housecleaning in the personal relationship area of my life last year, but I guess I am far from finished with the ‘things’ releasing process. I still need to throw anything that is not necessary overboard, and obviously some things I thought were ‘necessary’ are not, otherwise I would not still be annoyed by their presence in my life.

What good is a widget if I can’t find it when I need it? One of the blessings of ‘maturity’ is that there seems to be less ‘storage’ in the brain for location (ie, the last place I happened to lay something down). What this condition if forcing me to do is find a place for each thing, and then make certain it is always put there, or put back there.

The penalty for inconsistency is more time lost (wasted) searching for that darn widget…I just had it a minute ago…

Since I still have too many things, and not enough places to properly put them, my conclusion is I need to continue the whittling down of the number of things in my world. What a great opportunity for another giveaway!

The journey continues, and so does the work.

Ask yourself this question: Will this matter a year from now? ~ Richard Carlson, PhD

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