A Little Story for You Today

Painting for Rudyard Kipling's With the Night ...It’s been awhile since I’ve felt inspired to write here. I have been spending a lot of time in introspection; sorting my life, examining my choices both over the past year or so and those yet to come that will shape my future – and when I get in this space, it is tougher to express in the world when my intention –  and attention – are focused inward.

I have a story I want to share with you today. It’s an ordinary story, about an ordinary day. The only difference is, since I have spent the better part of the past 25 years listening to, and then following, the Still, Small Voice within, I had the privilege of being in exactly the right place today, at precisely the right time for God to deliver a message of hope to someone who needed to hear it.

I spent a quiet Christmas Day with myself and Spirit yesterday. I got a phone call from a friend, but it was brief, and I was in a peaceful place most of the day. I suspect the silence was a contributing factor in what transpired today. I didn’t realize it when it was happening, but I had a series of gentle nudges that I followed without even thinking about it and these ‘signals’ from Spirit placed me where I could to some good today.

When I got up this morning, I knew I had some errands to do, but didn’t have any set schedule for getting them done. I piddled around a bit, and it was after noon before I ‘felt’ I needed to head out to do the errands. I had more than one place to go, and could have done them in a few different ways.

Do I go to the library first, then the bank, then the grocery store, then the post office? Or the post office, the bank, then the grocery store and saving the library for last? Maybe I need to stop at the bank, then the post office, then the grocery store and hit the library last? If my logical mind were in charge, it would have been the latter because it would have been the most efficient, and the food wouldn’t sit in the car very long.

Today was different. I just let my intuition lead, and what I felt I needed to do first was the bank. Now, the library is actually the closest, and it would only have taken a minute to run in and drop off the books, but for some reason, that didn’t feel right. What could it matter if I went there first despite the sense I needed to run by the library last? I don’t remember even having that thought. I went with the flow of the energy and headed for the bank first.

I could have gone to the Post Office and the store first, and that was my intention after the library choice didn’t feel like the right thing to do, but I found myself taking a left turn a half block earlier than I’d intended, which meant the banking was going to get taken care of first. After I was done there, I found myself headed for the grocery store. OK. It’s pretty cold out today, so it really won’t matter if the food sits awhile in the car.

Vegetables in a grocery store, Paris, France.I began the task of filling in the blank spaces in my stocks and after grabbing a pound or so of fresh organic spinach, I headed for the non-dairy section to pick up some yogurt. Now, I haven’t had a hankering for the stuff for weeks, but today I’d added it to the list of things I needed to pick up.

There was a clot of people in that part of the store, and I had to maneuver my cart around some of them in order to be able to get the particular brand I was after. There was a woman in front of the same section looking at another brand of non-dairy yogurt, and when I picked up my favorite – So Delicious Greek Style Vanilla, by the way – she asked me how I liked it.

Next thing I know, we are having a conversation about lactose intolerance and needing to have large amounts of protein in the morning and she started talking about some problems she was having and I began to tell her what Spirit was telling me to say to her. I outed myself half-way through the conversation and told her straight out I was a psychic (I prefer to use the word ‘intuitive’ but then I usually have to explain that. “Psychic” people understand).

I gave her some information about someone she could talk to and recommended a certain website. I also told her I saw her exploring a Paleo Diet. She responded that I was the second person in a short period of time who had mentioned that possibility to her. I said, we actually said it together, must be a sign.

I made sure she wrote down the information I gave her, and as she did, I noticed she was welling up a bit. A couple of tears rolled down her face, and as she brushed them away, I told her to not give up hope just yet.

I encouraged her again to follow up on the leads I’d given her, and I could tell she ‘got’ the significance of the ‘chance’ meeting just as I had. A silent acknowledgement passed between us as we looked in each others’ eyes. I rolled on towards the section where my egg whites were, and then on to the checkout line.

It’s just a story about an ordinary day. I will likely never know what that brief encounter will lead to for that woman. I do know she has some hope where she didn’t have before.

So what, you say? Well, if I hadn’t done my ‘mundane errands’ in just that order, according to the timing of when Spirit was moving me to do them, that ‘chance’ meeting would not have happened. That woman would not have gotten those very important pieces to work with. I would not have had the blessing of being God’s messenger today. You would not be reading this story.

I tell this story not to pat myself on the back for being a good follower, but rather to illustrate the point I constantly make: if we all listened and followed and were where we are guided to be when we are guided to be there, we would all have what we needed when we needed to have it. Because that is how the Universe is designed to work.

How blessed am I?

It is the very design of life to support other life and to grow greater by the support of other living things. ~ Robert Marston Fanney

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