Right Place, Right Time

This is another woman’s story, but it bears repeating because it illustrates the point that if we listen – and sometimes even when we don’t – we end up right where we need to be.

omeletlgg2One morning, everything had gone wrong. The children were late for the school bus, she spilled coffee on her new white shirt, and breakfast was complete chaos. In an effort to make up for some lost minutes, and hoping to at least get to her workplace almost on time despite the harrowing start to her day, the woman chose to take an alternate route to work instead of her regular one hoping to avoid the worst of the traffic.

She almost made it to her job, but as she sat in her car at a stop sign barely two blocks from her destination, she was suddenly rear-ended. That did it. It was the last thing she needed, a fitting conclusion to an absolute nightmare of a morning commute.

When she jumped out of her car and headed back to see if the other driver was ok – and to give the person a piece of her mind, she saw a young mother wildly struggling to reach into the back seat where a small child sat strapped in a car seat.

“She’s choking!’ the young mother cried.

childincarseatThe woman was trained in the Heimlich maneuver because she worked at a preschool, so when she tore open the back door and found a little girl, eyes wide, and no sound coming from her throat, she followed the steps she’d been taught. Seconds later, a chunk of banana popped out of the little girl’s mouth and the child began to cry.

The young mother was weeping too, and thanked the woman for saving her child from choking while apologizing for the dented bumper.

The woman glanced at the child, looked at the young mother, and then at the wrinkled metal of her car.

‘It’s ok,’ she responded, ‘this is exactly where I was supposed to be this morning.’

A day that had started out with absolutely nothing going right turned into someone being exactly where they needed to be with the skill set that was needed at that exact moment.

A crunched bumper plus a stained shirt, some late for the school bus children, and an exasperated woman choosing an alternate route in order to make up some lost time, was the cost of putting this young mother’s ‘angel’ in the right place at the right time.

How can this be random chance? I say it is a beautiful example of the Divine Plan working exactly as it should. The spilled coffee, late children and burned breakfast might not have been necessary if the tardy woman was used to paying attention in the moment and took another route just because she ‘felt’ it was what she needed to do that day.

We become hypnotized by our routines, and it is difficult to break that trance, especially when we don’t know we are in one. When is the last time you allowed yourself to be ‘led’ by Spirit?

Everything…affects everything. ~Jay Asher

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