Morning Coffee – What If…

EinspaennerI’m feeling like a frothy, foamy, layered cup of cool coffee on this early summer morning. No, really. I am feeling like a layered cup of coffee today. I came here intending to write some more about my adventures with crow and bear, and find myself wondering “what if…”

Since I am a creature who follows the energy in the moment, I guess it’s a ‘cup’ today, and more of the story next time.

People on the spiritual path speak about how we are all connected, and yet walk around with their faces glued to their phones or other mobile devices. How is this connecting to anything except the electronic ‘web’? I do want to point out here that a web is something designed to ensnare something that will become something else’ dinner.

I for one do not intend to be food for another consciousness. To that end, I have dramatically scaled back my internet interaction.

I will admit, there is a part of me that feels I am missing out, but am I, really?

So now the question du jour: “What if?” What will the world do if the plug gets pulled and there is no more net? How will we entertain ourselves? Maybe all this shamanic journeying has gotten me thinking about the basics.

220px-Caveman_5I keep having flashes of people gathered around a fire, maybe inside a cave or a small shelter. It is deep night, and people are feeling the need to seek the comfort of others like themselves. They are feeling the need to be in community with one another, to interact with each other. It helps them get through the night, to celebrate making it through another day.

The most popular person in the circle is the Story Teller. Through the magic of story-telling, the darkness recedes. Imagination sparks, and the night doesn’t seem so long, so dark, so foreboding. Lessons are woven into the story, and the more vibrant the characters, the more popular the story-teller.

So. What if the lights went out tomorrow? What would you do to help others make it through the long, dark nights? Can you tell a good story? Maybe spend some of that time online learning some good ones. You never know when you might need them.

Cup’s empty. Thanks for spending some time here.

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