Day Two Dawns

This whole working with your dreams thing caught me by surprise. It seems that, simply by opening my awareness to another part of my consciousness, I’ve somehow pushed the “accelerate” button. After over two decades on my path, working each day to the best of my ability to hear, understand and follow what Spirit would have me do, I am taken into the classroom for my next level of education.

sanctuary-bellomegaDay two dawns, and I awaken early, slip on my shoes, and go for a walk to breathe in the peace and quiet of the grounds. Crow calls to me from the trees again. “Good morning, brother crow.” Thank you for letting me know you are here with me.

I make my way back to the cabin, and get ready for the rest of my day. I wonder where I will journey today?

On the morning of this day, we journey to the Magic Market in the  place of Lost and Found Souls. The crow theme appears in an interesting form this day. The objective of the exercise is to travel to the market, get past the Guardian at the Gate, wander through the market until we find the stand, stall or tent that contains all the items from our childhood, from our early life. We are then to choose one item to work with which is the key to open another gate.

I think to myself that it’s going to be interesting to see what part of my soul is ready to be found today. I anticipate it would be a part from this incarnation, or at least this dimension. I am wrong.

The moment I began the journey, I see myself in a different form. I am a tall (even taller than I physically am this lifetime) slender woman with pale alabaster skin, long black hair and people who escort me everywhere. This day, I  wear a midnight blue – almost black – dress and a floor-length cape of black feathers with an accent of cobalt blue feathers near the bottom edge. I also have a headdress of some sort made of feathers, mostly the same cobalt blue as on the cape, but with some long black feathers mixed in.
Some bodyguards/servants are with me.

The Gatekeeper is expecting me. He bows, and holds his hand to his heart. He greets me with a certain term of respect and holds the door open for me. As I move through the market, I point at various items. The guards/servants show the items to me. All the other people in the market make way for me, but I am not aware of it. I focus on my search.

Nothing from my current childhood is in the large, gymnasium-sized room that I know is my childhood space. I do see a flash of myself at about 3 years of age, this incarnation, while in this room. As I wander through the room, I am drawn to the left wing of a dove.

As I hold the wing, I wonder if it is ‘right’. I get the sense from this aspect of myself that it is. In that moment, I am both parts at once. The horse appears the moment I decide on using the wing. The horse also has wings. The horse’ color starts out black, changes to red, then to white. Each stair step or dimensional shift changes the color of the horse. I jump on its back and fling my long cape over its flanks. I ride side saddle because I’m wearing the long dress. By the time I get to the level, I’m wearing a dark blue-black body suit under the cape when I swing myself off the horse.

Holding the wing, I stride straight to the ‘palace’. I go inside and see my father there, sitting on a throne, waiting for me. He looks like an ancient Melchizedek with long white hair and beard and piercing blue eyes. He wears a plain white robe with a simple crown on his head.

I step forward and show him the dove wing. I ask him ‘What can I do to have peace?’

He takes the wing from me and smiles. Using his mind, he says ‘Come here…’

I fling off the cape, take off the headdress, and move to sit on the floor beside the throne, resting my head on his knees. He strokes my hair, soothing me, and tells me it won’t be too much longer, that I must be strong. He gives me a gift to take back with me, then waves his hand at me and tells me to go spend a few moments in the Great Hall. All the same dignitaries that were there when I left long ago are still present. I greet them and hug them, and too soon realize it’s time to go.

I prepare myself to leave, and everybody in the hall releases a pink butterfly from their hearts and the butterflies surround me. I swoop through the pink cloud with a golden net and capture at least seven of them to bring back with me.

I take the butterflies and the gift and make my way back the way I came.

Coming out of the journey was difficult. I did not want to return to this world, but I knew I had to. There were some other journeys this day, one of which was another Egyptian-themed one. By the end of the day, I am worn out. We head back to the cabin after dinner and sleep comes early. I fall into the most amazing experience I’ve had while in the dream world in at least 30 years.

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If you do not do something with your dreams, you will not dream well. ~Huichol Shaman


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