“Asleep.” “Awake.” “Aware.” Descriptors of Levels of Consciousness.

Because It Bears Repeating

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This was one of the most important teachings I was given when my spiritual awakening took place in 1987-89. (No, awakening usually doesn’t happen overnight. I’ve learned to never say ‘never’…)    I wrote about this concept in Part III of The Planet is Ascending and So are You Series from February 2012.  I wanted to set out some basic principles that describe my point of view, so people who wanted to, could better understand my writings here.

What I found out, looking back now, is that some really important concepts are buried in those longer articles.  So I am going to give some of them a makeover and present them to you again.

 As always, I begin at the beginning.  It’s definition time.  (So we are all on the same page, conceptually speaking.)

asleep:  in an inactive condition, numb;  a person who is not alert.

awake:  to shift from a state of sleep to a state of alertness; to rouse from inactivity.

aware:  describes someone who knows or realizes something; conscious, informed.

I will not repeat here the insights I gained from doing the ‘homework’ my unseen teachers assigned me: to study the life cycle of the butterfly.  That’s in Part III (linked to above).

I do want to add some ingredients to this expanded version, however: the work of David Hawkins.  I was introduced to him during a phone conversation with a fellow seeker.  I was sharing (with great excitement) what I thought (at the time) was some really cool new information.  To me, it was “new” information because it had only come to the forefront of my individualized awareness through direct experiential work with the concepts I had been presented with by those Unseen Teachers, and that darned homework assignment!

As  I’m explaining this model of consciousness to him, I notice he’s not getting excited.  I stop gushing, and he gets in a word or two:

“Ever heard of Power vs Force?” he asked.

“No, I haven’t,” I replied.  “What’s that got to do with what I’m talking about?”

“Everything,” he responded.  “Just take a look at the book.”

So I did.

I’ll save the details  of Hawkins’ brilliant theory for another time, but what is immediately relevant to this discussion is the concept of a threshold level of consciousness that breaks the entropy spiral and allows for a shift towards expansion of the growth of  consciousness (which is, after all, a collective energy field made up of individual sparks: each one of us, and the level we ‘vibrate’ at).

Before we cross this threshold, we sleep.  When we pass this threshold, we awaken.  It is at this point in our development that we can begin the work of moving into a state of awareness.  It does not take long to discover it is more difficult to achieve than it sounds.

I have begun to wonder if the state of pure awareness is even possible while expressing through a human body.  For indeed I know I am not the body.  The body is what allows consciousness to interact in this dimension with other aspects of Itself.

We interact while we are ‘awake’. More importantly, we interact when the body ‘sleeps’. It was after I was led by Spirit, kicking and screaming, to the world of dream work that I (finally) understood the untapped, long forgotten power of the Dream Source. I experienced a Second Awakening on my way to expanded awareness, and with that came an acceleration of my spiritual growth.

Early in 2014, my spiritual journey began anew. I had a series of undeniable experiences that culminated with me being awakened at 4:15 or so in the morning. Unable to fall back asleep, I did what I always do: I got up and went downstairs to the kitchen, flipping on the radio out of habit. A mellifluous voice floated out of the speakers, and the words he spoke were: “Well, if it were my dream….”

I almost passed out because people had been asking me if I knew anything about dreams on several occasions in the weeks before this happened. My response was always the same: “No, that’s not my thing. I work hard following Spirit when I am awake, I want time off when I’m sleeping. Besides, I don’t remember my dreams anyway.”

Events quickly unfolded to show be clearly the error of my perspective. I studied with a leading dream work facilitator for the rest of that year, and debated investing in his Teacher Training. I was conflicted, because it seemed there was ‘something more’ to this dream stuff, and I didn’t know what that might be. I could ‘feel’ the truth of that understanding, without being able to explain it.

Two decades of following Spirit served me well. When I am unsure, I have learned it is good to just wait until clarity presents itself. It will. It always does. Someone mentioned the name of this teacher’s teacher, and that is how I found Jeremy Taylor. I have not looked back since.

After sitting in a circle of 30 or so people with Jeremy and after observing how masterfully he monitored the energy of the entire room with barely a movement, but with total awareness and complete, compassionate understanding, I knew I was (finally) where I belonged. I undertook a course of study with his institute, and after some intense months working my dreams and the dreams of others both individually and in circle, was certified in Projective Dream Work. Don’t assume that it is dream interpretation. It most certainly is not, but to truly understand it, you need to find a circle of dream seekers, and you need to sit with them at least once.

I am by no means an experienced dream worker, but I am an enthusiastic one. Of all the things I practice, if I was told I could use only a single method to facilitate the spiritual growth and development of the consciousness on the planet at this time, I would – without hesitation – choose Projective Dream Work as taught by my Dream Teacher Jeremy Taylor. A fine introduction to his work and the dream school he established (MIPD), can be found at www.JeremyTaylor.com.

So my journey to awareness continues. It is a deeper journey because of the dream work. It is a more fulfilling journey because of this dream work. I can watch the light of awareness dawn in the eyes of my fellow dreamers as they have their ‘aha’ moments, and I know then that we are, together, embarked on our collective journey Home.

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Dreaming itself is the workshop of evolution. ~ Sandor Ferenczi