Christmas Time

Christmas TreeIt is the night before Christmas, and in many a house,                                       Not a creature is stirring, except for the mouse.                                                   No stockings are hung by the chimney with care,                                            Only weeping and sorrow for those who aren’t there.                                          With war and famine widespread on the Earth,                                                     And people of all races denied their true worth;                                                         It is no wonder it seems to me very clear, That while it is Christmas,                 There is no Christmas cheer.



GiftsThe magic of Christmas is not found in the lights, or in the presents, or the foody delights.                                                       The spirit of Christmas lives deep within,

Beyond pain and sorrow, beyond man’s first sin.                                               There, in the corner, where quiet hope rests,                                                           Is the spirit of Christmas inside your chest.                                                    The heart holds the magic, the heart is the chalice.                                            The heart is the giver of comfort, not malice.


Earth,beutifulThe world can be healed, the world can be whole.                                                             The answer  lies within the great human soul.                                                                      Take a moment this Christmas to sit quietly and let the spirit of Christmas stir within.    Send your spirit out into the world and become aware of the other Spirits you feel as, joining together, the Spirit is real.                                                                                    Blanket the Earth with this holy Light and know the day will come when the killing will end and mankind will have a new garden to tend.

Peace on Earth. Peace to you and yours. Peace. Peace. Peace.

I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. ~Charles Dickens

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