New Year’s Eve Ruminations

The year is finally wrapped up. Looking back, I acknowledge the mistakes I made along the way.As a matter of fact, I am sure I have wronged, disappointed, been impatient, a little insecure, a bit out of control and at times perhaps even hard to deal with.

My prayer is that you forgive me and continue to bear with me as I work upon improving myself in the coming year. I may not have been the best of friend or most supportive person, but I will continue to seek Enlightenment and Wisdom.

I know that each year’s regrets are but the delicate envelopes in which the messages of hope for the New Year are found. I will take this moment, as I stand in the gap between the year just passing and the year yet to be born, to embrace the fullness of what is.

I breathe deeply the potential of what lies ahead, and I give thanks.

Happy New Year, world.


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