12/12/12 Reminder

The Virgin of Guadalupe

Virgen_de_guadalupe1December 12th is one of the most important dates on the Mexican calendar.  For almost 500 years, people have been commemorating the day La Virgen Morena – the Dark Virgin – appeared before Juan Diego on Tepeyac Hill.

When Cortes conquered Tenochtitlan in 1521, the priests came with him.  The Spaniards were astounded by the level of science and culture of the Aztec people, but were horrified by some of their deities and rites, especially their practice of human sacrifice.

The Spaniards destroyed most of the Aztec temples and banned any practice of the old ways.  Christianity replaced tradition.  They built the churches using the very materials of the temples that they’d destroyed, and often erected on the foundations of the temple itself.

One of the first temples destroyed was located on Tepeyac Hill, and was in honor of the Goddess Tonantzin.The Aztecs believed Tonantzin to be a manifestation of Coatlique, the Mother of Gods Herself. Coatlique was the one who decided the span of a person’s life.  To the Aztecs, she was both giver of life and devourer of it.  They used human sacrifice to appease her.

Tonantzin, or Little Mother, was ruler of childbirth and had a devout following among the Aztecs.  When her temple was razed by their conquerors, they mourned their goddess and felt threatened.

Miguel Cabrera, Juan Diego

Quauhtlatoatzin was one of the Aztecs that got baptized by a Franciscan priest who named him Juan Diego. It was 10 years after the conquest, on December 9th, when the Virgin of Guadalupe first appeared to him.  She told him she wanted to church built on the hill and asked that he tell the authorities of her wish.  He did, but they didn’t believe him.

The Virgin appeared to Juan Diego again and told him to go see the first bishop of Mexico, who  demanded that Juan Diego bring proof of the appearance before any decisions concerning the building of a Church there could be made. She appeared to Juan Diego yet again, and told him to return the next day.

Her fourth and final appearance was on December 12, 1531.  She asked Juan Diego to gather some flowers,  Castilian roses, which were growing nearby.  They are not native to Mexico, and had never grown there before, much less bloomed in midwinter. Juan gathered the roses, and wrapped them in his cloak.  The Virgin told him not to open it until he was in the Bishop’s presence. When Juan Diego opened the cloak, the roses fell out on the floor and they discovered an image of the Virgin imprinted on the fabric.

A sanctuary to the Virgin was erected on the hill in 1533.  A second church was begun in 1556, and in 1695, the first stone of a new sanctuary was laid.  The modern basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe was dedicated in 1976.  Recent repairs have revealed the pre-Hispanic foundations underneath the original 1533 construction.

The native people connected this dark Virgin who spoke in their native tongue with their goddess Tonantzin. They celebrated her with indigenous rites within the framework of the Catholic Church. She became the symbol of the fusion of these two cultures.

English: Shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe in ...

She is celebrated everywhere on December 12th with a variety of rites, some lasting through the night. There are shrines to the Virgin of Guadalupe all over the country. The shrine on Tepeyac Hill is one of the primary religious shrines in the world, second only to the Vatican itself in number of visitors.

Pilgrims seeking healing and favor, keeping promises, honoring vows made or just to pay homage to their beloved Little Mother converge there from all over the world. Thousands begin to arrive days before, some on their knees as a sign of their enormous devotion to her.

The energy of the Divine Feminine is coming forward on the planet, and this 12/12/12 doorway will open us to a wider experience of feminine divinity. Through some of the darkest times, the Dark Virgin stood as a representation of the Great Mother, transformed by human deeds, yet not forgotten. The spirit of her power lived on in the hearts and minds of the Aztec people and their descendants for almost 500 years. It lives today.

Is 12/12/12 simply an activation of crystals in the Earth or a strand of our spiritual DNA? Perhaps it is a message sent from the Divine Mother Herself: I am here.

Be the one who nurtures and builds.~Marvin J. Ashton

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Energy Report – December 2012, Conclusion

A Summary of the Energies, and the Finger of God Configuration

The Moon as seen by an observer from Earth. So...

We started December still under the influence of the Scorpio new Moon which brought to the surface the deeper feelings and fears that we needed to look at and release.  We did well to remember that all of this was stirred up so that we could be more open to the transformational  energies of greater awareness that are coming into our part of Creation at this time.

It is time for us to tune into deeper levels as we finish this Scorpio cycle.

New Moon on December 13th~ The focus of this new moon is on expansion, freedom and truth-seeking. It is a good time to seek new beginnings. It is a good time to ask to be shown what your special strengths are, what the gifts are that you have to give.

All planets in our solar system are in the night sky this month. Take the opportunity to look up. There’s a meteor shower that peaks mid-month as well (around December 13th). Also worth watching. It is the last shower of this Age, after all.

Full Moon on December 28th~ This full moon will be the most powerful of the year. The full Moon of November was exceedingly potent.  It is as if the Moon herself is sending the message that the power of the feminine must be allowed to step forward once more and take her place at the side of the masculine if there is to be any hope for us to move into this new era of consciousness in a balanced way.

It is not difficult to count the ways in which the collective response to situations is male energy oriented.  The results of a head-centered, fear-based, competitive, suspicious, divisive, and exclusionary approach can be seen everywhere.  As Dr. Phil would say: “So how is that working for you?” My response would be: “Not so well, Dr. Phil.”

This world is in desperate need of a more heart-centered approach to the problems we face.  We need cooperation instead of competition.  And we need inclusion instead of separation.  We need trust and compassion, not fear and suspicion.  And every one of us, to a person, needs a sense of belonging.

December 21, 2012~The Finger of God…A relevant quote comes to mind here: “The moving finger writes, and, having writ, moves on: nor all your piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line, nor all your tears wash out a word of it.” ~Omar Khayym

The planetary configuration known as a Yod, or finger of God, is the pattern that will be in the heavens on the Solstice.  The energy streaming from the Universe will be filtered through this pattern, so it is important we have some understanding of the energies that will be in play.

Yod is the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.It has significant relevance to the name of God and God’s presence in our lives. The Yod configuration “points” to a specific task or mission.

Saturn in Scorpio, Uranus, and Pluto in Capricorn ‘point’ to Jupiter.  Jupiter, ruler of religious systems, philosophy, and beliefs, is the focal point for this energy.  The energies of Uranus and Pluto, especially combined, is all about radical change and transformation.  It’s important to note that Uranus and Pluto will be traveling together for the next 4 to 5 years, so we can look forward to some changes that can likely be stressful if we’re not prepared.

To that end, now would be a good time to determine for yourself what your as yet unidentified necessity is.  For example, is it community?  Once you have identified your need, complete the process by also determining what you must give up, what new habits you must adopt, what actions you must take in order to get this need met.  And then take the necessary steps to follow through.

Neptune is the planet of spirit, ascension, and sometimes confusion.  It is time to make some conscious choices about our role in the process.  What will we give our attention (and therefore our power) to? What is worth living for?  What do we choose to be a part of?

The last piece of this astrological pie is the planet Venus.  She’ll be standing in opposition to Jupiter, and therefore is a balancer (feminine energy again) to this pattern.  To triumph in this situation we will collectively need love, tolerance, a broader perspective, and honest communication. Start practicing now.

Taken by Apollo 8 crewmember Bill Anders on De...

We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. Individually we seek balance in our lives, especially now. Collectively we are being called to balance our existence. The planet is working towards balance, and many of the ‘unusual’ weather patterns and earth movements are how that is being achieved. The Universe (the macrocosm) is bringing itself into balance at this time as well. The result will be the same: Balance in All Things.

The only question left to be answered is how that result will be obtained.

One age ends, and another begins. It is the way of things. But, it doesn’t happen all at once. ~Derek Donais

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Energy Report – December 2012, Part 2

And Now, More of the Report

A Place in the Universe

12/12/12 through 12/21/12~ A nine-day window of opportunity presents itself as we move towards the close of this Major Cycle. I mentioned this in passing in the first installment, but want to look at it a bit more closely here. As many of you who have been here since I began this blog journey know, I am fascinated with the pattern of numbers  that diagram how everything in the Universe grows (Fibonacci).

What you don’t know is that for almost a decade, my guidance has been bringing my awareness around to the dates of 12/12 and 12/21. The only insight I ever had about the 12/21 was that it felt like a mirror image, that the line in between represented the veil between the two worlds. How that related to the 12/12, I could not discern.

Now we are nearing the 12/12/2012 and the 12/21/2012, and a couple of things have jumped out at me. The first is a thought I kept having to apply the Fibonacci spiral to the growth of consciousness. What? I can hear you say.

Mount Shasta

Another piece of the puzzle needs to be laid out here. I have been seeing repeating number sequences with increasing frequency – to the point they are almost exclusively what I see when I ‘notice’ what time it is these days – since the work at Mount Shasta this past September. The one that dominates this numerical landscape is 11:11.

For those of you who were at Mount Shasta, there was a significant 11:11 connection there as well. Without going into detail, there was a group of 14 people on the Sunday trip to the mountain, and 14 people ended up going up the mountain again to get it right(er) on Monday. The significant thing to note (which I did not perceive until I was on the drive home) was that 11 of the 14 people were the SAME both days (11:11). I knew this was important. It was after I had that awareness that I started seeing the 11:11 all the time.

I also am now certain that what happened at Mount Shasta on the Equinox is connected in an important way to what is coming this month. I wasn’t sure until I had the realization that 12/12/2012 and 12/21/2012 both add up to 11, numerically. Which gives us 11:11.

I debated for a while before I decided to just put it all out there, and concluded ‘what the heck, it’s my perspective and I’m not trying to convince or convert anyone’, so here I go. This last piece is something I “saw” with my 3d eye’s vision 23 years ago. It was like a vision, but it didn’t make much sense to me at the time. I saw a Great Cosmic being made up of stars, planets, solar systems, Universes. Actually looked like Universes were at each primary chakra location. This Being was facing away from me, kind of at a 45 degree angle, and was against a field of stars – like one would imagine where a Cosmic Being would be standing.

Then, as I watched the Universe at the base of this Being’s spine lit up, and Light began to spiral its way up the spine. I knew nothing about kundalini or the like at the time, I was simply observing as the vision played out in front of me. Then my perspective shifted, and I found myself looking down the spinal column. The pattern of the spiraling Light as it made its way up the spine looked just like an infinity sign on its side. I had the sense, the knowing, that whenever the Light (which felt like a group of souls) reached the center of infinity, there was a moment of perfect clarity in which plans could be remade, or different choices considered. This was possible because there was a clear, unobstructed connection from one end of the spine of this Cosmic Being to the other for the briefest of moments, cosmically speaking anyway.

As I watched, on one of the passes through the center of Infinity, there was a brilliant flash, and the Light ceased to travel back and forth across and around infinity and instead shot straight up from the middle of the spine to the crown chakra region of this Being, igniting a Great Light at its head and shooting Light in all directions. The very Body of this Being transformed into Light, and then the vision was over.

I was often told by my unseen Teachers that my little mind could not begin to comprehend the workings of the Universe. They were right then, and are right still. Nevertheless, as my awareness grows, I feel I do understand more of what I perceived so long ago.

Putting the pieces together. Fibonacci is a sequence of numbers that starts with 0. The first part of the Fibonacci sequence is: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. So arrange that sequence as if it were looking at itself in the mirror, or was a reflection of itself. The pattern would look something like this: …13,8,5,3,1,1/1,1,3,5,8,13…Now let’s make the “/” a “0” to represent the central column of the spine I was looking at in the vision: …13,8,5,3,2,1,101,1,3,5,8,13…We now have a numerical representation of the infinity sign with the ‘zero point’ in the middle which is what I was looking at in that vision.

Notice the 11:11 that shows up in the middle of the sequence. What if we are now at the zero point of that sequence where for a moment, we will have access to the complete connection unimpeded? Can we opt to just shoot up the middle instead of starting another loop through infinity? I choose the shooting straight up the middle option. Just saying. Don’t know what that will look like or how long it will take, but that is my intention.

One thing is certain here: there is definitely an activation happening, and I believe it is global. Planet wide. Involves the entire solar system. The Universe. Heck, I think it involves that Great Cosmic Being I saw. What if the meditation was successful, the Being that dreamed all of Creation has now reached its point of Awareness, and the ignition of the Cosmic Kundalini has begun? What if our galaxy is sitting at the base of that Being’s spine?

The dates just happen to add up to 11, respectively. From the 12th to the 20th is nine days. Then comes the 21st. The Birth Day. Something is gestating for nine days. Happy birthday, humanity. What would you incubate for yourself? Now is a good time to be thinking about that, so you can use the time between the 12th and the 21st to focus your intention on what it is you want for yourself and your life experience.

The Universe has been intelligently designed and – as with every intelligent design, it has its purpose. ~T.S.Chalko

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The Lotus Flower

Our Collective Journey

English: flower of Nelumbo nucifera at Botanic...

As we approach the December portal, I find myself thinking about this journey we have been on together. This cycle is ending, and we are preparing to begin the next one.

Our growth has been like that of the lotus flower. In India, the lotus blossom is the symbol for the unfolding Soul. It only grows in  murky water, and rises through the muck and mire to flower.

Symbolically, water represents consciousness, and the current condition of the pond in which we find ourselves is more than a little muddy. We continue to reach for the surface where we can open to the Light of the sun.

The lotus does not fall from the sky fully formed in beauty. Neither did we. We strive to rise out of the murky water to stand above it unsoiled so that we who were born in the world, having overcome the world, can then live in it yet unsoiled by it as the Buddha did.

The lotus flower closes at night and goes underwater, only to rise up, renewed, at dawn. Just imagine that the 26,000 year cycle we are completing was our time to close up and go underwater and now we are rising up, renewed, at the dawning of this New Day.

Lotus Flower photo taken at GSS College Garden...

Wash the mud and the muck off your being-ness. Open the petals of your crown chakra to allow the Light to pour in so that you can begin to radiate that Light from your heart into the world.

A new Spring is approaching. This Grand cycle of experience is completing. In the Native tradition, one travels around the Wheel beginning at the Eastern gate, moving to the Southern, then the West and finally to the North, the place of in-gathered wisdom. What have we learned, collectively this last turn around the Wheel? What will we take with us as we prepare to start again? It is the wisdom gained through the lessons, the experiences of this past cycle that will inform the rest of our collective Soul’s Journey.

Like the lotus, we rise up, renewed, to begin again.

Any fool can know. The point is to understand. ~ Albert Einstein

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Morning Coffee – 12/03/12

You Are Already There Because You Are Here

Typical Italian drink for breakfast.Citation n...

Most of my thoughts this morning coalesce around the dates that are currently preoccupying a large part of the metaphysical community. I will admit to having spent considerable time ruminating about what is ahead, and found myself getting off-center by doing so.

Time for a time out (no pun intended). Back to the basics my unseen Teachers gave me in the early days of my awakening process I went. The principle that rose to the surface of my awareness was that I am where I am supposed to be (doing what I am supposed to be doing) because it is where I AM.

I do not need to concern myself with anything other than doing my best in every moment. Whatever it was I, as soul came here to do, is getting done because I am here. Present in the world. Participating to the fullest extent of my capabilities, because that is all that is expected of me.

And everything is perfect, especially when it looks like it is not. I am reminded of this principle whenever I find myself beginning to feel the pressure of what my human aspect of consciousness perceives as a ‘full plate’. I must breathe, center, focus and move forward. I only need to do that which I am able to do. I have the ability to choose from among the list of things to do Spirit gives me. I can decide which ones bring me the most joy. When I engage in those activities, I am bringing the highest Light frequency to the world, and that is what the world needs at this time.

Not to worry about how it’s going to look or what is going to happen. You are already there because you are here. Just continue to do your best and the rest will take care of itself.

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Energy Report -December 2012

This Ending Brings a New Beginning

creation of man

After all the anticipation, the discussion, the time is upon us. Now we all have the opportunity to discover just what this world is coming to. A song lyric keeps running through my mind, and I suspect it’s a clear message:

Like a circle in a spiral, Like a wheel within a wheel~ Never ending or beginning, On an ever-spinning reel…

The Light is coming back to the world. Perhaps we are going to experience another Renaissance in art and music. Our instinctual desire to be One with our Source has been awakened, and many are taking active steps to strengthen their connection with their divinity. The re-Creation of Man is well under way.

The end of one cycle signifies one thing: the beginning of another. It is a complicated mechanism, this operation of Creation.  The complexity, the levels and layers that are so far beyond the capacity of our simple human minds to comprehend. And yet, we continue to strive to figure it all out when we do not have the capacity to do so.

I am going to address the major points, and remind you of some things you can do to help yourself through this time as that is what I sense my best contribution can be.

December is an excellent month to address any outstanding unfinished business you may have or unresolved situations that are active in your life, especially now. Remain mindful that these situations may have roots in your Soul’s distant past and that this doorway that stands open between these Ages offers you an unprecedented opportunity to resolve ancient patterns.

I believe the timing for this work will actually last for the next three years, until 2015, so you don’t have to get it all done in the next three weeks. It would be helpful for you to make a record of these things, however so you can address them with intention and heal them while the increased support of the Light World is available.

Fol. 50v Capricornus

On December 21, 2012, the Sun will be in the sign of Capricorn which will bring us the energy needed to move out of our stuck place. Capricorn is an Earth sign, so all things associated with our earthly existence are automatically up for ‘review’ and will move into the forefront of our awareness.

1990 photograph of Pluto and Charon. Taken by ...

This Solstice, the galactic equator cuts the ecliptic, so the energy influences from the Heavens are being magnified. In other words, the doorway to realms beyond our immediate solar system, of our own galaxy the Milky Way, is opened. Our entire galaxy will be affected by this juxtaposition, not merely our planet.

The Maya call this dark rift, located near the galactic center, the Cosmic Womb. On 12-12-12 at 11:11, our sun will touch this rift. Then, nine days later (9 months is the gestation period for a human) we will experience the Solstice. Are we birthing something new? The symbolic signs are there.

Pluto is also in Capricorn and has been since 2008. This transit will last until 2024. Pluto is the planet of death and transformation, and the revelation of hidden things. The change we are experiencing will take some time to manifest fully in this dimension. Does this transit tell us how long this transition will take? We have about 13 more years of Pluto in Capricorn with an intense energetic overlay of the Pluto square Uranus series through 2015.

Pluto is about cleaning up and about making things right. Yes, there is ending and there is transformation, and perhaps some not so pleasant things get lifted into the light of awareness, but this is all for the good. How can we have something new when there is no room for it because we are so tightly clinging to the old? Pluto gives is the gift of helping us to identify the blockages or weaknesses that are holding us back and are stunting our growth, individually and collectively.

Has anyone else out there felt a little fed up with things over the last four years? Do you think that’s a coincidence?

The Pluto transit through Capricorn began in 2008. Yes, I repeated myself. It began in 2008. Do you think this is an accident that it is happening at the same time as the ending of the 26,000 year cycle? The message is clear. It is time to clean up the mess.

How? It looks so overwhelming. I’ve heard people saying that only God could help us out of this one. Maybe. But consider that you are Divine. You are a God-spark. Time to choose what you will do with your Light. The handwriting is on the wall. We cannot continue to live out of harmony with ourselves, with each other, with the Earth.

It can be scary to let go of what you know. Believe me, I understand how scary that is. It takes courage to release what no longer serves you, but if you can find the strength to do that, your life will rapidly shift in a powerful, positive way. Or you can choose to hold  on to the familiar. Just understand that  the weight of it could eventually drag you down.

The world is changing. We are changing. We must help ourselves. We must help each other. We can help ourselves. We can help each other.

Over the next few days, I will write about what you can do to help yourself. I will also take a look at the 12-12-12 and the 12-21-12 in a little more depth.

We can’t be afraid of change. You may feel very secure in the pond that you are in, but if you never venture out of it, you will never know that there is such a thing as an ocean, a sea. Holding onto something that is good for you now may be the very reason why you don’t have something better. ~C. JoyBell C.

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