Ancient Tears Finally Shed


I recently offered a Past Life workshop, and it got me thinking about a profound experience I had during a regression session I participated in as part of my in-residence training for certification as a Past Life Regressionist some years ago. I was astounded by the depth of the feelings that coursed through me as I was regressed, and I was both the man in that past life and my current female self at the same moment. My consciousness was bridging tens of thousands of years, and I had some unfinished business to attend to.

071018-neanderthals-02My study partner and I had prepared for the final exam: a live regression in front of the teacher and the other members of the class. I regressed him, and all went smoothly. “Piece of cake,” I thought. Then it was my turn on the table. I made myself comfortable, and my partner began the past life regression all the class members had practiced on each other for the week.

Following the soothing tones of his voice, I soon found myself in the middle of an intense experience I will remember for the rest of my life. The thing that surprised me was, while I was having the past life experience, my present-life physical body was actually involved as well.

I am a stocky, powerfully built man, and I am running full-out with a few other men I knew to be hunters of my tribe in pursuit of a large predator animal. It wasn’t until, as if from across time and space, I heard my partner ask me what I was pursuing.  Between the inhalations of my screaming lungs, I grunted out the word ‘tiger’. My present-day self was shocked. I am an ancient man pursuing a sabre-toothed tiger!

I am intensely focused on my target. Every time my regression partner tried to move me down the time track of this life (he just wanted to complete the assignment, poor guy), I seemed stuck in this moment of chasing down the tiger. I had the sense we had been in pursuit for many days, but now had come within striking distance of the animal and there was no way I was not going to finish the job. Not now.

Lying on the table in front of the other students and the instructor,  I was aware I was breathing as if I were actually running, but I could not slow my breathing down. My partner kept trying to move me forward. I kept chasing the tiger, unwilling to let go of the moment, but not yet understanding why.

Somehow, he managed to shift me a bit forward within the experience, to the point where we’d managed to kill the tiger, by saying,  “The tiger is dead. Now what is happening?”

I don’t remember whether I verbally responded, or whether I just had the understanding that I was the leader of this group of people, and the tiger had discovered that small children are easy, tasty prey. One of the children killed by the tiger was my son. I swore to hunt the hunter and kill it after this happened. I set out after the beast with two, maybe three, other hunters from the tribe.

We tracked the sabre tooth for days before we finally got the opportunity to kill the thing that had been decimating our numbers. I took the teeth and made them into a necklace I wore in memory of my son until I died.

As I remembered the reason why we were chasing the tiger, I had a powerful physical response in my current body again, only this time I began to weep. The sobs seemed to come from deep inside me, and again, I didn’t seem to have any control over them.

My poor regression partner probably wanted to kill me at this point. He’d just gotten the situation under control, and here I was again, making his final exam difficult. It took him a couple of tries, but once more, he was able to move me out of that place of – what I understood as I wept the unshed tears from millennia before – deep grief and unexpressed sorrow.

As leader of the tribe, to display sadness was to show weakness. The leader could be challenged at the barest hint of indecision. I could not give myself the chance to grieve the loss of my only son, and  killing the tiger – though it brought some measure of satisfaction – did not clear the sadness from the cells of my body, nor from the essence of my soul.

Unknowingly, I carried those unshed tears across time until, finally and unexpectedly, I was given the chance to express them.

The regression was a powerful experience that demonstrated to me the truth that we can run, or even reincarnate, but we cannot escape our past. The intense, important things we experience must be expressed, or we will carry them in our energy field until we do, no matter how long it takes, even if it is lifetimes.

There is powerful healing available for those who seek it. Past life regression is one of the ways we can find peace, even when we are not looking for it.

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The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.                                                                                                     ~Marcel Proust


When the Women Gather…

This is Mount Rainier Viewed from LongmireI really felt pushed this year to facilitate a gathering of women at Mount Rainier in September, but circumstances indicated that it was not to be, or perhaps it’s not time, or maybe it will take another form, be at a different place.

My spiritual journey began in the shadow of this powerful, largely ignored (at least by the metaphysical community) stratovolcano – which is the largest in the contiguous United States, I might add. It was the spirit of that mountain that encouraged me to take my first, fearful, wavering steps on the Path I have now been walking for over two decades.

I will remain forever connected to this Great Being, heart to heart. I look forward always to my all too sporadic visits there, to this sacred mountain, but I hold it in my consciousness in a good way. So for now, I will remain open to Spirit’s guidance, and will joyfully follow that lead. In the meantime, I have some thoughts I feel I need to share here.

Perhaps the gathering of women happens through the reading of these words. One other time here on this site, I was powerfully, inexorably, moved to speak to the women of the world. Here I go again, it seems.

We are powerful creative vessels. What we tend with our attention, with our intention, grows. Sometimes it is something luminous and beautiful, equal to the latent power of our heart’s capacity to love. Sometimes, well, not so much. What is it about some members of the Sisterhood that drives them to run another down instead of look for the good in that woman who is struggling, just as you are, to make it through another day?

The world is waiting for us to change. If we continue to break each other down with our cruel words and our harsh (often incorrect) conclusions about the other, we will never be able to give birth to the world we would so desperately leave our children.

"Magic Circle" by John William Water...In circle, in sacred circle, we have the power to lend strength to one another instead of weaken each other. We have the ability to share our experiences, and the wisdom we have gained from those experiences, with other women walking the same path to power we are on.

In circle, in sacred circle, there is hope for healing the broken hoop that we, through our very refusal to rise above our pettiness, prevent from mending. Our collective presence, when we come in to the circle with our hearts wide open, empowers the whole, and those ripples begin to pulse out into the mass consciousness engendering the change we yearn to see in the world.

In circle, in sacred circle, endless and unbroken we transcend the limitations of space, of time, of self. Together, we can change the course of the future by creating a new template of relating in the now.

In circle, in sacred circle we, as women, embody the container for a collective, collaborative, cooperative, connected consciousness model. What, as women, if you were sitting now in circle, in sacred circle, with others walking the same path to power as you are, would your vision be? What would you lend your energy to so it can be brought into the world of form? More importantly, where do you need to withdraw your powerful creative energy so that there is more available to you to create what you want to experience in your life?

Imagine yourself sitting now in circle, in sacred circle with other women who are walking the same path to power as you are. What is your vision for the world? It is important to know this about yourself, for it is true that without a vision, people perish. Perhaps not physically, but in their spirit.

Army depot women circle

Army depot women circle

To all the women of the world, I say: gather now in circle, in sacred circle. Gather with intention and pay attention to each other. Listen to the words of your sisters without judgment, with an open heart. Lend your support, your energy when you feel moved to do so. We are powerful creative vessels. When we gather in circle, in sacred circle, there is no power more pure than a group of women with their hearts open to each other.

So, Beloved Spirit of the mountain, I will not come to you in the way I had hoped this year, but in your honor, perhaps somewhere, sometime this Fall the women will gather in a circle, a sacred circle, to reclaim their lost memories.

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Energy Report – March 2013

March is going to be a busy time, planetary energy-wise. There is a lot happening in my personal world this month, so this report will give you just the facts and the main areas of focus.

Jona river respectively Tannertobel between Ta...Old, outmoded forms that no longer serve continue to break down as the path to more autonomy is forged, so be aware there will continue to be a lot of drama that’s stirred up as a result of the natural resistance to the changes that are happening despite our collective desire to maintain the status quo.

Whenever possible, turn to the peaceful influence of quiet places in nature to help you stay grounded and in balance.

The Mercury retrograde which began on Feb 23 continues until the 17th of this month.  The theme for the retrogrades for this year is “feelings”, and we are given many chances to learn to navigate the changing states of consciousness. We get to look at our own subconscious, hidden motives as well as the motives of those around us.

Remember to plan well, and pay extra attention to any paperwork or other communications you need to make during this period. Postpone signing contracts if you can until after Mercury goes direct again. (The retrograde influence continues for about a week after the planet goes direct.)

Don’t allow yourself to get frustrated during this time. Look for the magic in the moment, and practice joyfully letting go of all that no longer serves you. With the new moon on the 11th in Pisces, the slate will be wiped clean and we will all have an opportunity for a new start. This new moon is important for the awakening of the planetary consciousness. Pisces is all about letting go, and that seems to be the theme for this March.

Pisces also activates the themes of illusion and delusion, so make sure (especially while Mercury is retrograde) that your judgment is not clouded so you can stay on your path and not lose your way.

There is a 6-planet concentration in Pisces that will be seven when the moon moves into the sign as well. Because it is the last sign of the zodiac, it is the natural time to clear out all that will not serve you in your next cycle of growth. Take advantage of this energy to finish your clearing out.  On the positive side of things, this is also a good time to release any old hurts and grudges you may still be carrying.

The Sun will move into the fiery sign of Aries at the Spring Equinox, so do not be surprised if there is a ‘fiery’ spring this year. There is a potential for upheavals and other clashes in our relationships, and perhaps some revolt or rebellion somewhere in the world.

Full-color image of from first MESSENGER flybyThe full moon will arrive March 27th and will bring lots of power with which we can work to manifest our heart’s desires, so remain conscious of what it is your heart yearns for at this time.

During the last five days of the month we will have another opportunity for something new to come into our lives, and another chance to clear old hurts that we may still carry.

The winds of change will continue to blow across the planet, and the higher dimensions will keep sending the supportive energies to assist us as we make our way through this transition. Look for an increase in synchronicity to help move you forward in your new direction.

It is a time for healing, for re-writing our Soul Story. We are not victims. We are powerful creators, and to continue down our path we must take responsibility for all that we have created for ourselves, no matter how difficult that is. Close the door on victimhood once and for all so that you may have a new and different experience.

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What are Essential Oils?

Some Basic Facts

220px-Bee_pollen_lavenderEssential oils first came into my life over 15 years ago, when I began to work intuitively with energy healing. I heard some specific guidance in my mind, and I found essential oils.

Our sense of smell is tied to the reptilian brain and some of our most intense, profound memories are triggered by smells. The reason for this is a small gland in the limbic system of the brain that plays a major role in the storing and releasing of emotional trauma and is known as the amygdala.This gland gets stimulated by the use of essential oils through inhalation. Powerful healing can happen with the introduction of certain smells at the proper time. But this is only one way in which essential oils are used.

300px-Mummy_at_British_MuseumEssential oils have been used for centuries to treat physical challenges and support general health and well-being. It can be said that essential oils were the first real medicines mankind employed to help themselves in many ways. Priests and physicians in China and Egypt have been using essential oils for thousands of years. Essential oils were used in the complicated embalming process in Egypt, and temples there were dedicated to the preparing and blending together of essential oils.

350px-Gutenberg_Bible,_Lenox_Copy,_New_York_Public_Library,_2009._Pic_01The Bible contains almost 200 distinct references to essential oils. The most well-known reference are the oils the three wise men presented to the Christ child. They brought gifts of frankincense and myrrh along with a gift of gold when they arrived at the manger in Bethlehem.

Jesus’ feet were anointed with another oil, spikenard, when He was in Bethany at the house of Simon the leper. There are other references to oils being used to heal the sick and for anointing purposes in the Bible as well.

All pure essential oils have some anti-bacterial properties and can help to increase the production of white blood cells which helps fight off infectious diseases.  Aromatic herbs have been widely used throughout the ages during the onsets of the epidemic plagues of the Middle Ages. The use of essential oils can provide a higher level of resistance to illness like colds and flues. Also, the use of oils can help a person recover faster from such diseases than those who do not use essential oils.

It is important to note here that not all oils are created equally. Look for pure, unadulterated, therapeutic-grade essential oils if you choose to explore this area. The oil is actually distilled from the plants themselves including the leaves, stems, roots, bark, flowers, or seeds. Certain other variables will affect the quality and effect of the oil, and are considerations when you look for a good, quality oil: the part of the plant used to produce the oil, the region where the plant grew, how the plant was grown (organically or conventionally), and how the oil is extracted are only a few of the variables that impact the end product.

You will soon discover that some oils are more expensive than others, and that therapeutic-grade oils are generally more expensive than some other oils. The added cost is worth it. Most of the essential oils produced in the world today are for use by the perfume industry and thus get processed in a way that captures the aromatic component only. Often, producers use high temperatures and chemicals in the processing, which produces a greater quantity of oil at a lesser cost, but the components that generate the therapeutic effects are usually lacking.

Some oils are actually synthetic versions of the real thing, and as such do not provide the benefits of a pure essential oil despite having the same smell as the therapeutic grade oil.

There are several different ways to use essential oils, I will speak in greater detail about these methods of employing essential oils for health and well-being in a separate article.

Everything is frequency. Therapeutic-grade essential oils are valuable and powerful tools that can be employed to assist in the elevation and maintenance of our individual vibration. These essential oils have the potential to be, well, an “essential” part of any effort to assist the body through the process of transitioning to a higher level of functioning.

Health is the greatest possession. Contentment the greatest treasure. ~Lao Tzu

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