Look to the Sky – Moon Makes Biggest Appearance Since 1948

supmoon2016aThe supermoon that will fill the night sky Nov 13th (and 14th, if you miss it tonight) is the largest since Israel became a nation. It is the second in a series of three supermoons that close out this most pivotal year. December 14th will be the last one in the series.

The energy of a supermoon creates a surge of energy, and based upon where the moon falls can affect certain areas of our lives. This moon is activating the polarity of need/comfort (Taurus) versus desire/outside the box (Scorpio).

Full moons always tend to either close things out OR take them to a new level. During this time, don’t be surprised if you are more emotional, experience disturbances, or heightened dreaming. Your sensitivity and intuition may also be heightened at this time. Make sure to keep yourself balanced by maintaining a connection to the natural world and by using any grounding techniques you are familiar with.

Thankfully, the energy of this supermoon is harmonious and supportive. There is a Pluto/Chiron influence that supports healing. This is an opportunity for resolution of some deep, soul-level pain. It is an excellent time to consider where in our lives we need to accept the things we cannot change and acknowledge the lessons we’ve learned that we can build a new future for ourselves with.

Take some time to write about the things you need to let go of, whether physical or emotional. Get clear about what really matters to you. What do you value the most in your life? What do you need to feel more stable? Think about the friends, family and other resources you can call upon when you need to. Spend a moment being grateful for those things, those people.

If you are feeling exhausted, don’t forget to take care of yourself, even if it means putting your feet up, wrapping yourself in a blanket and spending some time with a book and a cup of hot cocoa.

Find a place with a clear view of the night sky away from light pollution. take a deep breath, and spend a few moments allowing the light of the moon to wash through your energy field. Absorb what you need, and let what you no longer need gently flow out into the earth.

The next time you will have a chance to see a moon like this one is November 25, 2034.

The moon will guide you through the night with her brightness, but she will always dwell in the darkness in order to be seen.                                                            ~Shannon L. Alder

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A Whole Lot of Waking Going On

The New Earth

“The New Earth” – Original acrylic by Julia Marie.(c)2015

Are you feeling fed up, irritable, confused, stymied, stuck, anxious, unable to sleep or sleeping too much? Are you unable to explain why you are feeling impatient or uncomfortable? Are you eating all kinds of junk food lately? Do you have this unshakable feeling that something is going on, but you can’t articulate what that ‘something’ is? Are you having problems even remembering what day it is?

Well, if it’s any comfort, you are not alone. This post is a long-overdue Energy Report that will give you an overview of what is happening, and why you might respond to the pressure of the surging waves of cosmic energy that are bombarding our planet at this time.

Earth, the solar system, and our galaxy came into alignment with the center of the Universe at the end of 2012. For years leading up to this date, December 21, 2012, the prevailing view was that we would achieve a certain critical mass and ‘ascend’ into a totally new experience of what its like to live in incarnation. Then we woke up the next morning to life as we knew it, unchanged. Or was it?

Take a moment now to review the past few years. Are you a different person than you were in 2012? Probably. Have you experienced noticeable shifts in your perspective? Do you feel things more intensely? Are you beginning to understand that there is more to ‘reality’ than your 3D experience?

The waves of electromagnetic and cosmic frequencies that have been increasing in strength and number since 2012 are affecting our physical reality. We have been receiving bursts of these energies in the form of solar flares and gamma rays for thousands of years, but since the end of 2012, they have been increasing.

Research shows solar flares are connected to things such as a pattern of an increase in violence and a downshift in the stock market 1-3 days after such a flare hits our planet. (After years of showing a decline, violence rates in the United States suddenly surged in 2015.)These magnetic waves negatively affect every living organism on the Earth. When the Sun has a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), humans are more likely to be affected in a positive way. CMEs are energy explosions of protons and electrons (according to NASA), which leads to an experience of peace and calmness. So those times when you move from one extreme to another may not  all be in your imagination, it could be your physical response to these incoming energies.

Our evolution is linked to the Sun. The wave of gamma energy from the Galactic Center that reached our planet (peaking in late September but lasting through early 2016) is a bringer of change. This energy brings a clear message: change is permanent. We won’t ever be able to go back to the way it was.

In the 1980s, Russian scientist Dr. Peter Gariaev did some research in how light, sound and frequency interacts with human DNA. They discovered that  DNA is able to absorb and emit light in the form of photons. Our DNA acts as conduits through which information is transmitted outside of space and time. We are being bombarded with tremendous waves of this light energy, causing our very DNA to activate, and for increasing numbers of our species to Awaken.

We are now witnessing – and experiencing – the accelerated awakening of humanity. The generation living on Earth holds the key to the future of mankind. This has been prophesied by indigenous people worldwide. We have come to the end of a 225 million year journey around the Galactic Center and are in the transition period as we move into the next grand cycle of 225 million years.

Our physical bodies are challenged to integrate and assimilate these energies, and anything we can to do work with these energies will make the transition easier. We have the power to choose how we will experience these energy shifts. We can support the changes to our DNA by exposing ourselves to higher vibration via the food we eat, the thoughts we have, the music and movies and TV we watch. We can be more mindful and grateful for our life experiences. We can make an effort to find an opportunity to commit a random act of kindness (no matter how small) each day.

Rest when tired. Power nap if necessary, and try not to overextend yourselves. Take care of yourself. There is no sense in resisting this change. The planet is Ascending, and so are you.

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What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.                                                                                                          ~Jane Goodall

October 2013 Energy Report – A Season of Change

English: partial lunar eclipse as seen from SW...I have a feeling the months leading to the close of this year will be intense ones for all of us. If there is some comfort here, it is in knowing we are not alone in the experience we are about to have, collectively.

Yes, the change of seasons is upon us, on more than one level. There is a nip in the air, and a chill at night. It is almost time to switch the system to ‘heat’. On a spiritual level, the process of evolution continues, and there is no turning back.

The choice we have is in how we dance with the energies that are being beamed this way. We will continue to have many chances to support the changes at a profound level. We can move with the flow despite the challenges, or we can continue to experience chaos and drama in our lives by choosing to resist the waves of change.

You may be asking yourself “Will this ever end?” The answer is “yes”. And “no”. Each cycle within the larger cycle has an end, but also as each ends, it becomes in that moment the beginning of, the opening to, the next cycle.

Here is a brief summary of the energy we will be bathing in this month:

The Libra new moon of Friday Oct 4th is a call for balance, an integration of all that is still polarized within us and that is not in alignment with who we really are.

English: Pluto system. Français : Pluton et se...October is the change agent and will be setting the stage for the Apex Uranus square Pluto that will come in November. This fourth Uranus square Pluto is the exact center of this series of seven squares, and the middle one of the larger four cycles which began with the first series in the 1960’s. (There will be two more Uranus square Pluto series after the conclusion of this series in 2014).

Mercury begins a retrograde period October 2, and will be in full retrograde power by the 18th of the month, with the shadow of this energy continuing until November 27th. (Actual retrograde: Oct 21 – Nov 10). Watch for heightened tempers and road rage, travel issues and problems with your technology. Because Mercury will be in a dance with Saturn at this time, be aware the challenges may be more intense.  You may actually experience missed communications and mechanical breakdowns. Just don’t forget to breathe!

See the blessing here:  this is the final Mercury retrograde for this year. There is also a potential for social unrest during this time as the full moon lunar eclipse on October 18th is in Aries.

During this retrograde, take your communications seriously, and because this is a ‘Scorpio’ retrograde, pay particular attention to your contracts with others (written and otherwise). Be patient with yourself and don’t forget to be forgiving as well.

Neptune will be in the limelight with the full moon and lunar eclipse of the 18th. Here comes your strong dose of evolution! Systems may look like they are crumbling and all that once was ‘secure’ is not. Nothing is the same. It reminds me of the teaching my Unseen Mentors gave me about the life cycle of the butterfly. At the time I was taught this, I applied it only at my individual level, but now I can see how – collectively – we are in transition. When the caterpillar begins the process of metamorphosis and goes into the cocoon, its very body liquefies before it rearranges itself into the butterfly.
It seems our societal ‘body’ is in the process of liquification in preparation for an emergent butterfly model. Our best response seems to be simple: don’t be too attached to what is, because that is changing. A good strategy at this time is to go with the flow whenever you can.

There is a pair of eclipses in the weeks ahead, as well. The Lunar eclipse is October 18th, with a Solar eclipse in early November. Eclipses are all about bringing in breakthroughs (which sometimes come through breakdowns) in an accelerated way. It will be interesting to see how this pair plays out for us.

Those are the big picture influences this month. Now, what can you do to move through this month with grace or to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to all of us at this time?

It is helpful to go within and ask some questions: How can I create a more connected relationship with those close to me?
How can I use the transforming power of the Uranus square Pluto to bring positive change in my life?

Since this next few weeks is all about balance, remember to take care of your body. Don’t push yourself. Slow down if you need to. (I will say that I have been experiencing the re-emergence of a disrupted sleep pattern with the need for mid-afternoon naps that began almost two weeks ago, and is ongoing.) Be kind to yourself this month.
Drink more water to help your body flush out the toxins (physical and emotional) that are being released at this time. Eat as clean (organically) as you can. Smaller portions of cleaner food is better than larger amounts of less quality nutrition.

This is the month to do things differently or to go a different way. The energy will support your efforts in this regard, and know that the outcome of your efforts will support your highest purpose as Soul, incarnated.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. ~R. Buckminster Fuller

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August 2013 Energy Report – The Summer of Transformation

From SpaceWeather.com

From SpaceWeather.com

There are some interesting and powerful energies in play this month which help to explain the things many of us have experienced in the past few weeks. The major players on the heavenly stage this month include: Chiron, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune.

The three predominant configurations formed are:  a Yod (or finger of God), a kite and a star of David which will influence earthly events through mid-2014.

Intuition is strengthened by the energy this month, so pay attention because this is the time for new beginnings, especially in the realm of ideas and invention. With Jupiter in Cancer, and Uranus in slow retrograde motion until Nov 1st, watch for sudden, unexpected enlightenment in your life. You may have some startling revelations at this time.

The impact of the seven squares (Ur/Pluto) continues and will be felt this month as Jupiter begins the month in opposition to Pluto and ends August squaring Uranus. The dance of these giants is all about revolutionary activity, so watch for upheaval in your personal life as well as out in the world.

Chiron is the planet of the wounded Healer, and the opportunity for healing continues this month. The areas where we will have the most potential for growth is in our relationships, especially early in the month with Chiron being triggered by the new moon on August 6th and again at the full moon on August 20th when Jupiter will be trine to Chiron with Uranus also in play.

This has been a summer of transformation, and because of the intense influence of Uranus and Pluto, it is radical transformation. As I packed boxes today – yes there’s movement in my world again – (or perhaps “still” is a better descriptive word because I never settled in here to begin with),  I was nudged to tune into an Internet-based radio show a fellow seeker hosts. I found myself listening to her most recent call-in show, and it soon became apparent what the theme for the time was: movement.

All, and I mean all, of the questions were about movement, either in a job situation or a location or both. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so off-track any more. Thanks, Shelly, for the message! So, if you are reading this and you are feeling this sort of energy too, knowing this is happening to others should make you feel better about your situation.

The energies in the heavens are making the shape of a kite at this time, and if we can remember that this formation is bringing the opportunity for us to shift and sort and shake things around until there’s a more even distribution of energy (and personally I think that is going on on a global scale, at least with the beings working on behalf of the Light) than when we started, we will move through it with more ease and grace.

There are some influences that could indicate a need to be a bit more mindful with our resources now. Exercise some diligence as you manage your financial affairs during the balance of the summer, and I feel into the fall as well.

Remember to remain flexible. Everything, and I mean everything, is subject to change, and with what is happening in the heavens, that change can be sudden and unexpected. (Don’t I know that one!)

Listen to your intuition and stay grounded. Focus on the task at hand, and try not to over think things. Break it down to the basics, and work from that place one thing at a time.

And remember to always have your Plan B (and maybe even Plan C) ready to go if something happens to Plan A. Know that one, too!

If ever there was a time for us to master the art of detachment, I would say this is it. Seems the Universe doesn’t want us to fall too in love with any one way of getting the job done. Seems the moment we do is when things begin to change again.

As we roll with increasing velocity towards the end of the year (it will be here before we know it, I don’t feel there will be much fall for us in 2013), we need to remember to do the most important thing of all: breathe.

So. Take a breath. Now exhale. See? Bet you feel better already!

There is a new post up at IntheCompanyofAngels today as well. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Mike Taylor on SpaceWeather.com

May 2013 Energy Report

HST image of Uranus showing cloud bands, rings...The two most helpful words I can give you for the month of May are: hang on.  A break is coming, but will most likely not arrive until summer.

April was a difficult month, and for many of us things just seemed to get worse instead of better. In general, May will continue this trend. Hence the need to hang on. This month, whenever it seems like there’s no end to the intense energies, remind yourself relief is coming.

The astrological soup this month includes two eclipses, a Uranus square Pluto(the third in a series of seven), and a yod configuration which is part of a four planet dance this month.

The thing we all need to get comfortable with is the idea that we’re in the grip of major change on both the societal and an individual level.  There’s going to be a lot of building up, breaking down, and rebuilding in the next few years.  Remain mindful that it’s all part of the process of change.

Uranus square Pluto- This third square in a series of seven will be exact on May 20th.  The dynamic of this planetary influence is that it sheds light on the balance (or imbalance) in power structures.  It can often trigger conflict between the individual and established power structures.

The reset button is being pressed by the Universe at this time.  What the new operating system is going to look like is yet unknown; but I have a feeling the choices we make both individually and collectively in the next few years will determine the structure of this new system. We probably won’t know what this restructuring will eventually look like until after this  Uranus square Pluto series completes in the Spring of 2015.

Don’t be surprised if there’s a lot of demonstrating going on this month. The best approach we can use to handle this energy in our individual lives is to seek a path to resolution whenever conflict arises.

I wrote about the eclipses in the last Energy Report, and linked to it above if you need a reminder.

The Planetary Dance- Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, and  Venus are squared to each other this month and their dance is helping the Uranus square Pluto upheaval and change process along.

If it’s as if the Universe is asking us to take a look at our existing power structures on all levels and to decide how we will move forward together. We’re being shown very clearly where things are out of balance, and are being asked to make choices that will bring things more in balance.

Because our individual lives are the microcosm of this greater macro picture, we must remain aware of the dynamics of power in our individual relationships as well.  Be conscious.  Seek balance.

What Can You Do?-   If you’re feeling overwhelmed, hopefully this brief report will let you know we’re all in this together and you are not alone out there which your struggles.  So what can you do?

Be an agent of positive change in the world.  Lead your life of with the greatest integrity you can.

The chaos, the change, will continue.  We must continue to keep on as well.

English: Electric Light Orchestra in concert, ...Hold on Tight to Your Dreams- As I was composing this article, I kept hearing song lyrics (I think they were from the eighties) playing in the background of my mind.  As I come to the end of this article, they seem to be appropriately applicable to the subject at hand and so I share with you as a final thought these words from ELO (that’s Electric Light Orchestra to those who may not be familiar with that abbreviation):

Hold on tight to your dreams….Hold on tight to your dreams.

When you see your ship go sailing,

When you feel your heart is breaking,

Hold on tight to your dreams.        ~Electric Light Orchestra

We are in the grip of major change, and we must not despair. The building, the tearing down, and the rebuilding will continue for the next few years. We must be willing to accept the tearing down part of the process, and continue our efforts to rebuild our lives, individually and collectively, as necessary.

The oak fought the wind and was broken, the willow bent when it must and survived. ~Robert Jordan

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