A Time of Resurrection and Renewal

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Finally! The days are longer, and I begin to wake from my winter hibernation. The sap is flowing in the trees, there is early morning birdsong as my alarm, and my energy levels are starting to come up again. No more running on empty – at least for the next 7 months or so.

The world makes resolutions on New Year’s Eve, and by the end of January, most of us are back to our old habits or patterns. Working to make changes during a time of hibernation can be extremely difficult, at least for me. I exercise patience. I wait for a time when the energy is on my side. I don’t fight the inertia of hibernation I experience during the deep of Winter – which is a time of slumber for the entire planet anyway.

Resurrection means coming back to life, coming back into practice or use, revival; and renewal means a state of being made new.

The Equinox is just passed. During this weekend of balanced energies, I attuned six people to Reiki Master in a weekend intensive format. These people felt called to bring to life – or back to life – their connection to healing energies.

As I worked with this group, I contemplated what I wanted to resurrect in my life this Spring. I renewed my commitment to certain personal goals I set for myself this year.

I am aware of my human failings. Some things take me more than one attempt. It took me over 8 years and six attempts to quit smoking. I tried more than one method, including hypnosis (didn’t work for me), cold turkey (worked, but I started back up again). It was the worst mistake I ever made because it took me an additional 5 years to (finally) quit. It was  tapering the number of cigarettes per day with the addition of a tobacco substitute to take the edge off the craving that finally allowed me to free myself of the chains of that addiction.

I did a lot of behavior changes before I took that final step. I quit smoking after eating. I stopped lighting up every time the phone rang. I separated the act of smoking from every other activity I did, and made it extra-tough to light up by putting the cigarettes, lighter and ash tray in a room far away from the main part of the house. If I wanted to smoke, I could only smoke. Smoking lost its grip on my life one butt at a time. I am an addict. I know that now.

I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to my herbalist friend Denise in Washington State for her smoking mixture that has no tobacco in it. (www.MountainSpiritHerbals.com for those who may be interested.) She has wonderful personal care products that are chemical free (I adore her Lizard Cream, especially in winter), and a nice selection of loose herbs. This wise woman is a cornucopia of herbal knowledge. I used Shaman’s Blend to wean myself off cigarettes after I cut the cigarettes down to less than 6 per day. The Shaman’s Blend has valerian and chamomile in it, which helped calm my craving for nicotine.

This year, I am renewing my promise to myself to clear out anything that no longer serves me. I sold all my acrylic paints. (I figured out why I had them in the first place, and now no longer need them. I can express my artistic side with pencils and pastels, as I have been doing for decades.) I have donated household items twice, and there will be another large donation after the moving sale that is coming soon.

I am looking at all the objects in my world and am asking if there is value in it for me. Does this thing  contribute to my life or does it drain life force from me? The biggest challenges are with items that have sentimental value for me.  I still have some work to do, but I am renewing my commitment to do this work so I can make room for whatever it is Spirit desires to bring my way.

What are you going to resurrect in your life? Perhaps there are some New Year’s resolutions you’ve already given up on. Now is an excellent time to plant seeds of success for yourself. It is, after all, Spring, the perfect time to plant  what you would like to see harvested come Fall.

Do you want to explore your connection with Spirit? Develop your intuitive connection? Learn how to paint a picture? How about personal training to improve your physical health? Yoga? Martial arts? Meditation? What will you renew your commitment to for your personal growth and development? Do you have something you used to do that you  let fall by the wayside? This is the time to contemplate renewing that practice .

Take some time to find something, just one thing, you can renew a commitment to. Then take the actions needed to plant that garden of positive change. It’s Spring. The Light is with us. Now is the time.

Starting a new way is never easy, so keep starting until the start sticks. ~Tim Fargo

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When the Women Gather…

This is Mount Rainier Viewed from LongmireI really felt pushed this year to facilitate a gathering of women at Mount Rainier in September, but circumstances indicated that it was not to be, or perhaps it’s not time, or maybe it will take another form, be at a different place.

My spiritual journey began in the shadow of this powerful, largely ignored (at least by the metaphysical community) stratovolcano – which is the largest in the contiguous United States, I might add. It was the spirit of that mountain that encouraged me to take my first, fearful, wavering steps on the Path I have now been walking for over two decades.

I will remain forever connected to this Great Being, heart to heart. I look forward always to my all too sporadic visits there, to this sacred mountain, but I hold it in my consciousness in a good way. So for now, I will remain open to Spirit’s guidance, and will joyfully follow that lead. In the meantime, I have some thoughts I feel I need to share here.

Perhaps the gathering of women happens through the reading of these words. One other time here on this site, I was powerfully, inexorably, moved to speak to the women of the world. Here I go again, it seems.

We are powerful creative vessels. What we tend with our attention, with our intention, grows. Sometimes it is something luminous and beautiful, equal to the latent power of our heart’s capacity to love. Sometimes, well, not so much. What is it about some members of the Sisterhood that drives them to run another down instead of look for the good in that woman who is struggling, just as you are, to make it through another day?

The world is waiting for us to change. If we continue to break each other down with our cruel words and our harsh (often incorrect) conclusions about the other, we will never be able to give birth to the world we would so desperately leave our children.

"Magic Circle" by John William Water...In circle, in sacred circle, we have the power to lend strength to one another instead of weaken each other. We have the ability to share our experiences, and the wisdom we have gained from those experiences, with other women walking the same path to power we are on.

In circle, in sacred circle, there is hope for healing the broken hoop that we, through our very refusal to rise above our pettiness, prevent from mending. Our collective presence, when we come in to the circle with our hearts wide open, empowers the whole, and those ripples begin to pulse out into the mass consciousness engendering the change we yearn to see in the world.

In circle, in sacred circle, endless and unbroken we transcend the limitations of space, of time, of self. Together, we can change the course of the future by creating a new template of relating in the now.

In circle, in sacred circle we, as women, embody the container for a collective, collaborative, cooperative, connected consciousness model. What, as women, if you were sitting now in circle, in sacred circle, with others walking the same path to power as you are, would your vision be? What would you lend your energy to so it can be brought into the world of form? More importantly, where do you need to withdraw your powerful creative energy so that there is more available to you to create what you want to experience in your life?

Imagine yourself sitting now in circle, in sacred circle with other women who are walking the same path to power as you are. What is your vision for the world? It is important to know this about yourself, for it is true that without a vision, people perish. Perhaps not physically, but in their spirit.

Army depot women circle

Army depot women circle

To all the women of the world, I say: gather now in circle, in sacred circle. Gather with intention and pay attention to each other. Listen to the words of your sisters without judgment, with an open heart. Lend your support, your energy when you feel moved to do so. We are powerful creative vessels. When we gather in circle, in sacred circle, there is no power more pure than a group of women with their hearts open to each other.

So, Beloved Spirit of the mountain, I will not come to you in the way I had hoped this year, but in your honor, perhaps somewhere, sometime this Fall the women will gather in a circle, a sacred circle, to reclaim their lost memories.

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How It’s Really Designed to Work

Everybody Wins

I started out writing about something else today, but couldn’t fight the urge to just tell you a story.  So here’s the one that wants  to be told now.

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View looking towards the Black Elk Wilderness in the Black Hills, South Dakota, USA. Horsethief Lake can be seen in the foreground. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I moved to the Black Hills of South Dakota, I learned a very profound lesson that reinforced my intention to just keep following guidance to the best of my ability whether I understood it or not.

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Out of My Comfort Zone

Just When You Think You’ve Got It All Figured Out

Oil painting, "Praying Hands" by Pet...

The most powerful thing I have learned in the past couple of months is that I cannot do it all by myself.  Sometimes God asks more of me than I think I am capable of doing, and I get stressed out.  For awhile, at least.  And then I calm down.  For awhile.  And then I get stressed out again.

I have been living a Spirit-guided life for almost two decades now, and was pretty comfortable with the way things seemed to be flowing. Then this year began, and all of a sudden I feel like I am being stretched beyond what I could even imagine were my furthest boundaries.  Surely I would never be asked to go that far.

And then I was asked to take a step that felt like I was back at the very beginning again.  Learning to trust Spirit all over again.  I was asked to take a trip to do some work for Spirit that is related to what is happening on the planet at this time, and is directly related to the In the Company of Angels project at Mount Shasta in September of this year.  (Perhaps someday I will speak about it, but not today.)

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On “Service” and Soul Promptings


Virginia - Arlington National Cemetery: Women ...

Virginia – Arlington National Cemetery: Women in Military Service for America Memorial

This is a story about how we follow the promptings of our soul, our Spirit, whether we are consciously aware of it at the time or not.  The good news is, we listen.  The bad news is, a lot of times we don’t know we are paying attention to our higher guidance, which can lead to confusion sometimes.

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