How Can I Remember My Dreams?

Everyone dreams. Without exception. Some of us don’t remember them. There are things you can do to help ‘catch’ a dream or two.

We will start with the most important thing to remember: intent is everything. That applies to the catching of one’s dreams in particular. The most important thing you can do to improve your dream recall is to focus your intention and your desire. Decide you really do want to remember your dreams, even if that means you may have to face some unpleasant information about yourself.

As you drift off to sleep, you can imagine yourself writing down dreams in the morning. You may even decide you want to share your dreams with others in a group setting. What seems to happen once a person sets an intention to work with their dreams, is they begin to remember their dreams! When your Dream Source  knows it’s being heard, the messages will start to flow again, and you will begin to remember your dreams.

It's important to record your dreams in one place.

It’s important to record your dreams in one place.

FIND YOURSELF A JOURNAL FOR RECORDING YOUR DREAMS         Do you need to have a detailed  dream experience in order to be able to uncover the treasures awaiting you in your Dreamtime? No. Whatever you remember, you are remembering for a reason: it is important.

Don’t discard those fragments or snatches of dreams. Give them the same respect you give the longer dreams. You will soon learn how complex a simple image is once you work with one of these in a dream group.

When you wake up in the middle of the night, it is imperative that you take a moment to scratch a few notes down. I keep a simple composition notebook by my bed to capture the crux of my dream experiences before they can escape. In the morning, I transfer these notes into my dream journal over my first cup of tea.

343px-Ice_coffee_imageIf you want to increase your chances of remembering a night dream, drink a large glass of (non-caffeinated) liquid before you go to bed. You will increase your chances of waking up in the middle of a dream cycle because you’ll need to answer nature’s call. Before you move, take a second to ask yourself: ‘What was I just dreaming about?’

When you first wake up in the morning, remember to ask yourself ‘What was I just dreaming about?’ before you turn your attention to your morning routine. If all you have the time for is a few words, jot them down in your composition book and transcribe the notes into your dream journal at your earliest opportunity.

Another tactic that works for some dreamers is to use the following morning’s date, and to write out their intention: I intend to remember my dreams when I wake in the morning.

If you still cannot recall any of your dreams in the morning, make one up. What would your dream have been if you had one? Record this in your journal. You are sending a signal to your DreamSource that you are serious about working with your dreams.

Half-Dome-Fire-1024x688Some dreamers choose to use a digital recorder to capture their dream notes. At some point, you will have to transcribe these notes, and often the words are not intelligible when you listen back. Some use a computer to keep their dreams. I prefer the journal approach. It is important you honor your dreams. The more energy you put into recording your dreams, in drawing images that come to you in dreams, the more likely it is that your dreams will reveal their vast potential to improve your life.

Pile of notebooks and papers

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If your dreams are scribbled on stray scraps of paper, or in many notebooks, the quality of your dream catching will reflect this haphazard approach. If you take the time to set up a proper journal or file where you keep a record of your dreams, the more meaningful your dream experiences will be. You may even consider decorating the front cover of your journal. If you are artistically challenged, consider using images from magazines to reflect some of the dream themes or recurring images contained in the journal. For example, in 2014, one of the recurring images in my dreams was ships. These were all sizes, and included a massive space ship. Some NASA images and images off the internet of ships that closely matched what I saw in the dreams grace the front cover of this journal.

An interesting way to decorate the cover is to wait until a theme or recurring image shows up. You will be able to identify the themes more easily if you keep all your dreams in the same journal. Save a few pages in the back of the book so you can create an index of your dreams for easy cross-referencing. You will quickly recognize the value of this practice.


When you go to bed,  make sure to write the date in the composition book. Jot a few sentences about what happened during the day. (These notes will be important later. Context is critical to understanding the messages of your dreams.)

When you transfer these rough notes to your permanent journal, write ONLY on the right side of the page, leaving the left side blank as a place for images and any insights that come when you work with the dream later. Record your dream using first person, present tense. Using past tense when recording your dreams creates a barrier between the waking mind and the dream experience. In addition, sometimes there will be past experiences in the dream, and it is more difficult to sort this out if the dream itself is recorded in the past tense.

Give the dream a title, whatever comes to your mind even if it doesn’t seem to ‘fit’. This is often another clue about the dream-message. Do not hesitate to sub-title your dreams when you review them days or even weeks later.  If you can remember how you felt when you woke up, record that, as well.

Once you have a number of dreams in your journal, take the time one day to go back through looking for and cataloging common or recurring themes or images. Cross-reference these dreams whenever possible. (I do this in the index in the back of the book, as well as  with each dream.)

Angel in the SkyIf you get inspired, make art from your dreams, or turn a dream into poetry. Any way you can engage with the energy of your dreams and ground it into your waking life, the more intense your dream life will become and the more active your interaction with your dreams during your waking life will be.

Next time, we will take a look at some of the layers every  dream contains.

May you dream well this night. And may you remember them.

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You’re never given a dream without also being given the power to make it (come) true.                                                                                                                   -Richard Bach


Why Should I Work with My Dreams?

dreaming sleeperFor most of my adult life, I ignored the powerful messages my Dream Source was persistently trying to send me and – like all  dreamers who don’t pay attention to their dreams – I quit remembering most of them.

Early in 2014, I was patiently led by Spirit to the world of dreams through a series of signs I could not ignore. I am now a firm believer in the process of dream work as a path to personal growth, spiritual expansion, and as a tool for healing the wounds of the collective unconscious.

There are riches, treasures of inestimable worth, to be retrieved from our dreams, and working with your dreams in a group using the method known as Projective Dream Work will quickly change your mind when it comes to ‘dream interpretation’. The first thing you will learn is that this process is not mere ‘interpretation’.

The Costs of ‘Typical’ Dreaming

When you do not pay attention to your dreams, there are some consequences and the three most important ramifications are:

  1. You lose life force energy. Your dreams can help you identify and then move beyond your limiting beliefs, concepts and visions of yourself. It takes a tremendous amount of your soul-energy to hold these limiting beliefs in place, which is what often leads to a constant feeling of physical exhaustion in your waking life. Lift yourself out of lethargy, low-level depression and aimlessness by actively working with your dreams.
  2. You lose the connection to Soul. Through dream work, you can re-establish a meaningful dialogue with your higher wisdom. Experience important initiations and healings that will take your life to the next level., and re-discover the richness of the guidance waiting for you in the dream space and say goodbye to feeling alone, indecisive, and with a lack of purpose.
  3. You lose contact with key parts of Self. Aspects of your larger Self live on more advanced levels. Seek them, find them, reunite with them and bring their wisdom and beauty back to your waking world. The Shadow (both dark and bright) contains parts of our self that we have either rejected or do not acknowledge. When we are able to see all aspects of ourself, and to accept those parts, we move towards wholeness, which is what our Dream Source wants for us. There is an aspect of our being that seeks reunification on all levels, and it is this part that sends the material through our unconscious when we are ready to assimilate it.

Do you remember your dreams or do you have problems remembering them? If you allow your dreams to slip away, you are losing a huge part of yourself and the benefit that comes from working with the messages that are brought to you from these other levels of your awareness.

Dreams provide us with tremendous intuititve guidance, and are the gateway to a true understanding of the complexity of our nature. When we work with our dreams, we come to understand that just as our conscious mind dreams at night, our superconscious mind dreams our waking reality. Life is but a dream, after all.

To become conscious in the highest sense, we not only need to become centered, alert and intentional during our waking life, we need to become more aware of the multiple layers of consciousness we occupy during our ‘unconscious’ sleep time.

When we understand that we are a conscious being that is learning and creating all the time, we will experience the limitless nature of our true self. Your soul does not get tired and need to rest, only the physical body needs to restore itself with sleep. Your soul is alive and aware all the time.

You can increase your intuition by recording and actively working with your dreams. Consider establishing a practice connecting your day time experiences with your night time dreams. Before you slip into sleep at the end of each day, make a habit of reviewing your day. When you review your day, think about the things you accomplished and ponder what you might have done differently tomorrow. What are you grateful for? When you spend a few moments in such a review, your dream time won’t be taken up sorting through the events of the day, it will focus more on creative guidance and insights especially if you set your intention for your dream time.

The other piece to the puzzle is when you wake in the morning, don’t jump straight out of bed and rush into your day. Take a few moments to answer the question: What have I just been dreaming? Whatever you recall, record in the first person, present tense. This will keep you connected to the dream. It is also a way to re-connect to the energy of the dream later.

If you don’t remember a dream when you wake up, make one up. Or write down the first thought or feelings you have upon waking. Write or draw something in your journal every morning. This will help send the message to your subconscious mind that you really do intend to connect to your dream world. Your subconscious mind will start to connect with your waking mind.

There are some things you can do to make your journaling more helpful to the process of dream work, but that will be covered in the next article on dreams and dreaming. Until then, may you remember the dreams that mean the most to your Soul.

Dreams offer themselves to all. They are oracles, always ready to serve as our silent and infallible counselors.                                                                                ~Synesius of Cyrne

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Intuitive Development Exercise

Pay Attention

This exercise is easily incorporated into your daily routine, and is effective in helping you develop your intuitive sensitivity.

First, a little about why this works so well:

English: Electromagnetic waves can be imagined...

Everything is frequency. It is the interplay of vibration between beings that allows for this process to occur. Each of us has thoughts. We all have feelings. These things vibrate. They actually generate electromagnetic waves and create a field around us. When we come together in a group, a larger, more complex energy field is created.

We swim through this energetic soup, and are drawn into interactions with people based upon the very real law of attraction. We are naturally pulled towards vibrations that resonate in harmony with our own. We are also naturally repelled by vibrations that are not in harmony with ours.

Your body picks up on these signals every time you engage in conversation with someone. Generally speaking, the physical response you get when you are in a positive, supportive exchange is expansive.  You will feel lighter, and somehow drawn towards the source of the signal. Remember how you feel when you encounter someone with whom you just ‘click’? It’s like that.

The opposite holds true when you are in the presence of a non-supportive vibration. You will feel almost as if you want to shrink away, or move out of the energy field. You may find yourself trying to physically protect yourself by crossing your arms over your chest/upper stomach, or leaning away from the signal.  You might experience a sort of flip-flopping sensation in your solar plexus, or maybe even some nausea.

Most of the time when we are interacting socially, we pay attention with our conscious mind, and are listening to the words being sent our way, often framing our response as we listen. When we get the other signals in our body, we usually aren’t aware of them or we ignore them when we sense them.

English: "Visualization of the Heart Chak...If you keep a part of your attention on your solar plexus, a chakra (energy center) which is just below your ribcage, in the area of your upper abdomen, you will be better able to sense this signal when you receive it. (It is represented by the yellow sphere on the diagram.) You will also become aware of how often a person’s words won’t match the vibration they are broadcasting with their thoughts and feelings.

It can be a challenge to learn to respond to the words of another as opposed to their vibrations the more aware you become of this phenomenon. It is not yet socially correct to speak to what you may be sensing from a person apart from their words. Maybe someday we will be transparent with each other, but we’re not there yet.

In the meantime, use this simple exercise as a way to develop your intuition. When you interact with someone, don’t just listen to the words you are hearing. Pay attention to whether or not the energy they are broadcasting matches their words. Make a mental note of your observations. Over time, you won’t need to write it down, you will learn to trust the information you are receiving.

You will be presented with dozens of opportunities to practice this simple technique each day. Take advantage of them, and strengthen your intuitive connection.

Do not try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition. ~Madeleine L’Engle

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Morning Coffee – About Consistency

A successful new venture?

White cup and saucer of coffee, with beans

I have been set free.  I have discovered the speech recognition program on my computer.

So how may I best utilize this? I’m going to try an experiment here.  I’m going to dig through my notes and those little scraps of paper and sort out all those brief snippets that do not a complete article make. I will give myself only the time it takes for me to drink my morning cup of coffee to complete the task I have given myself.

Morning Coffee will be posted on the days when I am not presenting one of the longer articles.  Your response, or lack thereof, will determine whether this is something worth developing.


Although this may not seem to be a spiritual topic, consistency with any goal you set for yourself will bring success.Is it your intention to meditate more?  Perhaps you want to change your eating habits.  Do you want to build a stronger connection with your inner guidance?  I probably hear more questions about people wanting to strengthen their connection to their guidance than anything else.

There are many ways, many different methods, of going inward, of learning to connect with Spirit.  But if you are given the tools, and you do not use them, then what good are they?

Pick one.  Any one.  And then be consistent in your practice.  You will derive more benefit from 5 minutes of meditation (or quiet time) on a daily basis than you will from going into the silence in a hit and miss kind of a way.

What will happen over time is that your ability to connect will be effortless because you have put in a consistent effort to train your body and your mind to make the shift almost instantaneously.

For example, I use to have to get quiet and tune into Spirit before I did a reading for someone.  Two decades later, I have mastered the art of moving in consciousness from one side of the line to the other as needed in the moment.

It is not helpful to drive a car while in an expanded state of awareness.  Unless, of course, you’re out in the middle of nowhere on a deserted stretch of road.  Some of my best insights have come from those places.  Driving in the silence for hours, no radio, no music, has a tendency to allow the monkey mind to relax and the higher mind to engage.

Time’s up. Coffee cup is empty.  See you next time.

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Out of My Comfort Zone

Just When You Think You’ve Got It All Figured Out

Oil painting, "Praying Hands" by Pet...

The most powerful thing I have learned in the past couple of months is that I cannot do it all by myself.  Sometimes God asks more of me than I think I am capable of doing, and I get stressed out.  For awhile, at least.  And then I calm down.  For awhile.  And then I get stressed out again.

I have been living a Spirit-guided life for almost two decades now, and was pretty comfortable with the way things seemed to be flowing. Then this year began, and all of a sudden I feel like I am being stretched beyond what I could even imagine were my furthest boundaries.  Surely I would never be asked to go that far.

And then I was asked to take a step that felt like I was back at the very beginning again.  Learning to trust Spirit all over again.  I was asked to take a trip to do some work for Spirit that is related to what is happening on the planet at this time, and is directly related to the In the Company of Angels project at Mount Shasta in September of this year.  (Perhaps someday I will speak about it, but not today.)

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My Wake Up Call Becomes My New Life

The Teaching Begins

Woman teaching geometry, from Euclid's Elements.

Woman teaching geometry, from Euclid’s Elements. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 One of the other things that happened during this period is that I began to perceive information that I thought was just my imagination but when I asked questions, the responses were consistent and not contradictory.  And often the information that came to me was new to my understanding.  I did have some training in framing a line of questioning, so I utilized that skill quite often as those first months passed.  I probably wasted a lot of energy demanding to know and understand everything before I went any further.  It’s a ‘human’ thing, I think.

Our little minds want to be able to find the proper box for the experiences we’re having.  A problem can arise when there’s no box to fit the experience into!  Actually, I believe this is the blessing that tears open the seams of the suit we’ve shoved our infinite consciousness into in order to be able to function at the human level in the mundane world.  (I apologize for the mixed metaphors.)  My awareness was certainly busting out all over the place.

It’s difficult to explain how this early education happened.  I was not blessed with a singular being that showed up and imparted great wisdom and insight to me.  It was a combination of working with the principles I was given by my unseen teachers and  a process of running those seed thoughts through the principles, contemplating them and asking internal questions until I had the ‘Aha!’ moment that meant I grasped the concept or message.

I had to do all the heavy lifting myself.  Once, when I was working towards particular insight, I asked in exasperation why these beings just didn’t tell me what they wanted me to understand.  I offered to take it down verbatim.  I knew shorthand, so they could speak quickly, even.

If I had been able to communicate with them as well as I can now, I would likely have heard a heavy, patient sigh.  “We cannot just tell you the answer.  If we give it all to you, then it is simply knowledge. We would that you would have wisdom, and that comes only with experience.”

I would have to work with the principles and come to my own awareness if I wanted to truly evolve.  I was also told that when I get the “truth bumps”, it is an indication that my body is storing the information.  I have then, literally, embodied the concept, whatever it was.

After over twenty years of working in this way, I can personally attest to the efficacy of this method.  I believe I have traveled quite a way down the path towards enlightenment, and it has been by turning within for the answers to all of the questions I’ve had.  Oh, and being persistent.  And patient.  I may have wanted the answer to something before it was time, but I have always gotten clarity when it was needed.

It’s a pity that I cannot give you some fancy shortcut technique that will provide instant enlightenment.  The bad news here is, it takes some work to walk this path.  The good news is, anyone can do it, even you.

All it takes is an open mind and a willing heart.

Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do. ~ Benjamin Spock

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