I Am Grateful for My Life

pinkskylightbeamsCredit Where Credit is Due

For over two decades, I have been interacting with my guides. Some of them I knew by name, some of them I did not. Their energies are familiar to me, and I am always grateful for their presence in my life. I recently learned who was who, and who did what. I’d had a general sense of this before, but now I’ve been given a model close to what I was familiar with, that dovetailed perfectly with my life experiences.

So now, I can officially give credit to my beloved Companions in Spirit where the credit is properly due:

My Protector (aka the Bouncer). I first met this being in the living room of my house when I began this part of my spiritual journey over two decades ago. I found myself – led by Spirit – at the home of an acquaintance who had some Native American guests visiting. I was invited to partake in a People’s Pipe ceremony with the wife while the husband watched from a distance. I do not know the purpose of it to this day, but I did have an interesting experience. I was very intent on following the lead of the woman during our time together, and when I was holding the pipe myself – anticipating some profound experience – I heard clearly in my head: “Go home and sit in the (channelling) chair.” That was it. I finished the ceremony, and took my leave of the people.

When I went home, I did as I’d been guided and sat in the chair where many of the first  lessons were received. Almost immediately, a Native American man dressed in white buckskins with a white wolf pelt over his right shoulder and a golden eagle perched on his left forearm appeared in my inner vision. He was large, muscular with piercing eyes and long jet black hair flowing loose down his back except for one braided section. He identified himself as Medicine Eagle, and called me by my true name. It brought tears to my eyes. He said he had some things to show me. He reached out his hand, I took it, and we walked down a path.

He explained that we’d had a lifetime together as Native Americans but that we had gotten distracted from our reason for incarnating. This time, we decided that I would come into form and that he would stay on the other side of the veil so that we could accomplish our purpose. It has to do with helping those who carry in their hearts the desire to return home no matter their situation or circumstances.

From time to time over the years, I have been very aware of his presence, and always it was when it was time to do something connected with our purpose. Generally, I always felt he was there, but watching. Now I know he is my Protector.

My most recent experience when I felt he was responsible for keeping me safe, perhaps even keeping me alive, was in late October of this year. I was on a short trip with a friend who’d come along to help me out. I am usually tired after the weekend activities, and my friend often drives. I woke up early that Sunday morning with a feeling I needed to drive, at least until we got out of the city. As we loaded the car, I told her that. She immediately agreed, and hopped into the passenger seat.

We set out. Traffic wasn’t bad, and we were coming up on the interchange that would require a left-hand exit (two lanes) from the north-south freeway onto the east-west freeway. It was cramped, with narrower lanes due to construction in the area. I had concrete barriers to my left as I was in the far left lane. There was a semi truck in the lane right next to me, and I tend to give some room there so the trailer, if it drifts as the truck goes around the left-turning curve, won’t crowd me. I dropped back about two car lengths.

When I did, the black Suburban that was next to me decided to pass the truck. He did not put on a turn signal, he just began to come over into our lane. (We must have been in his blind spot.) I’m glad he didn’t make a sudden lane change. We would not have had anywhere to go to avoid a collision. I saw him drifting into our lane, and a calmness came over me. I felt as if I were watching both the truck coming towards our car on the right and the distance between our car and the cement barriers to my left. I heard: ‘Just drift with him,’ so with my right hand, I drifted while I laid on the horn with my left hand.

My friend watched out the passenger window. Though it only lasted a few seconds, time really was distorted in that moment. Everything seemed to move in slow motion, and I just hoped he would see us, or hear the horn, before there was no more room to maneuver. The semi trailer did drift a bit into my lane, but I chose to speed up a little so he could see us. The car came close, but seemed to not get any closer than a few inches from us. It was as if there was an invisible cushion between the two vehicles.

He, startled, immediately fell back behind the semi truck.

The shaking didn’t start until after the danger had passed. When my friend and I talked about what had just happened, I told her I’d awakened with the sense I needed to drive. She replied that she’d had the feeling she wasn’t supposed to drive, but didn’t want to say anything because I’d asked her to be ready to fill in for part of the trip. I pointed out that there was a lesson in there for her, as well. At least voice the feeling and let things go from there. Keeping silent, if I hadn’t followed that little nudge I’d been given, could have caused this story to have a very different ending.

In the past, I might have said that it was Spirit, the angels, that helped us out of that sticky situation. Now I am giving credit where the credit is due: I thank my beloved Medicine Eagle for keeping me safe as I do my part to help us get it right this time. I have more days on Earth to continue the work, thanks to his intervention.

May Light always surround you.

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Message Received. Now Posted.

Angel in the SkyIt seems there is a lot to be transmitted these days. There is a message from St Germain (felt like he was speaking on behalf of many) that was just posted on In the Company of Angels.

Thank you for taking the time to read it.

You Are Not Alone

The lyrics of a Michael Jackson song have been whirling around in my mind for a few hours, so let’s just see where that breadcrumb of inspiration will take us today.

“You are not alone, I am here with you, though we’re far apart, You’re forever in my heart…”

Though there may be times in our lives when we feel alone and unsupported, that is definitely not the case. My recent ‘road trip’ is a good example of how, if we open ourselves to the help, assistance from Spirit is always at the ready.

As I write these words, I feel the presence of my Guidance Team moving in more closely. In the most difficult of times, I can still feel the love and support they give me. There have been a number of occasions in the past months when, for various reasons, I have felt a bit isolated and alone. Yet still I could feel the love from my unseen helpers whenever I opened myself to Spirit.

The beauty of our incarnated situation is that each of us has a support team of spirit beings whose greatest delight and desire is to help us move along our path. We receive gentle promptings and persistent prodding from these most patient of Beings. (I sometimes wonder if their lesson in working with the more stubborn among us is patience!) They also protect us, as much as they can, from harm, and often from ourselves.

I believe their greatest sorrow is that we don’t ask them enough to help us. For that is the thing we need to remain aware of: They cannot interfere with our choices, our free will. To do so is a violation of the First Law of the Universe.

If you can conceive of a way a being without the limitations of a physical body could help you, then its likely they have the ability to make a difference for you. Do you want to conquer your addiction to cigarettes, alcohol or maybe food? Ask for a special guide to be assigned to help you with it, so that you have the strength and clarity to make better decisions.

A Woman does tai chi.Want to raise the fitness level of your physical body? Ask for help. Expressing your desire clearly and stating your intention will focus the energy. You may find yourself feeling more like a walk in the morning or evening, or you might decide you want to try something new, like a yoga class or some Tai Chi, or maybe Zumba.

With the help of your guides and angelic guardians, you can accomplish more than you could on your ‘own’, and you don’t need to have special intuitive abilities to be able to connect with your Special Team, either.

What would you like more clarity about? Your past lives, your current life purpose, Higher Wisdom? Perhaps you want to express your creativity. All of this and more is available to you if you are willing to follow some simple steps to help you begin to connect with Spirit.

The next article will introduce you to some of the spirit guides and angel guardians that stand ready to assist.

We are not alone. They are here with us. Always. In all ways. And we are blessed.

Inner guidance is heard like soft music in the night by those who have learned to listen. ~Vernon Howard

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You Are Not Alone

Guide helps the guide on the way up Point Lena...One of the things I’m asked about most often is people wanting to know about their guides. They either want to know if they have any (yes, everybody does) or they want to know the particulars about their guides.

The message I want to give you today is that you are not alone. Your guides are always with you. They stand ready to assist you. You have but to ask for their help. When I first encountered my guides, they told me something that took me awhile to wrap my awareness around.

They asked me not to call them “guides” (I use the term here only because it is what most people can relate to), they told me to call them my Companions. When I asked them why, here is what they told me:

The term ‘guide’ is defined as “one who leads or directs another’s conduct or life; one who shows the way to others”. My Companions explained that yes, they do have an expanded view and will work to keep me on track to fulfilling my spiritual purpose, but they will not, and cannot, live the incarnation for me. Just like all of you, I have the final decision to make and will have to live with the consequences of that decision.

My Companions also said that I was to perceive the relationship as one of mutual benefit for both sides. They were also working on their spiritual development through their function as guides. I am working on my spiritual growth by the lessons I’m learning via this incarnation. Together, we work together to achieve the same goal. We all are working to return to the place from whence we came. We all long to go Home.

They also encouraged me not to look at them as the decision makers for this lifetime. I am to see them for what they are: my trusted advisors, my Companions along the way.

I tell people to ask for guidance. Consider the guidance. Act upon the guidance you can feel is of benefit to you. And remember that you are not alone. You are loved and cherished by many beings that just don’t happen to have a physical body (at least not in this dimension) at this time.

I will share some ways you can interact with your guides in the next article. For now, know you do not walk this path alone.

Never make the mistake of thinking you are alone – or inconsequential. ~Rebecca McKinsey

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My Wake Up Call Becomes My New Life

The Teaching Begins

Woman teaching geometry, from Euclid's Elements.

Woman teaching geometry, from Euclid’s Elements. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 One of the other things that happened during this period is that I began to perceive information that I thought was just my imagination but when I asked questions, the responses were consistent and not contradictory.  And often the information that came to me was new to my understanding.  I did have some training in framing a line of questioning, so I utilized that skill quite often as those first months passed.  I probably wasted a lot of energy demanding to know and understand everything before I went any further.  It’s a ‘human’ thing, I think.

Our little minds want to be able to find the proper box for the experiences we’re having.  A problem can arise when there’s no box to fit the experience into!  Actually, I believe this is the blessing that tears open the seams of the suit we’ve shoved our infinite consciousness into in order to be able to function at the human level in the mundane world.  (I apologize for the mixed metaphors.)  My awareness was certainly busting out all over the place.

It’s difficult to explain how this early education happened.  I was not blessed with a singular being that showed up and imparted great wisdom and insight to me.  It was a combination of working with the principles I was given by my unseen teachers and  a process of running those seed thoughts through the principles, contemplating them and asking internal questions until I had the ‘Aha!’ moment that meant I grasped the concept or message.

I had to do all the heavy lifting myself.  Once, when I was working towards particular insight, I asked in exasperation why these beings just didn’t tell me what they wanted me to understand.  I offered to take it down verbatim.  I knew shorthand, so they could speak quickly, even.

If I had been able to communicate with them as well as I can now, I would likely have heard a heavy, patient sigh.  “We cannot just tell you the answer.  If we give it all to you, then it is simply knowledge. We would that you would have wisdom, and that comes only with experience.”

I would have to work with the principles and come to my own awareness if I wanted to truly evolve.  I was also told that when I get the “truth bumps”, it is an indication that my body is storing the information.  I have then, literally, embodied the concept, whatever it was.

After over twenty years of working in this way, I can personally attest to the efficacy of this method.  I believe I have traveled quite a way down the path towards enlightenment, and it has been by turning within for the answers to all of the questions I’ve had.  Oh, and being persistent.  And patient.  I may have wanted the answer to something before it was time, but I have always gotten clarity when it was needed.

It’s a pity that I cannot give you some fancy shortcut technique that will provide instant enlightenment.  The bad news here is, it takes some work to walk this path.  The good news is, anyone can do it, even you.

All it takes is an open mind and a willing heart.

Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do. ~ Benjamin Spock

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