Brother Crow – A Full Circle Moment

When I was on the West Coast recently visiting my daughter, I had a powerful experience that I know was a full-circle moment. I know there is a powerful message there for me, and I wait for it to be revealed in the fullness of time.

CrowbywaterYes, it involves another encounter with one of my closest Spirit Animal allies: Crow. You can find the story of my first encounter with crow here. Over the years, I have had more than one luminous, unusual encounter with the power of Crow Medicine. This month, I encountered Crow in the very same fashion as when I first walked past the crow that was lying dead in the gutter by the curb.

I threw my back out while visiting my daughter and needed to drive to Tacoma (the town I lived in when I was opened back up to the Voice of Spirit). The chiropractor that used to treat me when I was in the military still practices there, and is always happy to squeeze me in if needed. Now, I could have gone with my daughter and her boyfriend, but if I had, I doubt I would have had the experience I did.

I arrived in Tacoma early for my appointment, and there was a Starbuck’s across the street, so I went over to the store to get a coffee and something to snack on. I didn’t want to sit in the store because it was a wonderful day and I didn’t want to sit in the parking lot, either. I got in the car and drove slowly – I now realize I was following Spirit -until I came to a place behind a box store where there were some trees and some shade where I could eat my breakfast sandwich.

As I pulled up to park under the trees, I was shocked to see a crow lying in the parking lot. It had obviously been recently hit as the blood pooling underneath the creature was still bright red. I was overcome with a full-on sense of time wrapping back upon itself somehow, and knew this was NOT an accident. I finished my snack, then used the bag the sandwich came in to pick the bird up and put it in the ivy growing under the trees  where I was parked. I apologized to the bird that I could not do more in the moment. It was better than leaving the bird lying on the pavement in the sun.

As I drove away to the appointment, I felt as if I were in two times at once, pondering the odds that I would 1) be in Tacoma, 2) go to the chiropractor while I was there, and 3) find a dead crow that needed my help. Again.

If I hadn’t thrown my back out, I would not have needed to drive to Tacoma. If I hadn’t arrived so early, I wouldn’t have had time to kill. If I hadn’t been hungry, I wouldn’t have stopped at the store, I would have waited in the office. If it hadn’t been such a nice day, I would have eaten the meal in the store. The timing was perfect, and I did follow the subtle current of energy that was gently leading me.

To the crow that gave its life so I could receive my message, I give thanks. And I will do my best to hear it so that your sacrifice is not wasted.

Since our waking life can be worked in the same way or sleep dreams can, I will share what I learn when I work this experience with my dream Teacher next month. Until then, thank you, brother Crow, for your constant companionship on my spiritual journey.

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We do not create our destiny; we participate in its unfolding. Synchronicity works as a catalyst toward the working out of that destiny.                                         ~David Richo


Ancient Mother Bear Comes to Visit

One of the most profound experiences I had while on this adventure was the dream that woke me in the middle of the third night we were there.

Crow spoke to me every morning when I walked the grounds at first light. The constant appearance of crow was a gentle reminder that, no matter what I ‘thought’ was happening here, I needed to remember there was magic happening on some other level.

I fell into bed exhaused after yet another day of confusing, bizarre events that seemed to be in direct opposition to what was ‘supposed’ to be happening. Almost every journey took me to Egypt, but that was not the theme of this week – at least not for everyone else. But I had come for a dream adventure, and in retrospect that is EXACTLY what I got.

Ancient Mother Bear

Ancient Mother Bear

It happened on that third night. I received a gift from Spirit that is beyond any reckoning, and I treasure it still as it continues to resonate in my life, this new connection with an Ancient Spirit Companion. She was patiently waiting for me to answer her call, and when I look back over the past two and a half decades, I can see clearly she has been summoning me almost since the beginning of my spiritual journey.

When I still lived on the West Coast, I purchased a drum because I was drawn to it, not because I had any idea what to do with it. The drum had bear fur and claws on it. The name of the drum was ‘Speaks the Bear’. I sat in a few circles with this drum, and it traveled with me all the way to the Black Hills of South Dakota before it broke from the dry air. I didn’t know how to repair it, so I dismantled it.

I suspect she was tired of waiting for me to come to her, or perhaps it was the re-opening of my dream world connection that precipitated the experience. No matter. I awoke with a start from the most vivid dream I’ve ever had before or since, feeling energy in my back where her claws had ripped me open. Here is my dream:


I am in conversation with someone when I look down at my feet. My right foot looks like a bear’s foot, and I am curious.

I am standing at the entrance of a cave-like space facing a giant, ancient female bear. She is a golden-brown color, and is bigger than a grizzly bear. She is standing on her hind legs in this dark cave with a soft golden light emanating from her, and is about 16′ tall. I hear the words ‘Ancient Medicine’ as I stand there, watching.

She is ROARING as she holds her front paws open wide, yet I am not afraid. I can remember feeling surprised that I am not fearful. I walk to her because I just feel she wants to give me a hug.

I walk into her arms and she wraps her front legs around me. My arms reach around her just above her knees. She digs her claws deep into my mid-back at heart chakra level and rakes her claws upwards and outwards along my rib cage.

I am startled awake by this, and feel a buzzy tingle all over my body as I lay in the darkness realizing I am not in an ancient, dark cave but am safe in my bed in a dark cabin in upstate New York.

I have the thought: ‘Oh, that was just a dream’, but in the same moment that my mind flashes back on the claws raking my back, I feel a rush of goose flesh that makes me think it wasn’t ‘just a dream’…I fall back to sleep, but when I awaken in the morning, I can still feel the heat of the scratches from my encounter with this Ancient Bear.

As I quickly write the dream down, and the title comes to mind, I feel tears well up and am again surprised at my reaction. I receive a healing song from this Spirit Bear, and write it down as well. I don’t know what I am supposed to do about this encounter. Perhaps when we gather in circle today, I will have the opportunity to ask about it.

There was no time. Bear haunted me all day, in the background of my awareness as we moved through some more journeys.The morning is taken up with a Dream Theater production of a dream that required the participation of all the people in the workshop. I had an interesting response to that scenario, and though I still don’t have clarity on it, I know that if I am supposed to understand it, I will. Someday, but not yet.

Crow next makes an appearance the following day when we journey to the Underworld. Most of this journey is not for sharing, but I can say a person I meet there gives me 3 raven feathers, and tells me I can come back to learn how to use them. Then she tells me to skedaddle, so I do.

Other challenges and tests were given and met, and I left my first dance with my Dream Source in a state of complete overwhelm. It was as if I was playing catch-up, and I had a lot of catching up to do.

I returned to my home city on fire about the power of this dream working thing. It resonated with me because it combined an element of shamanic journeying with the actual dream working part. I gathered some other intrepid dreamers that were willing to allow me to try group dreamwork on for size. This beginning circle continued for some months, and I enjoyed the work, but there was an undercurrent of energy that whispered of ‘more…’

At the most appropriate time, in the perfectly appropriate way, the ‘more’ was revealed, and my dream working, my dream walk, began in earnest.

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Dreams never come to tell you just what you already know. ~Jeremy Taylor

An Epic Tale Begins – Background Story

Here comes the set up. I was guided through a series of synchronistic events to sign up for a workshop. For those of you who have been along for this ride since the beginning, you understand that how I live my life is by following the signs that Spirit so graciously lays out for me – for all of us, if we but take the time to read them.
You are also aware that, for the most part, I don’t do workshops. I prefer the direct revelation method of learning. It has served me well for over two decades, and much of what I have garnered through experience, I’ve shared here. Hopefully, I’ve encouraged you to harvest the ripened fruit of the experience by paying more attention to what is going on behind the curtain of the illusion you and I are currently dancing in.
What this recent experience taught me – and the insight  actually came from the layeredEinspaenner cup of coffee I chose for the Morning Coffee that set the stage for this adventure – is that not only are there varying levels of consciousness, there is the cup itself. As humans, we are capable of moving through the layers in the cup  by working on raising our vibration, and we are also capable of living from the perspective of the cup which includes all the layers as well as the cup.
Granted, I didn’t realize this was part of the training I took this past week (I was only living the layers), but I can see it now, and that means I can harvest more awareness from this writing exercise.
Anyway, back to the series of events that led to my richly rewarding experience. A student in one of the Intuitive Development classes asked me about dreams. I brushed the whole subject aside as I don’t remember most of my dreams, and frankly I am so much in the world of Spirit during the day, sleep brings a little break from that. (Or so I thought.)
At the end of the next series of classes, a different student inquired about dreams and dream interpretation as she wanted to help people using that as her platform. Once more, I said I don’t dream and referred her to someone who interprets dreams. It got me to thinking that there may be something for me to pay attention to as the requests had come so closely together.
The very next morning, I was awakened at 3:00 AM. This has been happening for almost a year now, ever since I first got the impulse to visit New York State last year. I even explored some possibilities, but none of them resonated with me so I left it alone. Since I couldn’t find a reason to make such a long trip, other than the fact that I was born in Rome, New York, I didn’t make any plans to visit there as it isn’t just a short car ride away for me. I let that part of the prompting go (free will choice and all) but waking out of a perfectly good sleep between 3:00 and 4:00 AM continued, so I learned to roll with it. I would usually just get up and start my day and then sleep in the late morning a few hours when I could, or go to bed early the next night when I couldn’t.

radioThis morning, I went downstairs and turned on the radio out of habit. It’s 3:45 AM by this point. I’d struggled for 45 minutes to go back to sleep before I finally gave up. The program that was on was Coast to Coast with George Noory, but the mellifluous tones that were emanating from the speaker belonged to someone else, and he was in the middle of a sentence that immediately had my full attention: “Well, if it were my dream,” he said and then proceeded to provide the person with some pretty insightful and helpful information.
I hadn’t a clue who it was, but I grabbed a pen and paper because I knew the name and contact information for the speaker would soon be forthcoming, especially since it was almost the end of the show. I took down the information, and immediately went to the website.

I’m not about to let the moss grow under my feet if there is an assignment from Spirit headed my way. That’s not my style. I perused the site, and found he led workshops. Since I was fully immersed in things of the star realm at the time (April 2014), and with Sirius in particular, I gravitated towards a workshop that had to do with that very thing. How synchronistic can you get?
I promptly purchased, and subsequently devoured, all of the books he’s written. I found some interesting “coincidences” in the material. I live my life looking for, and following the trail of, coincidence. He wrote a whole book about it.
Many years ago, I was drawn to explore shamanic drumming through the Harner Institute. He studied with them as well.
I believe we all already know the answer, we just don’t know that we know it. He teaches people how to mine their dreams for insight.
Nobody else can tell you what your experience is, nor should they. He teaches a way to share our insights about others’ experience that empowers them.
I signed myself and a friend up for the two-day workshop about Egypt and other things. I didn’t realize until later that the lodging I found for us was at a quaint Bed and Breakfast called The Library.  (Think “Akashic Records” and you will see the connection). Who says Spirit doesn’t have a sense of humor?
Now here’s the rub: that workshop isn’t until next weekend. The story I tell here is from a different workshop in another location led by the same facilitator that happened this past weekend. It was in upstate New York. It was five days, not two, so there was plenty of time for the energy to build, and be released. I am going to tell my story here. I will relate only my experience, and I am going to take a page from the new book of learning I am working with and refrain from any analysis as much as possible. “Just the facts, ma’am,” as Joe Friday the cop used to say.
The road is long here, with many a winding turn, and I don’t want to lose you before I’ve even begun, so we will start with the first day. For reasons I’m not able to share, as they are not part of my story, my daughter was along for this ride.
What you need to know about her is she is one of the most ‘connected’ individuals I know. When I need counsel about something important, I go to her. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her (she is deeply camouflaged), but she is a magical being. If you want the Truth, ask her a question. There are no filters there, and when she is in a helping mode, she will dig out the things that you most need to hear. It comes from a place of helpfulness, for she knows no other way.

The Story Begins

We made our way to the House of Healing (the building where the workshop would take place) and we each found our place in the circle. I liked that the room was set up in that way. I like working with people in a circle whenever I can, and I noticed there was a doorway, an opening, in the circle. This is important, as it allows the circle to breathe. It makes room for Spirit to enter, and for energy to flow out when needed. It helps to maintain the balance of energy in the circle.
That first day, I was drawn to sit on one side of the Gateway, or opening. My daughter chose a spot in one of the directional quadrants of the circle. I cannot properly orient you to the directions here, as the location is not familiar to me (I was among the trees in upstate New York) so I don’t know whether the Eastern Gate was the one that was open.
I am full of excitement and anticipation. I have longed to have a physically embodied  teacher for years, and was looking forward to this experience. Not that the meta-physical Masters who have provided my training are not appreciated, but sometimes it is helpful to be able to have conversations with a soul that is currently inhabiting a physical body as I am.
We open the circle with the flinging of a drum stick. My greatest fear is realized in that very moment: the drumstick has singled me out to go first. I am disoriented and confused, and it takes me a moment to collect myself. The thing I hate the most is to have the spotlight shone on me. It usually means trouble is coming, and that is not what I wanted for myself this week. I stand and gather myself together. Silence, then I speak the name of the body, which is how I will be identified for the time of the workshop.
An observation is made that, since I seem confused about my name, perhaps that is why the Universe is also confused. I will ponder this input, as I do all things, but the confusion and disorientation was a result of the darn drumstick drawing attention to me right out of the gate…and I think that pun is intentional!
I may have had trouble with my name, but I was very clear about my intention. I won’t go into something, especially something like this, without a clear intention. I want Spirit to understand what it is I want from the opportunity.
My experience has usually been that having others’ energy focused on me brings me only grief in some form or another, unless it happens in one-on-one situations, or smaller groups, or I am presenting something to people who have chosen to come and sit with me. Sometimes even then, there is challenge. I learned this past week that I tend to get nervous and naturally seem to put up a shield in such situations. This tactic is received in different ways by people.
I know I am a catalyst (a person or event that quickly causes change or action). There is nothing I can do about it, and I try not to take this personally, but dammit, it seems I am also human. (At least I am playing one on this stage right now.) Sometimes it’s difficult to separate myself from the experience. Sometimes, I do lose my focus. Let’s just say here that the catalyzing started almost immediately.
I also want to point out that I am looking at all of this in hindsight, that I have had some time to garner some awareness about what was going on. I will also admit that for most of the time, I was confused and spent most of my time begging to be shown the “Why” of all of this.
Remember what I’ve said before: The Universe does not waste energy. You will know what you need to know when you need to know it, and not one moment sooner. This awareness is what helped sustain me through what unfolded with magnificent and absolute perfection over the next few days, even when it didn’t feel so much like perfection when I was in it.

Enough for now. More to come.

The mood of the warrior who enters into the unknown is not one of sadness; on the contrary, (s)he’s joyful because (s)he feels humbled by (her) great fortune, confident that (her) Spirit is impeccable, and above all, fully aware of (her) efficiency. ~Don Juan Matus

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Weekend Wonderings – Forward Movement At Last

Well, here I find myself ready to write, and since it is the weekend, a Morning Coffee just didn’t feel right. What came is the phrase above, so I will use that as my starting place. I am imagining a relaxed setting, comfy clothes, and bare feet kicked up on the sofa, cup of cool liquid at hand because it’s starting to get hot these days, and some free time just to – well wander in the mind and imagination and perhaps to wonder about things not related to the mundane world of one’s ‘regular routine’.

English: Crop circle in Switzerland

This is where I will write longer articles about, well, about whatever comes to my mind and that you can read at your leisure. So let’s begin today with an unfolding story in my world: All about the crop circles I have recently been introduced to through a new friend, another gift from the Universe. Thank you, finding angels, for bringing me on this person’s path.

I do note here that it is interesting, the timing of the appearance of both this woman and the one who showed up just before I left Kansas City.  I had two extremely difficult experiences, and as soon as I shifted where I was willing to stand in relationship to these people, something different for me to experience appeared on my path.

Time will tell if this is more of the same dressed differently because I still have a lesson to master, or whether this is my reward for finally freeing myself from what – in retrospect – I can clearly see were some dysfunctional relationships.I pick “reward” for a difficult lesson learned, energy finally cleared, and now permission to proceed. I give many thanks to those masters for being willing to help me (hopefully) get this one.

I worked very hard at moving through some painful and (almost) devastating realizations the end of last year, and I know that bled over in the writings here. I apologize for the sudden, non-uplifting turn the pages took, but I chose to reveal this side of my journey to illustrate the point that this spiritual path is not always an easy stroll, contrary to what many perceive to be the way the path to enlightenment works.

It is hard work, this path, and sometimes we get stuck, insidiously stuck, without even knowing we are. It can shock the system, physically, mentally, and emotionally, when the truth of things comes into form and the dawning of Realization hits. The body will have a physical reaction to it, and the emotions soon follow, and one can often feel as if it has all been a waste, the time and effort that went into the experience, whatever it was.

Butterfly with clear wings sitting on a golden flower

Consciousness Emerges

Sometimes we are done with the situation for a while before we realize it is (or was) always perfect, especially when it looks like it’s not. But quoting Ellen Bass “There’s a part of every living thing that wants to become itself, the tadpole into a frog the chrysalis into the butterfly, a damaged human being into a whole one…” So I, for one, will continue to seek the highest expression of mySelf.

For me, the lessons were all about the perception of friendship, co-dependency, trust and betrayal and they came all at once in rapid succession with such a force that it was almost my complete undoing.

Somewhere I have read that in order for us to reach a certain level of awareness, we must pass through the Dark Night of the Soul. If this wasn’t that for me, I don’t know that I could survive it if it is still to come. (But I will cross that Bridge when I come to it, if I come to it.)

I am on the other side, finally, of that energy and have begun to regroup, to reassemble the pieces of myself according to the revised template of my awareness that was reshaped in the fire of the Phoenix.

Two days after my move to this new place, I met this bright light at a conference I wasn’t even certain I wanted to participate in. What a tragedy it would have been if I had not followed the promptings of my Guidance on this one.

I will confess I have only peripherally been drawn to these wondrous cereal grain (mostly) creations, and I did comment to this wonderful person that I would often hear sound coming off the circles when I contemplated them. My daughter and I used to compare ‘notes’. No pun intended. She is musically inclined, and highly intuitive, and we used to talk about the latest crop of circles and the tones they made.

I have written here extensively about my relationship with sound, and about how I can hear sound from human bodies, and from places I visit, especially when they are in nature. Her eyes got big, and next thing I know we’re talking about maybe working on a project together having to do with the crop circles and the music they make.

It is all tied together, somehow, I am certain. The shapes, the relationships, the sounds the angles make. My challenge is I sometimes hear complicated overlays of tones, but don’t know how to play them. This will be an interesting experiment, and I suspect you can look for a new blog that will focus on this work coming soon.

I have the sense that, because I have not been allowed to, or been drawn to, read or work with the circles in too extensive a way, I should strive to keep my mental slate clean so that whatever I receive is delivered from as unbiased a place as is (pardon this turn of phrase) humanly possible.

I will employ the skills I do have in order to (hopefully) contribute to the understanding of what is being transmitted to us in these magnificent formations. The Circle Makers are employing whatever means they can to bypass our logical minds, relying on archetypal symbols, sacred geometry, and (what I believe are) dormant codes in our DNA that the steadily rising frequencies of the planet are beginning to activate.

Sound is another means to bypass the logical mind, which is why these circles ‘sing’. We have but to listen with open hearts to hear their songs. Perhaps that will be my small contribution to this understanding. I will see if my daughter wants to play in the circles with me again. We are both older, wiser, and more open.

English: Crop circle near West Kennett

There are repeating patterns in the circles, and it is as if a certain configuration sends a specific message, or piece of a message. It would be interesting to learn if someone has taken the year’s worth of symbols and compared them to see if there are repeated patterns in them. Or perhaps the patterns only become clear over a longer span of time. They are in there, somewhere. I can feel them.

The Light World is talking to us in as many ways as it possibly can; the communication efforts have increased exponentially as the excitement continues to build. Soon the birthing of Homo Galacticus will be completed, and we will join in awareness once more. We are the very heart of the Universe, and as such this is where the integration of all the parts must take place. Once, long ago, in answer to (what I thought was) a straightforward question, Spirit replied:

This Grand Experiment must not fail.

What that portended and the vision that came with it are not relevant to this discussion. Besides, it’s a time to relax and enjoy yourself, not worry about things of no consequence to what we are working towards in this moment.

Crop circle

Because Spirit has placed this person directly, squarely, and firmly in my path, and because she is (magnificently) obsessed with crop circles, I will walk this road with her. I can’t wait to see where it may lead. I will keep you posted.

I shall start with this small insight I just had as I was preparing to sign off here. Since I started this article, I’ve had a question in the back of my mind: why are these circles (primarily) in farmer’s fields? The answer that floated through as I finished up: Because grain is the Staff of Life.

I leave you with that. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I know I will.

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City Mouse to Country Mouse (Again)

Wenceslas Hollar - Town and country mouse 2Already I can feel the difference.  I can feel my chest beginning to relax.  It’s almost as if the shields that I didn’t even know were there are starting to come down.  I’m in a little town.  By “little”, I mean no stop lights.  Not one.

There’s still a lot to do before I am settled in, but I can tell you it feels better every day.  There are some tradeoffs for this kind of peace.  Instead of 4 miles from the nearest organic food source, I am now 34 miles from organic food.  But that’s why God made freezers.

English: CSA share

Here, I will have the opportunity to buy a membership in Community Supported Agriculture program which will give me pretty much  unlimited vegetables for the summer. I also want to experiment with a small square foot garden out  in back of the house just to brush up on my veggie growing skills. It’s my intention to consume larger quantities of fresh vegetables and this is definitely the time of year to cultivate (no pun intended) that habit.

There are some stark differences between my last place and this town that were apparent right away as I went about my errand-running today. I needed to procure a new post box, get the utilities turned on, establish garbage service, all that stuff. Pay this deposit and that activation fee. Oh, and do a quick load of laundry because I left my aging washer/dryer in the grateful hands of a young man just setting up house. Spirit guided, so there you go.

The laundromat isn’t that far from the house, and is virtually empty in the middle of the day in the middle of the week. I may just coast along until the weather gets really bad without a set. The walk would do me good, and I can take a book along to read while I wait for the clothes to get clean.

As I walked around town, strangers spoke to me as if they knew me. They smiled. They bantered. They looked me in the eye when I talked to them. If they passed me on the street, for the most part they said ‘hello’. I’ve not been here long, but it feels like forever.

The street is quiet at night. No barking dogs to keep me awake. No deep subwoofers thumping and waking me from a sound sleep. The birds congregate on the wires in back of the house and begin their chorus of chirping just before the sun comes up.

I am playing country music on my car radio because it just seems to fit. I haven’t listened to country music in almost a decade. I have lived in small towns before this one, but none like this one. I cannot yet put my finger on it, but this  time it’s different. I’ll keep you posted.

I know home can be anywhere, and I have been willing to follow where ever it was Spirit led me, but I am grateful that I was led here, now. It’s going to take me awhile to break the habit of feeling I need to build a fortress around myself in order to feel safe.

And did I mention there’s no traffic? Well, some, but not near the volume I’ve had to plow through in the big city. No story on the news every few nights about a shooting or a kidnapping or a break-in or worse. I will say I have noticed a lot of flyers about domestic violence, though. All is not Heaven in this paradise. I am sure life is hard here, but I also have a strong sense that people help one another out.

I know my neighbors have certainly been there for me since I got here, but that is another story for another day. For now, I’m going to enjoy making this adjustment. I can’t wait to see what happens to the Spirit work I do once the stress moves out of my energy field. Maybe there will be more writing on IntheCompanyofAngels. I have felt them over the past few weeks, but they have just been patiently waiting for the right time to come forward again.

To change one’s life: 1. Start immediately. 2. Do it flamboyantly. 3. No exceptions. ~William James

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Notes from My Road Less Traveled – Chapter 6 (cont)

Horatio Nelson Jackson in his 2-seat Winton to...About a week after I honed in on my location, I decided it was time to take a road trip. Thank goodness, it was only a tank of gas’ worth of fuel, round trip.

I spent that first day mostly just driving all around the town. When I found out that it would cost me over $50- to place an ad in the area papers, I decided to make some phone calls. A call to one of the local realtors yielded a list of people who had rental houses in town. They also recommended that I call the Chamber of Commerce, which I did. That got me a few more names.

I called them all. Some responded, some did not. Some of the ones who did didn’t have anything for me to look at. Cross them off the list. Some did have some places. I started making arrangements to see them. I needed to get a feel for what was available in this town and what the price range was.

I got there early for my first appointment that first day, so I put myself on autopilot and began to follow where I was being led. I spent about two hours that day driving around and getting acquainted with the area.

There were definitely some better feeling areas of town, and the prices for rent went up (or down) accordingly. I must have seen at least a half-dozen places that first day. I decided to just follow the energy where ever it led me, and I didn’t discount any offering until I’d actually seen it. I even called another number that I got off signs I kept seeing in the front yards of the houses for sale, and there are a lot of homes for sale in this little town.

The other thing I learned very quickly is that they don’t often post a sign on the property if it’s up for rent. It’s mostly word of mouth, so you sort of have to know somebody who knows somebody who has a place if you want anything decent to live in.

English: Food 4 Less grocery store in Hollywoo...I wasn’t taken with any of the places I saw that first day, but did have a gentle urging to stop at the one grocery store in town to check the bulletin board. I had had success with similar tactics some years earlier. I remember talking to myself in my head as I pulled into a parking spot. “Yeah, sure, there will be a lead there, probably just your wishful thinking anyway, what have you got to lose it’s only going to take a minute to walk in there and check it out…”

So I did. To my surprise – yes,  I still get surprised by these things, despite having them happen to me for a couple of decades now – there was a handwritten notice on the board about a house that was available for rent. I took down the number and called it.

It took the woman about 30 minutes to drive in to meet me there, but I felt it was worth the wait. I found it funny that I had driven right past the house earlier in the day, but hadn’t noticed the “For Rent” sign in the window. Is the place my dream house? No. Will it work for me and is it in alignment with my stated goals at this time? Yes.

The woman told me I would hear from the person with the final authority that evening. That sort of caught me off guard a bit. Spirit had led me here, so what was this all about? I decided I’d keep looking and let things just fall out however they were going to. I made arrangements to see another house but could not gain entry until the following weekend.

The owner of the little house I’d seen did call that evening and said he’d need to meet me before he could make a decision. I said I’d be back up the following weekend, but was not willing to make an extra trip just to look him in the eye. He said someone else was looking at it. I figured if it was my place, it would still be available and I decided not to let fear rule.

When I went up the following weekend, I was not able to get in the house I’d driven up there to see. The landlord there gave me the name of someone else who had a place, so I went to look at it. Right size, but too much work to make it energetically comfortable for me. I received one other reference about a place, and just to be thorough, went to see it as well.

It was magnificent. Circa 1910, leaded glass windows, huge rooms, hardwood floors, double car garage, updated kitchen with granite counter tops and brushed stainless steel appliances. Stunning. Perfect. My dream house, for sure.

I was headed out of town pondering these two latest prospects, but noticed I had a missed call on my cell phone. I pulled over and checked the phone call. It was from the fellow with the little house Spirit had led me to. “What the heck,” I thought, “I’m here, might as well go meet the guy.” So I turned the car around and drove to the house.

I took another good hard look at it. The rent was a little more than the prevailing market price for a similar sized house, but less than I was already paying. That was one of the things I had asked my finding angels to bring me: a suitable place that would allow me to tighten my belt a little more.

I didn’t get the pop quiz Spirit had given me until I was on my way home that day. It is important to remember that when we set an intention for something, often we will be offered other alternatives (in this case, it was the beautiful ‘dream house’ that would have left me in exactly the same situation as I am in now: too much house for my needs). It is not that Spirit is trying to confuse things. We are being given the opportunity to declare that indeed, we do want what we said we wanted.

I took the smaller, clean house and turned down the beautiful big house half of which I would not have even used. The smaller house is the place that Spirit had led me to. Twice. Once when I drove past it and didn’t see the sign in the window, and once when I had the inclination to stop in the store and look at the bulletin board. Thank you, finding angels, for finding a way to point me in the right direction.

It is easy to tell a person how to live life this way. It is much harder to actually live it. I saw the signs, and had the choice whether to follow them or not. I chose to follow them. All of them, no matter what. I struggled with my logical mind a couple of times, and almost didn’t make that last stop at the house I will soon be living in.

But Spirit – and by that I mean my guides, my guidance, my angels and my Higher Self – kept trying to lead me where I had asked to go. Eventually I found my way there. So can you.

The take away from my story is this: just keep moving forward. Don’t give up. As long as you can hold your intention and persevere despite how things may look, you will find your way.

And don’t forget that there can be a pop quiz at any moment!

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by; and that has made all the difference. ~Robert Frost

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