Morning Coffee – How Can I Fit It All In?

There’s a nip in the air, so a warm cuppa is the order of the day today. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how busy people – and I am including myself here – are these days. I miss the protracted periods of quiet that  were the norm for me until just a few weeks ago. A shift in focus, and a major transition, have stolen much of this quiet, contemplative time from me and I am beginning to feel the effects of that.

English: Stillness of the morningI have found myself asking of late: How can I fit it all in? How can I stay connected to Spirit when there is so much of this material world clamoring for my attention now?

I thought I’d share the answer I was given: Step up your efforts to maintain your connection. Make the time. The challenge you are experiencing now is but a test of your determination.

OK. I can accept that. Now, what actions can I take to achieve this goal? I will go back to the basics. Spirit comes first. I will make certain that I consciously connect in the stillness daily, even if it is only for a moment.

As with anything, I can remember that 5 minutes is better than no minutes. I can slow down, and remember to breathe and calm myself, especially when I feel the overwhelm begin to, well, overwhelm me.

A close up view of a traffic light illuminatin...I can remember that the stillness I seek lies within me, and is there for me to tap into if I would but remind myself of this Truth.

A few moments’ pause underneath an old tree as I am out on my walk. A couple of deep, relaxing breaths as I wait at a stop light. A short prayer as I wait in line at the store. I can look around and find something to be grateful for in that moment, and give silent thanks for that thing.

I must remember the state of my consciousness is a matter of choice, and that this choice is one that can be made anew every moment of every day. The more attention I pay to the state of my awareness, the better I become at being able to maintain a balanced state of being.

That’s my cup for today. Short. Black. Sweet. Coffee cup’s empty. Now go have a glorious day. I know I will.

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Morning Coffee – An Insight Came Today

List of Greek dishesSometimes the toughest thing to do is to keep moving forward. No, this isn’t a downer piece, at least I hope not. It’s another glorious day, and my heart is full of joy and gratitude for the blessings in my life, and for some very important lessons I’ve learned in the past little while.

I talk a lot about how things seem to be shifting with lightning speed, and about how we needn’t get too attached to what we ‘think’ our path is, because these days, it doesn’t take much for that path to be shifted in what can sometimes appear to be a blink of the eye.

I would also like to observe that the article about the power of a single, small choice is relevant here as well. It wasn’t only my response to a whisper from Spirit, but also a choice made by another that contributed to a pretty dramatic shift in my trajectory. Again.

It caught me off-guard, but I am coming to terms with this shift. So where is the insight I said I’d share with you today? Here it is: We cannot let the opinions of others determine our destiny. We cannot allow those thought forms, no matter how well-formed they are, to imprison or affect us. But we are, after all, only human one might say. Yes.

So feel the feelings that come up. Feel them deeply so they don’t get stuck in the very cells of your body. Bless the sender, and release them to their highest purpose, for they are as set upon their path as you are on yours.

Give thanks where possible for the goodness that was there to be tasted, and forgive yourself and the others for their human-ness.  Every person, every ‘problem’, every ‘negative situation’ is sent on our path to help us to learn and to grow, and sometimes that growth requires the strength to overcome.

Maybe take just a moment here to focus on someone or something you feel is keeping your spirit in a cage, or is bringing your spirit down somehow. Now imagine yourself inside that cage, looking out. Spend a moment trying whatever way you usually try to make yourself heard or understood, and realize this time it is not working.

Now be quiet. Take a breath. Deep into your belly. Notice that the other is standing, waiting somehow, for – is it just your imagination? – you to release them from the situation as well.

As you calmly center yourself, you have the urge to put your right hand in your pocket. What you find there is a beautiful golden key that perfectly fits the lock of the cage door. Open it, and when you do, you realize that you – and the other person – are now both free to go your own ways. Wave now, with a grateful heart. Your time together is done.

Now go have a glorious day! I know I will.

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Four Simple Steps to Discovering Your Purpose in Life

P questionWhy am I here? I get this question a lot. The simple answer is: because you have a purpose that your Soul wants to fulfill and has created the opportunity to do so through the circumstances of this incarnation.

Then what quickly follows is: well, then I want to know what my purpose is. How can I discover what my purpose is? When people ask me this question, they aren’t talking about their job, they want to know the reason they’re here on the planet in the first place.  In other words, why do they exist?

I tell people all the time that if they have the awareness to frame the question, then they already know the answer. It may just be buried deep inside them somewhere is all. So how can you discover your purpose in life? What follows is a simple but effective technique you can try. Don’t let the simplicity fool you.  It will work more quickly if you’re open to the process and expect it to work.  If you have any doubts or think it’s a waste of your time, it will just take a little longer.

Here are those four easy steps:

1. Get yourself some blank sheets of paper and something to write with. (I suppose you could also use a word processing program, but I’m old school at heart, especially when it comes to an exercise like this.)

2. Across the top of the page write the following: “What is my true purpose in life?”

3. Now don’t think about it too much, just write whatever pops into your head, whether it’s a simple word or a phrase. It doesn’t have to be a complete sentence, even.

4. Repeat Step 3 until you write something that makes you cry. That is your purpose in life.

That’s it. Now begin.

As you start this excavation process, understand it may take a while to clear your mind of your preconceived notions about what you think your purpose in life is; or what you think other people think your purpose in life is.  Just remain mindful of your responses to the phrases or words you write.  Remember what I said earlier.  You already know the answer, you just don’t know you know it.

Be patient with yourself.   It might take some time just to clear the clutter, but eventually you will strike gold.

If you persist, after 100 or 200 or perhaps even 500 answers, you will write something that causes an emotional response to well up from inside you.  That response is how you know you’re headed for the truth, that you’re close to answering the penultimate question of why you are here.

As you move through this process, some of your answers will be very similar.  You may even find yourself repeating some of your prior responses.  List whatever pops into your head.  Just keep writing.

At some point during this process, you may just want to quit.  You may feel the urge to get up, or you may find you start thinking about an excuse to go do something else.  That’s just part of this exercise too.  Resist the temptation to quit before you reach your goal.  Just keep writing.  Those other feelings will pass.

As you write, you may respond to some phrases which seem to give you a little surges of emotion, but they don’t quite make you cry.  Mark these in some way as you go along, so you can come back to them later.  Each one of these responses likely represents part of your purpose, but not the whole thing. It’s fine to be optimistic at this point, however, because this means you’re getting warm. So stick with it.

Stay with this stream of consciousness exercise until you are complete. You may find you need to do it for a couple of sessions, and that is ok. You will know when you have your answer because you will be able to feel the truth of it. It will resonate with you on a deep level. The answer can come as quickly as within an hour, but usually it can take longer.

Now comes the hard part. Once you have determined what your purpose in life is, you must ascertain how you will fulfill that purpose, and commit to staying focused on achieving that purpose.

The purpose of to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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The Importance of Staying Grounded

Your Body Needs Grounding

Grounded plug adapter 2

There are many techniques you can use to ground your energy which are helpful to maintaining the integrity of your energy field. The simple method I suggest to people is to place oneself inside a pillar of Light of whatever color or combination of colors you desire it to be.

From your heart center, connect yourself to the Heart of the Mother, the heart of the planet. Allow yourself to feel the supportive energy rising up through the pillar and flowing into your body through your feet. You may feel some tingling or warmth. Allow the  energy to fill you up and energize you, until it fountains out the top of your head and flows out and around you permeating your auric field, enlivening and balancing your energy.

This simple exercise will stabilize your energy field.

Some other things you can do to help ground your energy is taking baking soda baths or sea salt baths.  This will help neutralize the excess energies.

There is a second layer of grounding I wish to address here today as well, and that is the actual grounding of your physical body. A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon something called Earthing. I had been searching for something non-invasive to help with chronic pain, and Spirit led me to a small book that I read with great interest.

I purchased the mat, because I couldn’t afford the sheet, and the extender cord so I could plug it into a wall socket near the bed. I then placed the mat near my pillow so that when I slept on my side, I would be grounded because my hands would be in contact with the mat.

When I moved from the little house in the country into the city place, the mat didn’t make it out of the box. I’ve been here over a year, and towards the end of January of this year, I had the hit to pull out the grounding mat again. I started sleeping grounded just before the intense energy waves began to hit the planet.

I slept better, and more deeply, and was not as affected by these waves as those around me. It wasn’t until my daughter, who has a weakness in her electrical system, had a more severe than normal episode which sent her to the hospital that I began to look for an explanation.

A couple of weeks after this event, I had a conversation with someone who’d had their first severe migraine episode around the same time as this happened with my daughter. I started to do some asking around after this other conversation, because now I had the sense something was there to be understood about this.

I have heard enough reports of increased headaches, flare-ups of other nervous system weaknesses, and first-time migraine-level episodes to postulate there may be a connection between insufficient grounding of the bio-electric system that we are to the Earth and the increase in these types of experiences.

Nervous system. Français : Système nerveux.

The body’s nervous system is the wiring that conducts the currents, and what happens when there is an overload in an ungrounded system? The wires can get fried or the circuit breaker pops. If there is not a pathway for the excess energy to discharge through, then the system will seek a way to compensate for the overload. Could this be the reason for the increase in problems people have been having with their nervous systems lately?

I would answer in the affirmative. The Earthing products are non-invasive, and some are relatively inexpensive. It would be worth a look, and I encourage you to explore the site and listen to your inner guidance. Our bodies need all the help they can get these days, and I believe this technology can be of great assistance to us.

If you are wondering what you can do to regain some balance, perhaps this will help.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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5 Ways to Increase Intuition

How to Use Your Daily Experiences to Strengthen Your Intuitive Senses

220px-BuddhaintuitionHere’s a big secret: Everyone is intuitive. The only difference between a really gifted intuitive/psychic and ‘normal’ people is the extent to which the individual uses the natural sense we all have.

Intuition serves an important purpose: to give you guidance. Intuition is our connection to our higher power, to the wisdom within.

It is not just for psychic readings. You have probably received intuitive guidance but either didn’t know that what it was you were feeling or you ignored it. Intuition can be useful in making decisions as varied as when to put the house on the market, when to change jobs, which Doctor to take your sick child to, and can provide important information about our relationships.

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8 Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Physical Health

New Year’s Resolve

I am not an expert on any of the things I am going to discuss in this series of articles. I have tried, and been successful with, some of the tips and techniques I will be sharing, however.

We’ve vowed to work on our health again this year. Gym memberships are up, and supplement sales are soaring. By February, things will be back to ‘normal’. Most of us will have said goodbye to our best intentions by this time, and though we may make a few feeble attempts to rekindle the spark of change into a flame, most of us won’t succeed.

Don’t beat yourself up about this. Don’t give up on yourself because you feel that, once again, you have failed. You haven’t. You learned that whatever approach you chose did not work for you, that’s all. Perhaps you need to make smaller incremental changes. To that end, here are some suggestions that will move you in the direction of a healthier life-experience.

I encourage you to choose one thing and work with it until it becomes an integrated part of your life, then add another thing from the list. One of the quickest routes to disappointment is to take on too much at once.

All of these things will strengthen your body, which will support it in holding and integrating more of the incoming Light frequencies. When the body is not expending energy trying to function in spite of the things we do to it, or fuel it with, there is more energy available for the important work of transmutation and realignment.

Some of these things may seem obvious, and overly simplistic, but they can provide profound benefits for the physical body.

English: child enjoying clean and safe drinkin...

1. Drink more clean water. Water is a conductor, and most of us are lacking in this department. If the energy is not being properly conducted, your subtle circuitry can get overloaded. By clean water, I mean water that is from a pure source or properly filtered. The chemicals in tap water are not healthful for the body.

In the same vein, when possible, filter the water you bathe or shower in. When you take a hot shower or bath, you are covering yourself with chlorine and you are breathing  it into your lungs too.

2. Eat higher quality food. I hear it all the time: “I can’t afford to eat organic.” My response to that statement is: “You can’t afford not to.

If you are careful, and eat less food of a higher quality, you can afford organic. Research the most important items you should buy organic versions of, and invest your food dollars there. Your body will thank you.

Include fermented foods and probiotics in your food budget. These contribute to good gut health, which makes the body more able to deal with toxic overload. Adding more fiber-rich foods to your diet will help things move more quickly through the body.

Explore the benefits of quinoa and amaranth. Both are nutrient-dense grains and quinoa has almost all the essential amino acids your body needs and it is an excellent source of protein.

The more closely to the Earth you eat, the healthier you will be. This means it’s best to shop the perimeter of the store because when you venture into those middle aisles, you enter the land of preservatives and additives. Most of these things are molecules your body doesn’t know how to handle and in self-defense it will often just build a protective layer of fat around the foreign substance to protect itself.

The long-term health benefits will outweigh the short-term costs. Just think of all the healthcare dollars you won’t need to spend later if you treat your body with kindness now.

Dermatology products

3. Reduce your exposure to chemicals. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and your new motto should be if you wouldn’t (or couldn’t) eat it, don’t put it on your skin, either.

If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, you probably shouldn’t be using it. It takes some effort to find non-toxic personal care products, but they are out there. Yes, most are more expensive than ‘regular’ personal care items. Again, pennies saved now are not worth the dollars you spend later.

4.Support Your Body’s Detoxification Process. There are many ways to help the body rid itself of toxins. Juicing or a detox cleanse is helpful. Be aware that you may feel worse before you feel better, and you’ll often be tired during a cleanse, so allow yourself the time to rest. You may get headaches or experience nausea especially if your body is really toxin-laden.

Massage is an excellent way to help the body release toxins. For those of you in the Omaha, Nebraska area, my helper of choice is a wonderful woman named Arlene. She can be reached via email at

If you have access to it, a far infrared sauna is another way to move the toxins out of your body. You will get a good sweat on, and will feel invigorated afterwards.

Detox foot baths can pull the toxins from the body through the soles of the feet.

5. Eliminate ingesting toxins as much as possible. Avoid alcohol. Stop smoking. Don’t store your food in plastic containers. Don’t buy food that comes in plastic containers.Be mindful of what you are purchasing when you stop to pick something up on the way to work in the morning, or on the way home in the evening. Maybe that’s not such a good deal, after all.

Don’t wear petrochemicals on your body. Most clothing is not made of natural fibers. Look for more healthful alternatives when it comes to furnishing your home or building a new home.That new carpet smell? That new paint smell? That new car smell? Not good for your body’s well-being. I’m not sharing this to scare you, I want to encourage you to make more conscious choices this year.

6. Alkalize the body. Our bodies are too acid, which makes them vulnerable to a host of problems. Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore Baroody is an excellent place to start. It contains a substantial list of alkaline producing foods and talks about how excess acid waste in the body cause our organs and systems to deteriorate.

I have formed my opinion as to whether it is necessary to also drink alkalized water, and I encourage you to do your own research in this area. Follow your guidance in this matter.

7. Move the body. We were not made to sit or lie around like blobs. Our bodies are created to move. So move every day. You don’t have to go to a gym to get the job done. A pair of tennis shoes and a path you can walk will do. If it’s cold outside, then shove that coffee table out of your way, put on some music, and dance, dance, dance. All it takes to feel better is about 30 minutes a day. You don’t even have to do it all at once, either.

Baby steps will get you there. When you start to feel better, you will naturally want to do more. That is what is happening to me with this one.

8. Get Enough Sleep. This seems obvious, but most of us don’t give the body the time it needs to rest and restore itself and we slog through our days in a fog because of this. The magic time for your body is between 1000PM and 2AM, so if you are awake then, you better be sleeping! You body needs about 7-8 hours (and some of us need more, those of you who say you can get by with less are often fooling yourselves) of quality sleep a night to function properly.

Lights Out-Sleep, Sugar and Survival by Bent Formby is an eye-opening easy read about how our sleep-deprived lifestyle is a contributing factor in the skyrocketing incidences of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and depression. It has changed the way I look at sleep, and causes me to make different choices about when I will turn out the lights in my home.

There’s a lot here. Remember it’s great to just choose one thing and work on it with all your attention and intention until you integrate the new habit, then move to the next thing that calls to you to do.

Allow the intelligence of your body to tell you what it needs help with the most. As you  read through the list of suggestions above, which one pulls at you the most? That is most likely where you need to start, so trust that.

We all have to start somewhere, sometime. And  now is as good a time as any, don’t you agree?

You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. ~Rabindranath Tagore

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