In the Company of Angels

As I continue to follow this path, I am being stretched into the greatness of my larger Self.  I am doing things and learning things that I never in my wildest imaginings would have thought I’d be attempting.  This new blog is a result of that process I always talk about:  just keep doing what comes next, and it will all become clear, you will have the understanding. Eventually.

In the Company of Angels is a special project that I felt needed its own space to grow.  I envision putting up images of angels I am being guided to paint, and perhaps some meditations and techniques that people could use to bring the comforting energy of that angelic realm into their daily lives.  For now, I have moved the unfolding story of how In the Company of Angels came to be to this page. Here you will also find information about the first of what I am beginning to suspect will be many more events designed to bring the two worlds closer together.

I look forward to watching this one unfold.  It has been quite a journey so far, and it has just begun.  Thank you for your interest.


13 thoughts on “In the Company of Angels

  1. Dear JulieMarie,
    Your response about my grandmother was a precious gift to me this morning as I drink a cup of really good coffee. A day does not go by that I do not think of her. She made pottery even though she couldn’t see, and I just put one away that has a swirl of a wave on it.

    I am going now for a run on the beach.
    All the best!

  2. Good morning JulieMarie,
    You don’t know me but you stayed in my mother’s house on the beach in Makaha, Hawaii and wrote an article about my grandmother “inspired by someone I’ve never met.”
    I lived in that same little studio with my three children for almost Four years and cherish the time i spent with my grandmother. Every evening we watched the sunset together and talked. She was so wise and positive. I really miss our sunsets and conversations.
    My favorite haiku poem she wrote was this one.
    “Stop! It’s 5 o’clock!
    Time for drinks and silly talk.
    No arguing please!
    I just recently went back there thinking I would feel her presence. I was sure she would still be there in spirit as she once told me she would never leave her Beach.
    I was so disappointed that I did not feel her at all and there was such an empty feeling there without her.
    I would love to know what she is doing on the other side. Is she surfing? She loved the thrill of riding a wave! I really hope she is pleasantly surprised because although she believed in angels, she did not believe in heaven in the Christian interpretation.

    Thank you for your words if inspiration and the beautiful article you wrote about my dear Makaha angel!

    • Your grandmother was quite an incredible human being. Writing about her was easy because she made sure she led a full and complete life. I don’t do readings here, but I will tell you that her spirit is with you no matter where you are, not just at that house on the beach.
      No doubt she is riding the waves on the other side, and I would bet she’s teaching others to do the same.
      Heaven is whatever we make of it. Your grandmother loved the wind, the surf, the beach. Her aloha spirit could only experience aloha, too.
      Thank you for reminding me to go take a look (to re-inspire myself) at that article…

  3. I have so many questions: what is the meaning of our existence on earth? I personally think it’s important to connect with the heart, to inspire each other, to focus our attention on the joy, the present moment.
    What do you say about 2012? why would it be a special year?
    I have another shared experience and your opinion interests me: I did an exercise where you should symbolize your identity: personally I saw a yellow sun well, at first I told myself still a sun ‘are you not pretentious, then I accept this picture. I was accompanied by a coach, a great energy flowed between us, then I saw the space, a planet pink-orange, finally I found myself in comet circling the earth … and a very large heat came over me, even stronger than the eagle.
    today, i would say that i don’t want anymore to pretend to be someone else than myself…i want to be surrounded by positive people, and share love and knowledge…so i could say that i have lived a good life !!!!

    • Sandra~I believe that the meaning of our existence on earth, at least individually, varies from person to person. Just based on the story you tell about the beautiful pink-orange planet and then finding yourself in a comet circling the earth, I have a suspicion about why you have come. I do not mean to be cryptic (that means ” mysterious”), but I will wait until after you have had the opportunity to read a two part story that I mentioned to you before I say anything else.
      And as for 2012, I have written some things about this, and would refer you to the alphabetical listing page on the Living by Intuition and Inspiration blog and suggest you start with the articles entitled ” the planet is ascending and so are you”. I wish I lived in France, as it would be a delight, I am sure, to sit with you – perhaps in one of those wonderful cafes along the Champs – and talk Spirit.
      I have been thinking lately that perhaps it is time to record some of the classes I teach and make them available online. This interaction with you could explain why I have been having those thoughts.
      One more thing: you are living a good life now, because you are alive.

      • thank you so much !!!! i read a lot of things …you know i was born in 1978 ….so i’m 34 years old since 2 days …i know that something happened since the eagle !!! our meeting is definitly not a hasard !!!!

      • I was the age you are now when my awakening started. And you are correct. This was NOT an ‘accidental’ meeting. Now, I must pull myself away and get to cleaning. I still have to do my exercise for today, as well. Au revior…

  4. So wonderful how the “journey” can become magical as soon as “you” get out of your own way and let the magic that wants to emerge/express in/as you happen naturally and authentically from the heart.

    Juliemarie, first you came by and visited my blog (and suddenly you appeared in my consciousness!) and then I came to check out yours and I passed your link onto a friend in the Netherlands with the comment that I love what you wrote in your blog and found it true in my own experience as well:

    “This new blog is a result of that process I always talk about: just keep doing what comes next, and it will all become clear, you will have the understanding. Eventually.”

    Do what is in front of you to do in the moment that feels in alignment with your heart, your highest vibration, your inner-knower… and all will indeed become clear.

    Much Love,

    • Michael, IntheCompanyofAngels lives and breathes with a consciousness and a purpose all its own. I am very much aware that there, I am not the One In Charge. I have more latitude, and actually do express the Truth as I currently comprehend it, on the main blog. By simply asking what I am to do next, and then doing that thing to the best of my ability, I have learned and grown in awareness over the past 22 years since my activation (what many call the awakening), and have only just begun to share what I have learned through my experiences here in the arena of ideas. What a blessing it has been to have discovered this outlet for what Spirit would have me contribute. As for the popping into your awareness, I do my best to contain mySelf, but sometimes I sort of leak out around the ‘edges’. Hopefully I didn’t startle you :-).
      My message to people is: let go of the steering wheel (ego/little mind)! You’re not driving the bus ANYway! Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to more discussions with you. Stretches my perspective.

  5. God does guide us, especially when we open our spirit and heart to listen to His whispers.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog JulieMarie. I look forward to reading more from you.

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