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These articles speak to the core principles and concepts as given to me by my Unseen Teachers over the past two plus decades. I have chosen these because they are the articles I find myself recommending most often to people. Here you will hopefully find something that will help you on your path.


The Planet is Ascending, and So Are You – A Four Part Series This article introduces the roadmap to my viewpoint on this process called ‘Ascension’, the transition from the 5th World to the 6th. There is a discussion of concepts and a definition of the terms I use in subsequent articles including the INvolution of Spirit, the EVolution of Matter, Personal and Planetary processes, Shifting of Frequencies, the 12-Strand concept, Jesus and the 12 Disciples as the 3D model of our enlightened Selves.

The Planet is Ascending, and So Are You – Part II  The history and significance of the Venus Transits, and my view of what they mean to the Ascension process. Here you will find one of my Cosmic Fairy Tales, a story of the transfer of power from the feminine to the male consciousness in an ancient time. A story or a memory? You decide.

The Planet is Ascending, and So Are You – Part III  My general model of consciousness: The three levels of consciousness on the planet: Asleep, Awake, and Aware and the comparison to the life cycle of the caterpillars. Also, a discussion of Leonardo Fibonacci and application of the Fibonacci sequence to the growth pattern and evolution of consciousness.

The Planet is Ascending, and So Are You – Part IV  What you can do to help your physical body through the shift, and some of the signs you are experiencing this shift. Learn about the importance of herkimer diamonds, the ‘bridge’ stone.

The Call Went Out  An early vision of the Original Souls and the Creator God’s Call to the Universe for assistance with this project. (Best read with the article about early Indigoes and the Bridge Kids)

About Early Indigoes and the Bridge Kids  My insight and understanding about how long the Indigoes have been coming on the planet, and my view that there has been an entire generation of beings who were ‘mixed’ Indigo and Crystal (Bridge Kids) that have been incarnating to assist in paving the way for the beginning of the incarnational cycle for the next root race: Homo Galacticus.

The Story of the Young King Who Came to Earth This Cosmic Fairy Tale was inspired by a young Bridge Kid I met. He is a wondrous being, and this is his story. Or maybe it’s not.

Turn Around This is a story from my early awakening period, when it was really tough. I asked the question: “If I don’t even know how I got here, and can’t remember who I am, then how will I ever find my way Home?”  The answer was: “Turn around.”

How to Know If You are on the Right Path I get this question a lot, and this is how it was explained to me. Be willing to act upon your inner guidance, and remember there are no mistakes, only opportunities to learn.

For No Logical Reason This is a transcript of a message from Spirit.

A Melchizedek Message on Discipline

The Universe Does Not Waste Energy

You will know what you need to know, when you need to know it, and not a moment sooner. This lesson was one that allowed me to relax into the process of the experience without worrying too much about whether I was “right” or “wrong” or whether I even knew the “why” I was asked to do something.

The Importance of Plant Silica 2012 and Beyond We are moving from a carbon-based physical structure to a crystalline one. Our bodies need the raw material to make this transition. This article explains how plant silica mimics the structure of quartz crystals and more.

Diamonds and Pearls This article looks at the difference between how a diamond  forms and how a pearl forms. Reflection vs refraction and light that emanates from within. Application of the principles to human consciousness evolution.


Everything is Perfect, Especially When It Looks Like It’s Not

You Are the Light of the World A translation of a message from the Realms of Light.

The Foundation Series has nine parts. The topics discussed here are the things I was taught by my Unseen Teachers in the early months of my awakening. I heard that if I lived my life according to these principles, and applied them to the seed thoughts I would be given, I could achieve my enlightenment without too much human ‘teaching’. I know that the process works, and I know that I have had some powerful revelations using these principles. Topics range from Intent is Everything, to a discussion of power versus force, the concept of the Microcosm and the Macrocosm, Truth Is, and the tuning fork of truth resides in your heart, and expectation as simply another form of limitation. Each article is read in sequence after the first one, so I have provided the link for the initial article only here.

On Concurrent vs Consensus Reality Is this what Jesus meant when He said: Be in this world but not of it?

 The Everything is Frequency Series ran on September 2, 2012; October 17, 24, 26, and 31, 2012. In this series I cover such topics as working with others to shift your vibration, sympathetic resonance, consciousness, entrainment and other frequency-related insights I’ve had. Again, I have provided the link only to the first article here.

An Alternative View of “Ascension” An article that discusses the topic of Soul Embodiment, and my view that when people talk of ascension, this is actually what they are referencing.

Peeling the Onion An article about how each time we move to our next ‘level’ of spiritual functioning, we encounter our next ‘layer’ of the ‘issue’ to peel away, until there is only no-thing-ness left. I had always wondered why the same things kept coming around for me to look at when I thought I had properly dealt with them in already. This was Spirit’s answer.

Energy Report – The Dark Rift, the Galactic Center and Dec 2012

Energy Report – Fibonacci and the Awakening of a Great Cosmic Being

Energy Report – Finger of God, Collective Choice

Morning Coffee – The Turning of the Ages

Another Perspective: The Masters, The Meaning of Dec 2012

12/12/12 -12/21/12: A Microcosm?

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