The Importance of Plant Silica ~ 2012 and Beyond

From Carbon to Crystal

Quartz, Tibet. Français : Cristal de roche pro...

Quartz, Tibet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DISCLAIMER:  The information presented in this article is intended to educate and inform.  It is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat or otherwise address any medical condition. That is what a medical professional is for.   I am not a doctor or medical professional.  Please contact a licensed medical professional before making any decisions concerning your health.  All supplementation should be discussed with your physician or other medical professional.

From time to time on my path, I have been guided to supplement my regimen with plant silica (horsetail).  Lately, I have been getting that guidance again.  I will share the reasons I was given for this direction.  I encourage you to do your due diligence and research and decide for yourself, in consultation with your physician or other licensed healthcare professional, whether this particular action may be of assistance to you as you travel on your spiritual journey.

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This Little Light of Mine…


    I came to the keyboard with a totally different idea about what would flow out of me this day, and was surprised to hear a song begin to repeat in my mind.  Well, I know that is one of the ways Spirit or my guides communicates with me, so I set my idea over to the side so I could better focus on the potential message that was coming to me.

     I worked doing readings this past weekend, and many of the people who sat at my table had the same question and I could feel the same underlying concern radiating from their energy fields.  Things are changing.  What can I do to help?  I answered each individually, and felt I’d done my job.  But now,  with this song repeating in my head, I sense there may be more here for me to do.  I’m going to pretend that you are sitting across the table from me and that you are asking me that same question, and that you have those same concerns.  Here is how I would answer you:

     Beloved Being, I say unto you that you are the light that has come to transform this world.  Seek not to understand the broader unfolding of things, but rather concentrate upon your own  emergence.  Stand in the place that you have been planted, and focus on what can be done to shift the energy of those around you.  It is not complicated.  Be kind.  Smile.  Look that cashier in the eye as you make your purchase.  Wish them a good day, and mean it.  From your heart.  Be considerate of others.   Watch your words.  Challenge yourself each day to do just one good thing for another, no matter how small that good thing is.  And soon, we promise you that you will see a change in the world around you, and that change will spread like sweet honey across the face of this planet.  This little light.  Your little light.  Let it shine brightly, dear ones.  Let it shine.

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