Morning Coffee – 08/16/12

A Contemplative Cup Today

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This year is flying by, and I  find myself in a really reflective mood this morning with my coffee in hand.What a cup of coffee and the concept of a catalyst could possibly have in common is beyond me, but that’s where my mind is wandering this morning.  So let’s just see where these ruminations lead, shall we?

The energy of this year is building like a freight train, fully loaded, that’s been making its way to the top of of the incline, and it’s started to crest the mountain’s top and is beginning to make its way down the other side.  It’s picking up speed, accelerating rapidly as it’s pushed down the mountain by that same load that slowed its journey to the top.

English: Mayan calendar created by a modern cr...

English: Mayan calendar created by a modern craftsman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is it that’s fueling this acceleration, figuratively speaking? I think the catalyst here is a calendar.  It’s an ancient calendar.  It’s the Mayan calendar. There has been so much written about this calendar of late.  There are specials all over the History Channel about it.  It’s at the point now where you could probably ask almost anyone and they could tell you something about this calendar.

A catalyst is something that increases the rate of a reaction. This calendar, its significance and potential meaning, has caused a stirring in our collective awareness the likes of which has not been seen…  well, maybe ever. I know that last bit was substandard writing, but I am stream-of-consciousness ruminating over a cup of coffee, and I promised myself when I started to write these articles I was not going to edit myself.

If it does nothing else, I believe the sustained interest in this calendar and the people who kept it has caused a significant portion of the sleeping, material-plane-focused population to at least begin to stir in their beds.  I can see them now as they sit up, yawning and stretching and rubbing their eyes.

Yes.  That’s it.  Finally!  It’s time to wake up!

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December 21, 2012. A Window of Opportunity(?)

A Fresh Insight

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was answering comments on the blogs this morning, and a reader left this in response to the Archangel Michael message posted on the other blog I am writing: As December 21, 2012 draws near, the work to be done in my body, spirit, emotions and mind due to past karma and thousands of years of living in the illusion and confusion of the 3rd Dimension is humongous.

He then adds that he is grateful for the assistance so that he can ascend with Mother Earth on that date. Now, there’s the phrase that precipitated this dawning awareness.  What, exactly, is the Ascension of planet Earth going to look like?

I haven’t a clue.

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