When the Women Gather…

This is Mount Rainier Viewed from LongmireI really felt pushed this year to facilitate a gathering of women at Mount Rainier in September, but circumstances indicated that it was not to be, or perhaps it’s not time, or maybe it will take another form, be at a different place.

My spiritual journey began in the shadow of this powerful, largely ignored (at least by the metaphysical community) stratovolcano – which is the largest in the contiguous United States, I might add. It was the spirit of that mountain that encouraged me to take my first, fearful, wavering steps on the Path I have now been walking for over two decades.

I will remain forever connected to this Great Being, heart to heart. I look forward always to my all too sporadic visits there, to this sacred mountain, but I hold it in my consciousness in a good way. So for now, I will remain open to Spirit’s guidance, and will joyfully follow that lead. In the meantime, I have some thoughts I feel I need to share here.

Perhaps the gathering of women happens through the reading of these words. One other time here on this site, I was powerfully, inexorably, moved to speak to the women of the world. Here I go again, it seems.

We are powerful creative vessels. What we tend with our attention, with our intention, grows. Sometimes it is something luminous and beautiful, equal to the latent power of our heart’s capacity to love. Sometimes, well, not so much. What is it about some members of the Sisterhood that drives them to run another down instead of look for the good in that woman who is struggling, just as you are, to make it through another day?

The world is waiting for us to change. If we continue to break each other down with our cruel words and our harsh (often incorrect) conclusions about the other, we will never be able to give birth to the world we would so desperately leave our children.

"Magic Circle" by John William Water...In circle, in sacred circle, we have the power to lend strength to one another instead of weaken each other. We have the ability to share our experiences, and the wisdom we have gained from those experiences, with other women walking the same path to power we are on.

In circle, in sacred circle, there is hope for healing the broken hoop that we, through our very refusal to rise above our pettiness, prevent from mending. Our collective presence, when we come in to the circle with our hearts wide open, empowers the whole, and those ripples begin to pulse out into the mass consciousness engendering the change we yearn to see in the world.

In circle, in sacred circle, endless and unbroken we transcend the limitations of space, of time, of self. Together, we can change the course of the future by creating a new template of relating in the now.

In circle, in sacred circle we, as women, embody the container for a collective, collaborative, cooperative, connected consciousness model. What, as women, if you were sitting now in circle, in sacred circle, with others walking the same path to power as you are, would your vision be? What would you lend your energy to so it can be brought into the world of form? More importantly, where do you need to withdraw your powerful creative energy so that there is more available to you to create what you want to experience in your life?

Imagine yourself sitting now in circle, in sacred circle with other women who are walking the same path to power as you are. What is your vision for the world? It is important to know this about yourself, for it is true that without a vision, people perish. Perhaps not physically, but in their spirit.

Army depot women circle

Army depot women circle

To all the women of the world, I say: gather now in circle, in sacred circle. Gather with intention and pay attention to each other. Listen to the words of your sisters without judgment, with an open heart. Lend your support, your energy when you feel moved to do so. We are powerful creative vessels. When we gather in circle, in sacred circle, there is no power more pure than a group of women with their hearts open to each other.

So, Beloved Spirit of the mountain, I will not come to you in the way I had hoped this year, but in your honor, perhaps somewhere, sometime this Fall the women will gather in a circle, a sacred circle, to reclaim their lost memories.

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