Look to the Sky – Moon Makes Biggest Appearance Since 1948

supmoon2016aThe supermoon that will fill the night sky Nov 13th (and 14th, if you miss it tonight) is the largest since Israel became a nation. It is the second in a series of three supermoons that close out this most pivotal year. December 14th will be the last one in the series.

The energy of a supermoon creates a surge of energy, and based upon where the moon falls can affect certain areas of our lives. This moon is activating the polarity of need/comfort (Taurus) versus desire/outside the box (Scorpio).

Full moons always tend to either close things out OR take them to a new level. During this time, don’t be surprised if you are more emotional, experience disturbances, or heightened dreaming. Your sensitivity and intuition may also be heightened at this time. Make sure to keep yourself balanced by maintaining a connection to the natural world and by using any grounding techniques you are familiar with.

Thankfully, the energy of this supermoon is harmonious and supportive. There is a Pluto/Chiron influence that supports healing. This is an opportunity for resolution of some deep, soul-level pain. It is an excellent time to consider where in our lives we need to accept the things we cannot change and acknowledge the lessons we’ve learned that we can build a new future for ourselves with.

Take some time to write about the things you need to let go of, whether physical or emotional. Get clear about what really matters to you. What do you value the most in your life? What do you need to feel more stable? Think about the friends, family and other resources you can call upon when you need to. Spend a moment being grateful for those things, those people.

If you are feeling exhausted, don’t forget to take care of yourself, even if it means putting your feet up, wrapping yourself in a blanket and spending some time with a book and a cup of hot cocoa.

Find a place with a clear view of the night sky away from light pollution. take a deep breath, and spend a few moments allowing the light of the moon to wash through your energy field. Absorb what you need, and let what you no longer need gently flow out into the earth.

The next time you will have a chance to see a moon like this one is November 25, 2034.

The moon will guide you through the night with her brightness, but she will always dwell in the darkness in order to be seen.                                                            ~Shannon L. Alder

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Morning Coffee – Spirit’s Answer


A display of old televisions, VCRs and radios ...

Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.

~Bill Hicks

I had been wondering why the pull was so strong to wean myself off of televised companionship, and Spirit’s answer was this quote I “coincidentally” stumbled upon.(the word ‘coincidentally’ is in quotes because my perspective is that there is no such thing as coincidence). I am also being pushed to begin cutting off the electronic ties as well. How I will manage that, I am not sure yet, but will begin the disconnect this Spring.  Goodbye, email. Hello, post office.

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Some Thoughts on Energy

"Idle Thoughts", 1898I have found myself thinking a lot about energy lately. I have expended considerable effort clearing out and releasing that which no longer serves me, yet I still feel the weight of too much ‘stuff’. So I began to ask myself “Self, what is going on here with this? Why can’t I seem to find the end of this urge to de-clutter, to lighten up?”
The thoughts that seem to keep coming to mind go something like this:

Because each item in the environment holds energy, keeping items that are not relevant to one’s current phase of life can clog up the works, so to speak. I find my attention drawn to the smaller moving trucks as I drive down the road, and contemplate having LESS to load the next time I relocate.

That means that now would be an excellent time to  address the purging aspect of the process yet again. How am I going to know when it’s ‘enough’? I suppose when I feel peaceful in my space as I stand and look around it.

There was a major housecleaning in the personal relationship area of my life last year, but I guess I am far from finished with the ‘things’ releasing process. I still need to throw anything that is not necessary overboard, and obviously some things I thought were ‘necessary’ are not, otherwise I would not still be annoyed by their presence in my life.

What good is a widget if I can’t find it when I need it? One of the blessings of ‘maturity’ is that there seems to be less ‘storage’ in the brain for location (ie, the last place I happened to lay something down). What this condition if forcing me to do is find a place for each thing, and then make certain it is always put there, or put back there.

The penalty for inconsistency is more time lost (wasted) searching for that darn widget…I just had it a minute ago…

Since I still have too many things, and not enough places to properly put them, my conclusion is I need to continue the whittling down of the number of things in my world. What a great opportunity for another giveaway!

The journey continues, and so does the work.

Ask yourself this question: Will this matter a year from now? ~ Richard Carlson, PhD

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Morning Coffee – A Shared Experience

Cafe_ViennoisThere’s a nip in the air this morning, so it’s a warm, frothy cup of coffee today.

I had a magical experience with some friends the other day, and decided it would make an excellent morning cup.  Hope you enjoy this one.

This was the weekend of the Equinox, a time when the energies are in balance, and according to my Unseen Teachers, also the time of great opportunity to manifest things. I had been inspired to do a simple ceremony on this day, and was able to easily persuade three other women – one of whom just ‘happened’ to be visiting from Florida this weekend – to represent the different aspects of the template Spirit was asking us to anchor on this day.

After a brief detour to a spot that wasn’t where we needed to be, we arrived at our location. It was a place I’d walked with one of the participants just a couple of weeks before. It was a wonderful, forested area that was a nature preserve close by the park. We had happened upon an unusual formation of a downed tree that formed a triangular doorway of sorts.

English: A picture of Carya tomentosa. The tre...It felt like we needed to do this ceremony at that location, so that’s the direction we headed. As we came to the place, the area wasn’t level, so after a brief look around, a large tree and a small flat, mossy spot drew us down the slope a bit. We made our way down the hill to the tree, and began to intuit our way into the energy of the moment.

There was no set plan. We had gathered some things beforehand and didn’t know what we would use, so we set them all out. I was drawn to the tree, magnificent in her energy and presence. I walked over and stretched out my arm so I could lean my  hand against her. I softened my gaze so I could better sense her energy.

As I looked down the slope into the sun-dappled forest around me, I became aware that I was looking directly into the eyes of a beautiful doe who was lying in the shaded area below us. As that sank into my conscious mind, I whispered to my friend to move slowly towards me so she could also see the deer.

Both times we had come to the park, she had mentioned her desire to see deer again. She had come to this park one day at dusk and had come upon some deer who were coming down for water. Since that time, she had hoped to see them again.

Male Kansas White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virg...Now here they were. Three does, one fawn that still had a few spots on it, and a really handsome buck who made an appearance just as we completed our calling ceremony. It was as if the white tail deer had gathered there to lend their energy to our endeavors.

Each of us stood in for the energy of each of the four directions, and waited for the words to come upon our hearts that needed to be said. The details of our time in the forest with the deer are not important. What is important is that a group of women agreed to follow Spirit and provide the opportunity for a new template to be established. Whether we were successful or not remains to be seen. At least we demonstrated a willingness to do our part to facilitate the unfolding planetary birthing process.

English: Central American White-tailed Deer (O...There was magic in the moment there in the forest the other day. A luminous, numinous moment of being present, really present, with the tree people and the deer tribe. Something startled the group as we were getting ready to leave, and a couple of the animals darted our way. We found ourselves almost surrounded by the energy of the deer, as we allowed ourselves to just be with the experience.

The interesting thing to me was, though they were obviously aware of the group of us, they did not seem disturbed by our presence. After some minutes, the fawn – which had run past our location and was now behind us – began to make its way back towards its mother. She moved back down the slope where the rest of the animals were regrouping. The buck remained watchful a little ways up the slope from where we were standing.

As our time together with the deer came to an end, the small herd made its way further down the slope, meandering and browsing as they went until they were out of our line of sight. We said our goodbyes, gave thanks to Spirit for the wonderful experience, and made our way back up to the foot path and out of the park.

It was an experience I will not soon forget. I was in a forest doing ceremony with a herd of deer calmly bearing witness less than a hundred yards from me. I could see those gentle, calm eyes gazing up at me and I had the sense she heard me when I sent my heartfelt gratitude her way.

We speak of living in harmony with nature, but what does that mean, exactly? I hope it looks like what I experienced with these women and those deer that day. What a world we would live in then. On a day of balance, we prayed for balance. From our lips to Creator’s heart. Let it be so.

This has turned out to be a bigger cup than I intended. Hope you enjoyed it. Now go have a glorious day. I know I will!

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August 2013 Energy Report – The Summer of Transformation

From SpaceWeather.com

From SpaceWeather.com

There are some interesting and powerful energies in play this month which help to explain the things many of us have experienced in the past few weeks. The major players on the heavenly stage this month include: Chiron, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune.

The three predominant configurations formed are:  a Yod (or finger of God), a kite and a star of David which will influence earthly events through mid-2014.

Intuition is strengthened by the energy this month, so pay attention because this is the time for new beginnings, especially in the realm of ideas and invention. With Jupiter in Cancer, and Uranus in slow retrograde motion until Nov 1st, watch for sudden, unexpected enlightenment in your life. You may have some startling revelations at this time.

The impact of the seven squares (Ur/Pluto) continues and will be felt this month as Jupiter begins the month in opposition to Pluto and ends August squaring Uranus. The dance of these giants is all about revolutionary activity, so watch for upheaval in your personal life as well as out in the world.

Chiron is the planet of the wounded Healer, and the opportunity for healing continues this month. The areas where we will have the most potential for growth is in our relationships, especially early in the month with Chiron being triggered by the new moon on August 6th and again at the full moon on August 20th when Jupiter will be trine to Chiron with Uranus also in play.

This has been a summer of transformation, and because of the intense influence of Uranus and Pluto, it is radical transformation. As I packed boxes today – yes there’s movement in my world again – (or perhaps “still” is a better descriptive word because I never settled in here to begin with),  I was nudged to tune into an Internet-based radio show a fellow seeker hosts. I found myself listening to her most recent call-in show, and it soon became apparent what the theme for the time was: movement.

All, and I mean all, of the questions were about movement, either in a job situation or a location or both. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so off-track any more. Thanks, Shelly, for the message! So, if you are reading this and you are feeling this sort of energy too, knowing this is happening to others should make you feel better about your situation.

The energies in the heavens are making the shape of a kite at this time, and if we can remember that this formation is bringing the opportunity for us to shift and sort and shake things around until there’s a more even distribution of energy (and personally I think that is going on on a global scale, at least with the beings working on behalf of the Light) than when we started, we will move through it with more ease and grace.

There are some influences that could indicate a need to be a bit more mindful with our resources now. Exercise some diligence as you manage your financial affairs during the balance of the summer, and I feel into the fall as well.

Remember to remain flexible. Everything, and I mean everything, is subject to change, and with what is happening in the heavens, that change can be sudden and unexpected. (Don’t I know that one!)

Listen to your intuition and stay grounded. Focus on the task at hand, and try not to over think things. Break it down to the basics, and work from that place one thing at a time.

And remember to always have your Plan B (and maybe even Plan C) ready to go if something happens to Plan A. Know that one, too!

If ever there was a time for us to master the art of detachment, I would say this is it. Seems the Universe doesn’t want us to fall too in love with any one way of getting the job done. Seems the moment we do is when things begin to change again.

As we roll with increasing velocity towards the end of the year (it will be here before we know it, I don’t feel there will be much fall for us in 2013), we need to remember to do the most important thing of all: breathe.

So. Take a breath. Now exhale. See? Bet you feel better already!

There is a new post up at IntheCompanyofAngels today as well. Enjoy.

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Intuitive Development Exercise

Pay Attention

This exercise is easily incorporated into your daily routine, and is effective in helping you develop your intuitive sensitivity.

First, a little about why this works so well:

English: Electromagnetic waves can be imagined...

Everything is frequency. It is the interplay of vibration between beings that allows for this process to occur. Each of us has thoughts. We all have feelings. These things vibrate. They actually generate electromagnetic waves and create a field around us. When we come together in a group, a larger, more complex energy field is created.

We swim through this energetic soup, and are drawn into interactions with people based upon the very real law of attraction. We are naturally pulled towards vibrations that resonate in harmony with our own. We are also naturally repelled by vibrations that are not in harmony with ours.

Your body picks up on these signals every time you engage in conversation with someone. Generally speaking, the physical response you get when you are in a positive, supportive exchange is expansive.  You will feel lighter, and somehow drawn towards the source of the signal. Remember how you feel when you encounter someone with whom you just ‘click’? It’s like that.

The opposite holds true when you are in the presence of a non-supportive vibration. You will feel almost as if you want to shrink away, or move out of the energy field. You may find yourself trying to physically protect yourself by crossing your arms over your chest/upper stomach, or leaning away from the signal.  You might experience a sort of flip-flopping sensation in your solar plexus, or maybe even some nausea.

Most of the time when we are interacting socially, we pay attention with our conscious mind, and are listening to the words being sent our way, often framing our response as we listen. When we get the other signals in our body, we usually aren’t aware of them or we ignore them when we sense them.

English: "Visualization of the Heart Chak...If you keep a part of your attention on your solar plexus, a chakra (energy center) which is just below your ribcage, in the area of your upper abdomen, you will be better able to sense this signal when you receive it. (It is represented by the yellow sphere on the diagram.) You will also become aware of how often a person’s words won’t match the vibration they are broadcasting with their thoughts and feelings.

It can be a challenge to learn to respond to the words of another as opposed to their vibrations the more aware you become of this phenomenon. It is not yet socially correct to speak to what you may be sensing from a person apart from their words. Maybe someday we will be transparent with each other, but we’re not there yet.

In the meantime, use this simple exercise as a way to develop your intuition. When you interact with someone, don’t just listen to the words you are hearing. Pay attention to whether or not the energy they are broadcasting matches their words. Make a mental note of your observations. Over time, you won’t need to write it down, you will learn to trust the information you are receiving.

You will be presented with dozens of opportunities to practice this simple technique each day. Take advantage of them, and strengthen your intuitive connection.

Do not try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition. ~Madeleine L’Engle

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