Message Received. Now Posted.

Angel in the SkyIt seems there is a lot to be transmitted these days. There is a message from St Germain (felt like he was speaking on behalf of many) that was just posted on In the Company of Angels.

Thank you for taking the time to read it.


Ancient Tears Finally Shed


I recently offered a Past Life workshop, and it got me thinking about a profound experience I had during a regression session I participated in as part of my in-residence training for certification as a Past Life Regressionist some years ago. I was astounded by the depth of the feelings that coursed through me as I was regressed, and I was both the man in that past life and my current female self at the same moment. My consciousness was bridging tens of thousands of years, and I had some unfinished business to attend to.

071018-neanderthals-02My study partner and I had prepared for the final exam: a live regression in front of the teacher and the other members of the class. I regressed him, and all went smoothly. “Piece of cake,” I thought. Then it was my turn on the table. I made myself comfortable, and my partner began the past life regression all the class members had practiced on each other for the week.

Following the soothing tones of his voice, I soon found myself in the middle of an intense experience I will remember for the rest of my life. The thing that surprised me was, while I was having the past life experience, my present-life physical body was actually involved as well.

I am a stocky, powerfully built man, and I am running full-out with a few other men I knew to be hunters of my tribe in pursuit of a large predator animal. It wasn’t until, as if from across time and space, I heard my partner ask me what I was pursuing.  Between the inhalations of my screaming lungs, I grunted out the word ‘tiger’. My present-day self was shocked. I am an ancient man pursuing a sabre-toothed tiger!

I am intensely focused on my target. Every time my regression partner tried to move me down the time track of this life (he just wanted to complete the assignment, poor guy), I seemed stuck in this moment of chasing down the tiger. I had the sense we had been in pursuit for many days, but now had come within striking distance of the animal and there was no way I was not going to finish the job. Not now.

Lying on the table in front of the other students and the instructor,  I was aware I was breathing as if I were actually running, but I could not slow my breathing down. My partner kept trying to move me forward. I kept chasing the tiger, unwilling to let go of the moment, but not yet understanding why.

Somehow, he managed to shift me a bit forward within the experience, to the point where we’d managed to kill the tiger, by saying,  “The tiger is dead. Now what is happening?”

I don’t remember whether I verbally responded, or whether I just had the understanding that I was the leader of this group of people, and the tiger had discovered that small children are easy, tasty prey. One of the children killed by the tiger was my son. I swore to hunt the hunter and kill it after this happened. I set out after the beast with two, maybe three, other hunters from the tribe.

We tracked the sabre tooth for days before we finally got the opportunity to kill the thing that had been decimating our numbers. I took the teeth and made them into a necklace I wore in memory of my son until I died.

As I remembered the reason why we were chasing the tiger, I had a powerful physical response in my current body again, only this time I began to weep. The sobs seemed to come from deep inside me, and again, I didn’t seem to have any control over them.

My poor regression partner probably wanted to kill me at this point. He’d just gotten the situation under control, and here I was again, making his final exam difficult. It took him a couple of tries, but once more, he was able to move me out of that place of – what I understood as I wept the unshed tears from millennia before – deep grief and unexpressed sorrow.

As leader of the tribe, to display sadness was to show weakness. The leader could be challenged at the barest hint of indecision. I could not give myself the chance to grieve the loss of my only son, and  killing the tiger – though it brought some measure of satisfaction – did not clear the sadness from the cells of my body, nor from the essence of my soul.

Unknowingly, I carried those unshed tears across time until, finally and unexpectedly, I was given the chance to express them.

The regression was a powerful experience that demonstrated to me the truth that we can run, or even reincarnate, but we cannot escape our past. The intense, important things we experience must be expressed, or we will carry them in our energy field until we do, no matter how long it takes, even if it is lifetimes.

There is powerful healing available for those who seek it. Past life regression is one of the ways we can find peace, even when we are not looking for it.

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The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.                                                                                                     ~Marcel Proust

Morning Coffee – Fall Colors

English: Two Delicious Cappuccino Deutsch: Zwe...Finally feels like Fall. The nights are cooler, and I heard the heater kick on a few minutes ago.

As I drive from place to place, I notice the green of summer quickly giving way to the deep reds and golds of fall. As the leaves change, there is a certain point when the blend of greens with the reds and golds is perfectly balanced. I keep a watchful eye out, but have yet to be able to identify that exact moment when I am witnessing it, it is only after the perfection is past that I recognize it.

:Fall colors, Poudre Canyon, ColoradoHow much of life is that way? Is it possible to recognize a balanced state when we are in one? Perhaps the best we can hope for is an approximation of that condition. Like the seasons, our life condition is constantly changing. Periodically we experience a state when the blend of greens with the reds and golds is perfectly balanced. These are the moments to savor, for soon they too will be behind us and we will be into our next season.

Coffee cup’s empty. Go have a glorious day. I know I will!

And take the time to notice those beautiful changing colors if you live somewhere where the transition is happening.

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Morning Coffee – “Unique-nicities”

Baileys_and_coffeeWhat can I offer you as you set out to live your life this day? I was thinking a lot about how I live my life following the whispers of Spirit as I drove home last night.

Sometimes I find myself making a sudden, unexpected (often even to me) shift in the direction I thought I was heading. I have (mostly) gotten used to it over the years, but those around me sometimes find it difficult to keep up with these shifts.

I had the opportunity to deliver some important messages this past weekend, and it soon became apparent to me I needed to be where I was in order for these messages to be delivered. I could feel the work, the effort that was expended from the other side to guide some of the people I spoke with to my table so that the message could be heard. In one instance, the crossed over person had been trying for some time to get through.

I am still in awe and amazed at how the connections are made.

So as I drove home after feeling honored to have been able to be the bearer of the messages, my thoughts wandered to how I approach my life in general. It is definitely a different process for me, and to those who are looking at it from the outside, I can see how they could view it as more than a little strange. OK. Let’s be kind. We’ll use the word “eccentric” instead.

“Eccentric” is defined as deviation from an established or usual pattern or style; or from conventionally or accepted usage or conduct. The saying that some march to the beat of a different drummer certainly applies here. The drumbeat of my Spirit leads me down some pretty interesting pathways if I just choose to listen. I will admit I don’t always want to go where I am called to go, but without exception when I have found myself where Spirit has asked me to be, I have never regretted ending up there. Always there has been something profoundly healing that has happened.

Two decades ago, I promised Spirit that if there was a message to be delivered, and if I was the proper messenger for it, if the Guides and Guidance could maneuver me to be in that place then I would do my best to deliver the message.

“Unique” is defined as solitary in type or characteristics. For whatever reason, I was the most appropriate conduit for some words that needed to be brought forward this weekend. Was there someone else that would have sufficed? I don’t know. I can only say that there was more than one instance where there was little doubt the person was ‘sent’ to me.

I beat myself up sometimes because I don’t choose to live life blending in with the rest of the group, and that includes the ‘metaphysical/spiritual’ community. It is a challenge when you have trouble fitting in with a group of people who, themselves, don’t really fit into the population in general!

Last night, I found a new label for myself: I love myself not despite my eccentricities and my unique way of approaching my life. I love myself because of them. Those very “unique-nicities” often make me the perfect instrument for Spirit’s purposes.

What are your uniquie-nicities? Can you find another way to view them? They are likely some of your greatest strengths, because it is the specific combination of experiences that you have walked through that make you the perfect, unique vessel for Spirit to pour the Light through. Embrace that. Embrace all that you are.

Now go have a beautiful day. I know I will.

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Morning Coffee – Breaking Open, An Insight

English: Cappuccino at Vecchio Café. Italiano:...One of the most important things to practice when living a Spirit-guided life is to always be watching for the insights that can be gained from the experiences of living. Otherwise, what is the use of incarnating in the first place if there is no growth in awareness?

This morning, I want to share a quick  cup of coffee with you about an insight I had while in conversation with a friend yesterday. Another reminder: It is important to be able to talk about Spirit with others. There is something in the coming together of like-minded energies that will open the door to greater awareness. Again, it’s important to pay attention so you don’t miss the learning.

With all of that said, here’s the insight I had. I am sharing it here because I believe it applies to the larger shift that we are all experiencing now. There are two levels to this ascension process we are in the middle of: personal and planetary/galactic.

For many of us, things have been extra intense since the Fall of 2012 or thereabouts. Most of us thought it might have had to do with the ramping up and the clearing out in preparation for the December gateway. I am beginning to feel it was all more about experiencing, to whatever level we individually needed, enough stress, enough pressure, to break open the cocoon of the world-view we had surrounded ourselves with.

Silk worm cocoonsThis cocoon would be unique to each person, and it does not matter what your level of consciousness is. As an incarnated human, you have some set of preconceived notions about how things work that you have created with your consciousness. I have a strong sense that, globally and collectively, we are in the middle of having our collective cocoons broken open so that our butterfly selves can finally emerge.

As this photo so aptly illustrates, we are all in this together, so just remember that whatever you are experiencing, you are not going through it alone!

I was relating a series of experiences I had towards the end of last year that had the effect of rocking my world-view and sending me to a pretty dismal space for awhile. I was left wondering if I actually had any ability to discern at all, because what it looked like to me was I had totally misunderstood some pretty major relationships, and the pain of that disillusionment took some time to work through.

I also found myself commenting to someone recently that I felt like I was coming into my butterfly self, and that I didn’t know what that meant, exactly, but I could feel the truth of the statement. At the time, I did not connect this observation with the painful series of events I’d just come through, which is why I am sharing this insight with you today. Maybe you aren’t connecting similar dots in your life.

The Leopard Lacewing Cethosia cyane is a speci...I now have a different view of this series of events. They are what I required, personally, to break out of my personal cocoon so that my butterfly self could finally begin to emerge. My wings are still drying, and I don’t think I can fly yet, but I have finally broken out of the cocoon. (The irony here is, I thought the cocoon-breaking had taken place when I was awakened 20 years ago! Perhaps there is more than one level to this butterfly-becoming process.)

If we expand our awareness, we can understand that the planet, as well, is likely in the middle of Her cocoon-breaking process. What Her consciousness will require in order to break Herself free remains to be seen, but what we can collectively to is rejoice at the fact that the process is happening. We can look forward to the emergence of Her butterfly self as well.

My mind is not expansive enough to actually grasp where the Universal Being is in this process, for indeed the Microcosm is a reflection or a harmonic of the Macrocosm, and therefore it would follow that there is a similar process occurring on other levels of Creation.

English: butterfly just emerging from a cocoon...So there you have it. I hope this brings relief to some of you, especially if you have recently been through some intense experiences (loss of friends, family, work, home, health, for example) or are in the middle of them. Perhaps this is what it took to break open your cocoon. Welcome to the world, fellow butterfly.

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Morning Coffee – 09/01/12

The Light Shines Through the Open Door

English: Good morning.

Good morning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a conversation with somebody recently, and that conversation led to an insight. That insight is the cup of coffee for today.  Hope you enjoy it.

There are rare moments in our lives when we can actually feel the Presence of the Divine enter the space where we are living.  Most people are familiar with the energy that seems to fill the room when a child enters the world.  I will use the words my friend used to describe her first experience with childbirth, because nothing I could come up with would be able to top what she said.

She said:  How could someone who has experienced this feeling not  believe there was a God?  She had the thought, she told me, that in the same way that God breathed life into Adam, He was present, breathing life into her child.

Elohim Creating Adam

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I said I remembered that same feeling as well, and had experienced it being present at the birth of other women’s children as well.  I wasn’t until the first time I sat hospice and could sense the end of life coming for a person that I felt that same, familiar transcendental energy.

That is when I came to understand that the same energy that is Present when we come into this world through the open door is Present when we leave this place through that selfsame door.

What a rare opportunity for us to experience Heaven from Earth.

As I write these words, I am being shown a magnificent image of how the passing of souls from one world to the other and back again creates a seam of sorts, weaving together these two aspects of Creation.  Lovingly, and with love, across aeons of time and down through the dimensions, we have been working to bring together these two realms.  Patiently, tirelessly, we have worked.  And soon our task will be completed.

Can you feel the truth of what it is I am saying to you now?  We are the Weavers, and our work is almost finished.  And God said that it was good.

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