Morning Coffee

I was up before the first bird began to sing the sun awake this morning. In the quiet before the rest of the world gets going, I brewed my cup of coffee and came here, feeling the need to write something. Now I wait for inspiration to come.

Something’s coming. I can feel it when I quiet myself. There is an undercurrent of restlessness that moves beneath the surface. I cannot tell whether this is anticipation or anxiety. Seems only the passage of time will show me which it is.

What do you do when you are picking something up on your radar? Do you lean into it or ignore it? I would encourage you to lean into it. Engaging your subtle senses will strengthen them, and will help you become more aware of when – as Obi-Wan said – there is a disturbance in the Force.

It’s also helpful to note that this nebulous sense is either personal or something up in the collective consciousness. If you lean in and explore the feeling, you will be able to determine which it is. This can help you handle whatever is headed your way. If it’s personal, you are prepared. If it’s something in the collective, you are prepared.

This feels to me like something’s happening in the collective. I took a moment to explore what’s up in the world of crop circles of late, and came across a recent formation that appeared in late May of this year:

Vesica Piscis

It resembles a Vesica Piscis, a pointed oval figure resulting from the intersection of two circles. The Vesica Piscis predates all major religions. The supreme being is often represented by a sphere, wholeness. The addition of a second sphere represents unity expanding into duality. Where the two spheres overlap, the Vesica Piscis is formed and represents the joining of the God and Goddess to create an offspring. As the basic motif in the Flower of Life, it also is a symbol of the vagina of the feminine goddess. This is also the symbol for Jesus Christ, and is the source of immense power and energy.

A Vesica Piscis is the geometric image through which Light is created.

In 1996, a Vesica Piscis crop circle appeared at Asbury in England. In retrospect, I feel it sends a message about the beginning of a germination process. The center shows a circular shape, a seeding, perhaps?:

The most recent crop circle is more detailed, and one can imagine that something, or someone, is being born. Notice the figure in the center, radiating Light:

The image brings to mind the Hourglass Nebula as photographed by Hubble:

Notice the pointed oval shape where the two circles intersect and the Light bursting forth from the center. A Vesica Piscis represents in a general sense a womb or a GATEWAY between orders of being and is a doorway between worlds.

Remember the axiom ‘As above, so below.’ and apply it here. I want to add an expanded image of the newest crop circle:

The Vesica Piscis image (to the left in the photo) with the light-filled figure emerging from the center appeared on a hill across from the Cerne Abbas Giant, (seen on the far right) a male figure near the village of Cerne Abbas in Dorsett, England. The figure is a large  turf-cut outline filled with chalk depicting a naked man with an erection carrying a club. (I remember that we’ve been told  there would be handwriting on the wall, and that those who have eyes will see.)

I see a message of hope here. I see a message that speaks to the imminent delivery of Light to this planet through the doorway between the dimensions. The God and the Goddess have joined their energies and the delivery is underway.

Is the disturbance in the Force a sign of something wonderful? Remember the birthing process is messy, but the outcome is always beautiful. We are the midwives. Time to roll up our sleeves.

The coffee cup’s been empty for a while, but once I got started, I had to finish it. Until next time, don’t forget to lean into those promptings from Spirit.

A human being is a part of the whole called by us (the) universe. ~A. Einstein

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Message Received. Now Posted.

Angel in the SkyIt seems there is a lot to be transmitted these days. There is a message from St Germain (felt like he was speaking on behalf of many) that was just posted on In the Company of Angels.

Thank you for taking the time to read it.

Morning Coffee – 12/09/12

Early Riser

English: Cute coffee.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but sleep is in short supply these days again.  I have surrendered to this latest disruption, and have a feeling things are not going to improve anytime soon. Instead of fighting the inevitable, I get up when I wake up and do something productive.  And today that something is writing this blog post.

My early morning thoughts are about tying up as many loose ends as possible in the next few weeks.  Part of me is grateful for the extra time I have as a result of my shorter nights.  I wouldn’t want to maintain this pace for an extended period, but for now, it serves me well.

If I didn’t know better, I would say it was Spring time. My energy level is closer to what it is in the Spring of the year, not the middle of winter.  I normally hibernate like a bear, sleeping longer hours and moving more sluggishly through my days.  This Spring like energy level is unusual.  I have also noticed that the birds are more vocal than they usually are this time of year, specially the robins.

OK, so as I write this, I start thinking about Light, specifically particles of Light. Photons. I am not, repeat not, versed in the physics of what I am about to say. I am simply intuiting something that is appearing around the edges of my awareness as I sit here.

A photon is an elemental particle that is, among other things, the basic unit of Light. It demonstrates the attributes of quantum mechanics in that it acts both as a particle and as a wave. It supposedly has no electric charge, and is stable. An individual photon has no mass as well. Interactions can therefore occur over vast distances.

Photons are emitted in many natural processes, and potentially would be emitted in massive quantities during a molecular transition to a lower energy level. An energy level such as this dimension, perhaps? I know I just made a quantum leap and that I am very poorly connecting two extremely tenuous dots, but it’s early, and I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee, so bear with me.

An increase in energy level from E 1 to E 2 re...

An increase in energy due to absorption of photons.

I said that to make this observation. Could my contrary energy levels be attributed to an increase in the amount of Light (photons) I am absorbing at this time because of the energies coming into this area of Creation due to the alignment of the celestial tumblers that are preparing us to step through the Opening Door?

Are my energy levels surging because I’m more sensitive than my neighbors?  My inquiring mind wants to know.  Anybody else out there having this unusual winter-time experience? What I’ve learned just since starting this blog is that if it’s happening to me, it’s happening to others.

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Everything is Frequency – A Series. Part II

Picking Up the Thread Again

modcan B series Frequency Shifter 39B : close up

Frequency Shifter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On September 2, 2012, I posted the first in a series of articles having to do with all things vibrational.  I apologize for letting so much time pass before I continued my discussion here, but hopefully the link will refresh the memories of those who need it, and will introduce the rest of you to the basics of my perspective on Creation Itself.

As we continue to oscillate more in harmony with All That Is, the resonance of The Field is gaining in strength, thus making it easier to manifest things. The doorway is flung wide open, and increasing amounts of ultra-high frequencies of Light are streaming into our collective energy field.

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Diamonds and Pearls

Here’s a Real Gem for You

A scattering of "brilliant" cut diam...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had an insight awhile back.

The insight is:

You can’t make a diamond from a single grain of sand, but you can make a pearl.

A diamond is brilliant, sparkly, created by immense external pressure.  Some of us approach the manifestation process in this way:  we struggle and push in a vain effort to make something happen.  We think that intensity equals progress.  It is, from my perspective, a linear, male strategy. Sometimes it even works.

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A Melchizedek Message

What Would You Have Me Say Today?

Photo of keyboard and pen

Photo of keyboard and pen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Such a simple question.  I was surprised at what came in response.  I have been experiencing more and more episodes of what some would call automatic writing of late, but I shall call it spiritual transcription.  I have been told by my guides I am a translator for the language of Light, and indeed when I was younger, in my teens, I aspired to be a translator.  Translation, good translation, is an art form.  Yes, the skill to speak another language is learned, but the nuances of any language is often gained only through understanding and experiencing  the culture as well.

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