October 2013 Energy Report – A Season of Change

English: partial lunar eclipse as seen from SW...I have a feeling the months leading to the close of this year will be intense ones for all of us. If there is some comfort here, it is in knowing we are not alone in the experience we are about to have, collectively.

Yes, the change of seasons is upon us, on more than one level. There is a nip in the air, and a chill at night. It is almost time to switch the system to ‘heat’. On a spiritual level, the process of evolution continues, and there is no turning back.

The choice we have is in how we dance with the energies that are being beamed this way. We will continue to have many chances to support the changes at a profound level. We can move with the flow despite the challenges, or we can continue to experience chaos and drama in our lives by choosing to resist the waves of change.

You may be asking yourself “Will this ever end?” The answer is “yes”. And “no”. Each cycle within the larger cycle has an end, but also as each ends, it becomes in that moment the beginning of, the opening to, the next cycle.

Here is a brief summary of the energy we will be bathing in this month:

The Libra new moon of Friday Oct 4th is a call for balance, an integration of all that is still polarized within us and that is not in alignment with who we really are.

English: Pluto system. Français : Pluton et se...October is the change agent and will be setting the stage for the Apex Uranus square Pluto that will come in November. This fourth Uranus square Pluto is the exact center of this series of seven squares, and the middle one of the larger four cycles which began with the first series in the 1960’s. (There will be two more Uranus square Pluto series after the conclusion of this series in 2014).

Mercury begins a retrograde period October 2, and will be in full retrograde power by the 18th of the month, with the shadow of this energy continuing until November 27th. (Actual retrograde: Oct 21 – Nov 10). Watch for heightened tempers and road rage, travel issues and problems with your technology. Because Mercury will be in a dance with Saturn at this time, be aware the challenges may be more intense.  You may actually experience missed communications and mechanical breakdowns. Just don’t forget to breathe!

See the blessing here:  this is the final Mercury retrograde for this year. There is also a potential for social unrest during this time as the full moon lunar eclipse on October 18th is in Aries.

During this retrograde, take your communications seriously, and because this is a ‘Scorpio’ retrograde, pay particular attention to your contracts with others (written and otherwise). Be patient with yourself and don’t forget to be forgiving as well.

Neptune will be in the limelight with the full moon and lunar eclipse of the 18th. Here comes your strong dose of evolution! Systems may look like they are crumbling and all that once was ‘secure’ is not. Nothing is the same. It reminds me of the teaching my Unseen Mentors gave me about the life cycle of the butterfly. At the time I was taught this, I applied it only at my individual level, but now I can see how – collectively – we are in transition. When the caterpillar begins the process of metamorphosis and goes into the cocoon, its very body liquefies before it rearranges itself into the butterfly.
It seems our societal ‘body’ is in the process of liquification in preparation for an emergent butterfly model. Our best response seems to be simple: don’t be too attached to what is, because that is changing. A good strategy at this time is to go with the flow whenever you can.

There is a pair of eclipses in the weeks ahead, as well. The Lunar eclipse is October 18th, with a Solar eclipse in early November. Eclipses are all about bringing in breakthroughs (which sometimes come through breakdowns) in an accelerated way. It will be interesting to see how this pair plays out for us.

Those are the big picture influences this month. Now, what can you do to move through this month with grace or to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to all of us at this time?

It is helpful to go within and ask some questions: How can I create a more connected relationship with those close to me?
How can I use the transforming power of the Uranus square Pluto to bring positive change in my life?

Since this next few weeks is all about balance, remember to take care of your body. Don’t push yourself. Slow down if you need to. (I will say that I have been experiencing the re-emergence of a disrupted sleep pattern with the need for mid-afternoon naps that began almost two weeks ago, and is ongoing.) Be kind to yourself this month.
Drink more water to help your body flush out the toxins (physical and emotional) that are being released at this time. Eat as clean (organically) as you can. Smaller portions of cleaner food is better than larger amounts of less quality nutrition.

This is the month to do things differently or to go a different way. The energy will support your efforts in this regard, and know that the outcome of your efforts will support your highest purpose as Soul, incarnated.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. ~R. Buckminster Fuller

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Wesak and the 3rd Eclipse-May 24, 2013

The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17I felt the pull to come to the site and write, and here I am. I felt like looking up the triple eclipse article, and it refreshed my memory that today is the Wesak Festival as well as the third eclipse. All of this comes to me with the strains of a song swelling in the background of my awareness…Let There Be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with me….Let there be peace on Earth, the Peace that was meant to be…

And then comes the Presence of a mighty Spirit to overtake my awareness. I am not writing today. Another will be transmitting a message for all who continue to visit here, despite my human aspect’s sometimes spotty attendance at the keyboard.

220px-BuddhaintuitionWe would say to you these words: Beloved Sons and Daughters of Creation, welcome now to the conclave which begins in moments here, within the Hallowed Halls of Amente. We have saved you a place at the Master’s Table, and are happy you are able to join us here. Please, come. Sit with us awhile. Know that, as your eyes perceive this message, we are transmitting to you via the portals to your very soul a Blessing filled with the Love and Gratitude of the multitudes of souls on whose behalf you so unceasingly labor.

Do not, for a single moment, think that we are not aware of the sacrifice, the suffering, the trials and tribulations, the pain, the peril, you are experiencing at this time. We bow in humble reverence, in recognition of the extreme courage required to move into a realm of density so far from your understanding that you have forgotten the very Essence of who you are. How painful that must be, especially to those of you who are beginning to sense there is more to you than meets the eye (the gentle humor is intentional).

Remember that you are not alone in your struggle. We are here with you, waiting to lend our energies to the task at hand. And so, on this day, we would be honored to combine our energies with yours to co-create the vision for the further unfoldment of the Divine Design in this, the most precious Jewel in the Crown of the Universal Consciousness.

Breathe now. Center yourself. Close gently your eyes. We will now begin to transmit our energies into your field to the level of your tolerance. Can you not feel our Presence as we move in more closely?

Wesak is a gathering of the Masters. All of the Masters are present here this day. We honor your presence here with us. We thank you for your continued efforts despite the many obstacles you are facing, and will continue to face. The greatest obstacle to your success, Beloved Ones, is your doubt.

We would encourage you to continue to place one foot in front of the other, to continue to strive to the best of your abilities to follow the Voice of Spirit that speaks to your heart. Accept the reality of the human aspect of yourself. Forgive the perceived failures. Honor your individual successes. Know that simply being willing to try is often enough to move the energy in the direction of undivided Light.

We reach through the ever-thinning Veil and send you the gifts of Healing, of Strength, of Compassion. Thank you for coming to this Gathering this weekend. We look forward to the day when we shall stand together and look upon this Earth and say the words: It is Finished.

And so the message transmission ended with those words. It is finished. An interesting note here, at least for me, is that this third eclipse is the most powerful full moon of the year. It is in Scorpio. It is a time of completion. Take a moment to consider what, in your life, is it time to be done with? And make it so.

Imagine yourself back at the table in the Hall of the Masters. Notice that you have a bag with you, and that all of these things you are done with are in this bag. There is a large golden bowl on the table. Place the bag in this large basin.

vflameThe instant you do, Master St. Germaine steps forward and ignites the powerful Violet Flame of Transmutation in the golden bowl and as you watch the bag and its contents are consumed by the transformative fire. Give thanks for the assistance. If you are moved to do so, request that the Violet Flame also blaze through your energy field and carry away any residue still remaining. You will bring this energy back with you to your ordinary waking state.

I give thanks to the Masters and other Light Realm beings who assisted with this message today. May you, as reader, derive some benefit from this effort.

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April 2013 Energy Report

English: Total Lunar eclipse 15 June 2011 in i...The energy of April is all about potential.  This is how I choose to look at the energy of change that is building for the next Uranus square Pluto event on May 21.

What you choose to align with will manifest for you.  The energy of change may take you far outside your comfort zone and drag you so far beyond what you thought your limits were that you find yourself standing smack in the middle of the unknown. Stay centered in what you intend for yourself and watch the world form itself around you in accordance with your intent.  Trust.  Have faith.

The new Moon on April 10 will bring relationship issues to the forefront.  This includes the relationship you have with yourself.  Do you love, value, honor, respect yourself?  Watch for the answer to be reflected back to you through the people in your life this month.  Don’t take it personally.  Use these experiences to adjust your inner compass.

April 12th marks the beginning of a five month Pluto retrograde cycle.  This is a time for looking at our hidden fears and how we use our personal power.

We can also use this retrograde cycle to gain insight and greater awareness about our life purpose.  Ask the question “What am I here to do?” and expect an answer.

April’s energy is building towards the next exact Uranus square Pluto in May. If you’re not feeling the effects of this aspect yet, you will.  There will continue to be personal and collective shifts precipitated by this influence.

I remind you that the themes for the years 2012 to 2015 are destruction and rebirth.  This process of tearing down to the foundation of things is necessary in order to manifest the new vision, the new reality.  Our lessons with this energy are: patience, resilience, and surrender to what is in order to go with the flow in each moment.

I call this the time of the chrysalis.  All that was is no more.  When the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, its entire body liquefies and then rearranges itself. I believe we are in the midst of a similar process.  I remind myself when things get particularly difficult that I really want to earn my wings.

The full Moon this month brings an eclipse that invites you to take action but in a more cautious, thoughtful way. It is especially potent as it aligns with Mars, Venus, and Saturn.  The eclipse is in Scorpio so that means we have an opportunity to release the old and outworn, including any patterns of behavior that no longer serve us.  The influence of Saturn reminds us of the importance of keeping our commitments to ourselves and others.

There is a great mandate for change this month that is upon us individually and collectively. I would just say to all who are in the midst of it to remember to stay centered. It is a process, so remain flexible. Things can shift on a dime these days. If your direction isn’t clear at this time, ask that it be made so. Do what you know will move you towards your goal, and trust that the next thing to do will become apparent when the timing is right.

Let him who would move the world first move himself. ~Socrates

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Energy Report – Final November Update

Lunar Eclipse November 28th

English: Total Lunar eclipse 15 June 2011 in i...

English: Total Lunar eclipse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This month was packed with opportunities to shift our frequencies and jettison our density. Thank you, Universe, for this wondrous gift. Now, if I can just make it through the unwrapping process.

November has a second eclipse which is fast approaching. It is a lunar eclipse, and the energies of this eclipse bring another opportunity to re-order our lives.

Lunar eclipses always happen on a full moon and mark the ending of cycles or the culmination of things. They tend to heighten our emotions, which can impair our judgment. This is an excellent time to think before you respond, and if it is possible to wait before you make any decisions, wait at least a week.

There is always another episode with any eclipse, and this can take six months or more to show up on your screen, so be patient, keep an open mind, and be flexible. The picture can change a lot during that time.

Under the influence of a lunar eclipse, it is more likely that a person or situation you thought you could not live without in your life is removed or the situation ends. Just remember that everything has its own life cycle and that includes careers, jobs, relationships and partnerships of all kinds. Focus on the future, not on the past. After you have done your healing work, look forward to what is coming to fill that newly created void, and know that everything is as it needs to be. Accept what is, and move on with gratitude in your heart. Without those people, those experiences, whether painful or joy-filled, you would not be who you are now.

Here are a few additional reminders about eclipse energies, then I will let this one go.

The purpose of an eclipse is to shake us up and  break us free from our habitual responses to the world around us so that we can move to a greater level of maturity. This always happens rapidly. The eclipse energy will provide whatever we need to get the clearing process moving. You will always have exactly what you need in order to evolve and grow in understanding and awareness.

Whatever happens at this time usually comes abruptly. News often comes suddenly and often has life-changing impact. For example, you can receive a promotion or be down-sized. You can sell or buy a house. There is often a change in the status of a situation. The purpose is to expose the weaknesses of the situation, but can also bring help in a positive way.

If the eclipse falls near your birthday or in your birth-sign (or six months away from it) take special note of it. This lunar eclipse is in Gemini.

We often experience accelerated timetables or dramatic changes under an eclipse. This energy can help you do things you never thought you were capable of doing. Overcome your fear and just go do it.

This is a catalyst energy, and what gets galvanized into motion is often overwhelming. Stay centered. Welcome the bright light of Truth that is illuminating the darkness, and know that no matter how painful the experience, this, too, shall pass.

Look for the doors that will open as a result of this influence. Prepare yourself to walk through them.

I will prepare and someday my chance will come. ~ Abraham Lincoln

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June Energy Report – A Bucket Full of Cosmic Energies

It’s Getting Ready to Rain

Army Photography Contest - 2007 - FMWRC - Arts...

Army Photography Contest – 2007 – FMWRC – (Photo credit: familymwr)

My guides have been waving the contract in front of my face for a little over a week now, pointing at my signature and reminding me that I signed up for this.  What was I thinking? Looking around at my fellow travelers, however, I don’t think I’m alone.

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