Musings on Projection

projector2The projective style of dream work has opened a whole new level of perspective for me. The primary tool is projection.  The dictionary defines projection as:the attribution of one’s own ideas, feelings or attitudes to other people or objects; esp the externalization of blame, guilt or responsibility as a defense against anxiety.

We are all uniquely blind to our own shortcomings, but are easily able to spot others’ deficiencies. Lately, I have been paying more attention to how I respond to others, and the thoughts I have about them. I know that this is an elegant way for me to quickly identify where in my psyche I still have work to do.

Try this the next time someone irritates you or disappoints you or upsets you, or betrays you. Ask yourself where in my life am I (irritating, disappointing, upsetting, or betraying) myself? It is not as easy a task as it seems. It requires unstinting honesty.

I also need to say that it is not only about the negative things we perceive in others. More importantly, it is often the positive things we perceive in others that we need to see in ourselves. (This is called the Bright Shadow).

Becoming more aware of the thoughts we have about people helps us become more aware of how we perceive ourselves. We don’t have to have someone else tell us, we just have to pay attention to where our mind goes while we are in relationship with those in our world.

Sometimes, I don’t like what I find, but it gives me something I can focus my conscious attention on, and begin to transmute. Intellectually I understand it is all part of the Hero’s Journey,(the part where we slay the dragon) but that doesn’t make it any easier.

The progress of my work with myself  manifests in the dreams I remember. It still fascinates me how consistently relevant these nightly messages from my highest wisdom source are. These gentle ‘report cards’ give me hope and encouragement as I continue my personal journey towards wholeness. I do this work with the awareness that as I do the work for myself, I do the work also for the collective. It is, after all, how we will heal the world’s collective wounds.

Have courage. Open your heart, and listen to what your dreams tell you. ~Paolo Coelho

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How Much Is Enough?

Peace for Paris. Peace for the World.

Peace for Paris. Peace for the World.

There was another attack on the soul of humanity. It struck in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Paris.

This Eiffel Tower peace sign was drawn by French illustrator Jean Jullien. Around midnight, he posted this simple rendering of the Eiffel Tower inside a circle to his Twitter account with the words “Peace for Paris”. It is reminiscent of the Peace sign popular in the 60s. Seems collectively we still yearn for it. Perhaps someday we will experience it.

I was 12 when I visited Paris with my parents. The Champs Elysses, the Arc de Triumphe, Tour d’Eiffel, the River Seine, Versailles, the Louvre with all its treasures including the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and the Winged Victory. These sights and experiences are as vivid to me today (some 50 years later) as they were when I had them.

My prayers for all those who lost their lives on 11/13/15. My heart goes out to all the families left behind to mourn.

On Saturday morning, German pianist David Martello rode up on a bicycle towing a portable piano. He parked in an area near the Bataclan concert hall where just hours earlier, over 100 people died in a senseless act of mass murder calculated to engender fear and anger. David quietly began to play one of the most well-known anthems to peace written by John Lennon in the 1970s: Imagine. When David was done, he left the same way he came.

Imagine Peace

If there is a ray of hope here, it is in the natural tendency of humans to come together as one global family in the face of tragedy. Homeowners in Paris are opening their doors to those who may need a place to stay in the wake of the shockwave that hit their city, their home. People in the United States are offering their couches to those who may be stranded here due to the cancelled flights to Paris. We do care for one another. We have it in us to rise above the circumstances of the moment and demonstrate our compassionate side.

And from Auckland to the United States, the colors of the French flag are lighting some of the most famous landmarks in the world: The Sydney Opera House, The Auckland Museum, London Bridge, One World Trade Spire. The world was there for us when we lost our fellow Americans. The world is there for the people of Paris, the people of France, as they move through grieving their national tragedy. May we one day come together in co-operation, not mourning.

Be a light unto the world, and hurt it not. Seek to build, not destroy. Bring My people home.                                                                              ~Neale Donald Walsh, CWG, Vol 2

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It Was the Morning of the First Day

Life happened. I apologize for the long delay between these installments. I’ve actually lived another, profound chapter of this very story since last I wrote here. And now, as they used to say in the old days, back to our story…

Let the Games Begin

The first exercise seemed innocent enough. We did a short drumming and then drew a picture of whatever came to mind when we came out of it. I worked with the person who was sitting close by. I didn’t notice who my daughter worked with. When we were back in the room at the end of the day, she did mention that she’d told a woman something and that the person had reacted in a strong way. I wasn’t paying attention because I was tired from the long journey to get to the workshop. The brief lapse in attention would turn out to be pivotal, but I didn’t understand this until after the adventure was over.

We shared in circle, and crow medicine made a first appearance. There was a flock of them. Many people had crow medicine, or were introduced to crow medicine this first day. Crow came into my life under unusual circumstances, but that is a story for another day. I ran from crow for years, until I finally surrendered to the medicine of crow, and the patient invitation I received from the Crow nation.

One of the best books on animal totems is Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews. Some of the most important things – things also relevant to this story – that he says about crow is that the crow has a certain aura of magic, of mystery about them. Black is the color of creation, of the Great Mother.

CrowbywaterCrow has a dominant place in many mythologies. One of their primary qualities, in addition to their intelligence, is their watchfulness. When one is traveling between the worlds, what better companion can we have than crow?

As I re-read Ted’s words about crow, I come across a sentence I’ve underlined in my very dog-eared copy of  the book: “Crows have long been considered magical, and my grandfather once told me how even finding a dead crow was a sign of good luck.” Well now, I forgot that little piece of information.

Wherever crow visits, there is magic. The crow is a messenger calling to us about the energy of creation and magic that is alive in our world every day. Crow started on the first day here, calling us  all – if we had the eyes to see it, the ears to hear it – to the magic that can be accessed whenever humans gather in groups with a sacred purpose.

This was such a group, and I for one at least, was there for a sacred purpose, I just didn’t understand it at the time.

We made another journey that first morning, and then it was time for lunch. In the afternoon, we journeyed to find an afterlife guide for our journeys.

akhenatenandhisfamilyI was most interested that my journeys, no matter where we were to travel as a group, tended to have a distinctly Egyptian flavor to them. That was not the focus of the workshop, but it was where I kept going, and I had no control over it. By the middle of the second day, with this distinctly Egyptian theme continuing, I began to have the sense that something was going on. These ‘off the reservation’ trips I kept taking seemed to have a purpose. It was almost as if it were being orchestrated from another level, by a higher consciousness if you will.

I surrendered to the process, but was distracted by the drama that seemed to unfold at the human level of things. While I was moving through the experience, I was often confused and distressed by what transpired. Every day, every night, I asked for guidance, for clarity, for I know that if we are to understand something, then the Universe will bring us that gift.

If I had one traveler’s tip for you fellow seekers of Truth, it would be this: Just live through the experience to the best of your ability. Remain aware. Take advantage of every moment, noting as much as you can about the circumstances, for you know not what will be important to your understanding later.

And don’t forget to rewind the experience a few times. You will often find you glean more insight in the process.

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. ~Mother Teresa

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Morning Coffee – 08/19/12

More “Trek”

Publicity photo of Leonard Nimoy and William S...

Publicity photo: Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk, Star Trek. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

James T. Kirk.  Mr. Spock.  (I find it interesting that a bi-racial being with such intellect was given the name of a baby doctor, was that accidental or on purpose?)  The coffee hasn’t started to kick in just yet, give me a few more minutes.

My Star Trek piece received such a response, I felt like having another conversation about my secret obsession (not-so-secret anymore!) over this morning’s cup.  Today I am trying to imagine what it must be like to embody an archetype for the world to emulate.

What was that conversation like as the soul’s life was being planned out?  And we’re not talking just one archetype, it was a whole group of them.  What a complex planning process that must have been. That group of people modeled something critical to humanity’s next step:  how individuals of very dissimilar backgrounds (to say the least) were able to come together in community and work together to achieve a common goal.  The goal was to seek, to explore, to boldly go…

It’s my belief that we must first establish a template for something in this dimension before its light world equivalent can anchor in here.  Although humans lived in community thousands of years ago, and in some places on the planet still do, for the most part we are extremely fragmented even at the family level.The type of community model that will be required for this next evolution is different from the model that currently exists on this planet.

We require a model that allows for input from all members of the community.  Everyone has something of value to contribute to the whole.  Yes, Captain Kirk always made the final decision and yes, sometimes he followed his own instincts, but at least he asked for input from his trusted advisers before he made that decision.

The crew of the USS Enterprise seeded the mass consciousness with this template over 40 years ago.  Those seeds are finally beginning to sprout.  As humanity continues to awaken, it is becoming increasingly obvious that changes in the way we do things will be necessary.

But we have a road map to follow.  We have a working model we can emulate.  We can look to the crew of the USS Enterprise, and we can boldly go…

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Morning Coffee -08/17/12



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Well, talking about the Mayan calendar got me thinking about what’s happening on the planet now.  So this morning’s cup of coffee is about transitions.

They come in different sizes, these transitions.  They can be small.  They can be medium.  Or they can be really large, sort of like the one the planet and humanity is going through at this time.

Transitions of any kind are often messy.  And this one is no exception.  The anticipation is building as December nears.  What’s going to happen?  Are we going to still be here the morning of December 22nd? I’m going on the record now (I’m feeling pretty emboldened by this morning’s cup): yes, we will still be here the morning after.

In the grander scheme of things, this one singular day only marks a step in the journey.  When the caterpillar moves into the cocoon stage, all that it was breaks down completely.  The body of the caterpillar liquefies.  Then, all of that rearranges itself into the new form: the butterfly.

It is only after this process is completed that the new form emerges from the cocoon.  When I look at the current state of the planet, I would put us in the beginning stages of the liquefaction process.  The caterpillar body is just starting to break down.

Butterfly with clear wings sitting on a golden flower

Consciousness Emerges

That’s why I doubt that the morning of December 22nd is going to show us the dawning of a brand new day, a new way of being on the planet instantaneously born out of the energy of the night before.  We still have linear time here.  We haven’t learned to vibrate fast enough to transcend linearity. And that is a whole other cup of coffee.

We’re just talking over coffee here.  I’m no expert about anything.  I’m just sharing when it looks like from my backyard.  There’s still a little breaking down that will need to happen before the building up process can begin.

One thing I’m pretty sure of: eventually we’re going to have a butterfly.

Give Light, and the darkness will disappear of itself. ~ Erasmus

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