A Time of Resurrection and Renewal

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Finally! The days are longer, and I begin to wake from my winter hibernation. The sap is flowing in the trees, there is early morning birdsong as my alarm, and my energy levels are starting to come up again. No more running on empty – at least for the next 7 months or so.

The world makes resolutions on New Year’s Eve, and by the end of January, most of us are back to our old habits or patterns. Working to make changes during a time of hibernation can be extremely difficult, at least for me. I exercise patience. I wait for a time when the energy is on my side. I don’t fight the inertia of hibernation I experience during the deep of Winter – which is a time of slumber for the entire planet anyway.

Resurrection means coming back to life, coming back into practice or use, revival; and renewal means a state of being made new.

The Equinox is just passed. During this weekend of balanced energies, I attuned six people to Reiki Master in a weekend intensive format. These people felt called to bring to life – or back to life – their connection to healing energies.

As I worked with this group, I contemplated what I wanted to resurrect in my life this Spring. I renewed my commitment to certain personal goals I set for myself this year.

I am aware of my human failings. Some things take me more than one attempt. It took me over 8 years and six attempts to quit smoking. I tried more than one method, including hypnosis (didn’t work for me), cold turkey (worked, but I started back up again). It was the worst mistake I ever made because it took me an additional 5 years to (finally) quit. It was  tapering the number of cigarettes per day with the addition of a tobacco substitute to take the edge off the craving that finally allowed me to free myself of the chains of that addiction.

I did a lot of behavior changes before I took that final step. I quit smoking after eating. I stopped lighting up every time the phone rang. I separated the act of smoking from every other activity I did, and made it extra-tough to light up by putting the cigarettes, lighter and ash tray in a room far away from the main part of the house. If I wanted to smoke, I could only smoke. Smoking lost its grip on my life one butt at a time. I am an addict. I know that now.

I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to my herbalist friend Denise in Washington State for her smoking mixture that has no tobacco in it. (www.MountainSpiritHerbals.com for those who may be interested.) She has wonderful personal care products that are chemical free (I adore her Lizard Cream, especially in winter), and a nice selection of loose herbs. This wise woman is a cornucopia of herbal knowledge. I used Shaman’s Blend to wean myself off cigarettes after I cut the cigarettes down to less than 6 per day. The Shaman’s Blend has valerian and chamomile in it, which helped calm my craving for nicotine.

This year, I am renewing my promise to myself to clear out anything that no longer serves me. I sold all my acrylic paints. (I figured out why I had them in the first place, and now no longer need them. I can express my artistic side with pencils and pastels, as I have been doing for decades.) I have donated household items twice, and there will be another large donation after the moving sale that is coming soon.

I am looking at all the objects in my world and am asking if there is value in it for me. Does this thing  contribute to my life or does it drain life force from me? The biggest challenges are with items that have sentimental value for me.  I still have some work to do, but I am renewing my commitment to do this work so I can make room for whatever it is Spirit desires to bring my way.

What are you going to resurrect in your life? Perhaps there are some New Year’s resolutions you’ve already given up on. Now is an excellent time to plant seeds of success for yourself. It is, after all, Spring, the perfect time to plant  what you would like to see harvested come Fall.

Do you want to explore your connection with Spirit? Develop your intuitive connection? Learn how to paint a picture? How about personal training to improve your physical health? Yoga? Martial arts? Meditation? What will you renew your commitment to for your personal growth and development? Do you have something you used to do that you  let fall by the wayside? This is the time to contemplate renewing that practice .

Take some time to find something, just one thing, you can renew a commitment to. Then take the actions needed to plant that garden of positive change. It’s Spring. The Light is with us. Now is the time.

Starting a new way is never easy, so keep starting until the start sticks. ~Tim Fargo

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How Much Is Enough?

Peace for Paris. Peace for the World.

Peace for Paris. Peace for the World.

There was another attack on the soul of humanity. It struck in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Paris.

This Eiffel Tower peace sign was drawn by French illustrator Jean Jullien. Around midnight, he posted this simple rendering of the Eiffel Tower inside a circle to his Twitter account with the words “Peace for Paris”. It is reminiscent of the Peace sign popular in the 60s. Seems collectively we still yearn for it. Perhaps someday we will experience it.

I was 12 when I visited Paris with my parents. The Champs Elysses, the Arc de Triumphe, Tour d’Eiffel, the River Seine, Versailles, the Louvre with all its treasures including the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and the Winged Victory. These sights and experiences are as vivid to me today (some 50 years later) as they were when I had them.

My prayers for all those who lost their lives on 11/13/15. My heart goes out to all the families left behind to mourn.

On Saturday morning, German pianist David Martello rode up on a bicycle towing a portable piano. He parked in an area near the Bataclan concert hall where just hours earlier, over 100 people died in a senseless act of mass murder calculated to engender fear and anger. David quietly began to play one of the most well-known anthems to peace written by John Lennon in the 1970s: Imagine. When David was done, he left the same way he came.

Imagine Peace

If there is a ray of hope here, it is in the natural tendency of humans to come together as one global family in the face of tragedy. Homeowners in Paris are opening their doors to those who may need a place to stay in the wake of the shockwave that hit their city, their home. People in the United States are offering their couches to those who may be stranded here due to the cancelled flights to Paris. We do care for one another. We have it in us to rise above the circumstances of the moment and demonstrate our compassionate side.

And from Auckland to the United States, the colors of the French flag are lighting some of the most famous landmarks in the world: The Sydney Opera House, The Auckland Museum, London Bridge, One World Trade Spire. The world was there for us when we lost our fellow Americans. The world is there for the people of Paris, the people of France, as they move through grieving their national tragedy. May we one day come together in co-operation, not mourning.

Be a light unto the world, and hurt it not. Seek to build, not destroy. Bring My people home.                                                                              ~Neale Donald Walsh, CWG, Vol 2

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It Was the Morning of the First Day

Life happened. I apologize for the long delay between these installments. I’ve actually lived another, profound chapter of this very story since last I wrote here. And now, as they used to say in the old days, back to our story…

Let the Games Begin

The first exercise seemed innocent enough. We did a short drumming and then drew a picture of whatever came to mind when we came out of it. I worked with the person who was sitting close by. I didn’t notice who my daughter worked with. When we were back in the room at the end of the day, she did mention that she’d told a woman something and that the person had reacted in a strong way. I wasn’t paying attention because I was tired from the long journey to get to the workshop. The brief lapse in attention would turn out to be pivotal, but I didn’t understand this until after the adventure was over.

We shared in circle, and crow medicine made a first appearance. There was a flock of them. Many people had crow medicine, or were introduced to crow medicine this first day. Crow came into my life under unusual circumstances, but that is a story for another day. I ran from crow for years, until I finally surrendered to the medicine of crow, and the patient invitation I received from the Crow nation.

One of the best books on animal totems is Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews. Some of the most important things – things also relevant to this story – that he says about crow is that the crow has a certain aura of magic, of mystery about them. Black is the color of creation, of the Great Mother.

CrowbywaterCrow has a dominant place in many mythologies. One of their primary qualities, in addition to their intelligence, is their watchfulness. When one is traveling between the worlds, what better companion can we have than crow?

As I re-read Ted’s words about crow, I come across a sentence I’ve underlined in my very dog-eared copy of  the book: “Crows have long been considered magical, and my grandfather once told me how even finding a dead crow was a sign of good luck.” Well now, I forgot that little piece of information.

Wherever crow visits, there is magic. The crow is a messenger calling to us about the energy of creation and magic that is alive in our world every day. Crow started on the first day here, calling us  all – if we had the eyes to see it, the ears to hear it – to the magic that can be accessed whenever humans gather in groups with a sacred purpose.

This was such a group, and I for one at least, was there for a sacred purpose, I just didn’t understand it at the time.

We made another journey that first morning, and then it was time for lunch. In the afternoon, we journeyed to find an afterlife guide for our journeys.

akhenatenandhisfamilyI was most interested that my journeys, no matter where we were to travel as a group, tended to have a distinctly Egyptian flavor to them. That was not the focus of the workshop, but it was where I kept going, and I had no control over it. By the middle of the second day, with this distinctly Egyptian theme continuing, I began to have the sense that something was going on. These ‘off the reservation’ trips I kept taking seemed to have a purpose. It was almost as if it were being orchestrated from another level, by a higher consciousness if you will.

I surrendered to the process, but was distracted by the drama that seemed to unfold at the human level of things. While I was moving through the experience, I was often confused and distressed by what transpired. Every day, every night, I asked for guidance, for clarity, for I know that if we are to understand something, then the Universe will bring us that gift.

If I had one traveler’s tip for you fellow seekers of Truth, it would be this: Just live through the experience to the best of your ability. Remain aware. Take advantage of every moment, noting as much as you can about the circumstances, for you know not what will be important to your understanding later.

And don’t forget to rewind the experience a few times. You will often find you glean more insight in the process.

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. ~Mother Teresa

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On Comets, Commonality and Convergence

English: Oven roasted turkey, common fare for ...I finally felt inspired to write today. Thanksgiving was yesterday, and I spent some time reflecting on what blessings the past year has brought me. Yes, I am grateful for the tough lessons, too. It’s what strengthens my faith in the Unseen, for never have I been disappointed or betrayed by Spirit. I have only ever been loved and supported, guided and protected.

English: "The First Thanksgiving at Plymo...A friend of mine sent me some information about this holiday just past, and it started me on an exploration. I pay attention to patterns, to coincidences, to points of convergence; and we had one such convergence this Thanksgiving. There is much written about the holidays of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah and the rare juxtaposition of the two this year.

The last time the two holidays fell on the same day was in 1888. The next time that will happen is more than 70,000 years away. Hanukkah typically begins in December, and Thanksgiving is usually a week earlier than it was this year.

HanukkahI was intrigued by the similarities between the two celebrations. Both are a time of reflection and gratitude when family comes together. Thanksgiving is about gratitude for the harvest, and for the new land, the new opportunity for religious freedom the Pilgrims sought when they made the dangerous voyage across the sea to this, the new world.

Both celebrations recognize the Divine hand that guides our lives. When the Pilgrims came to this new land, they gave thanks for the successful voyage across the sea, and for the harvest of crops they’d planted that would see them through their first winter here. The message of Hanukkah is that a little light can illuminate a lot of darkness. It is also a celebration of thanks for the restoration of the Temple in Jerusalem after the Maccabean military victory over the Syrians in  168 BC.

I also find it interesting that there are both solar and lunar influences that were ‘combined’ this day. The Gregorian calendar, which is the western calendar, is based upon the Earth’s journey around the sun. The dates for Hanukkah are determined by the Hebrew calendar, which is lunisolar.  (Months are calculated according to the moon cycle, years by the sun.)

The third ingredient to now be tossed into the mix is the appearance of the comet ISON on November 28th which was Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. Harkens back to a time a couple of thousand years ago when a star appeared in the heavens…

Yes, ISON passed on its way to the sun on Thanksgiving day. If it survives its journey around the sun, it will come closest to the Earth again on December 26th, the day after Christmas. It will be visible in the sky starting in mid-December, however.

A Festival of Light(Hanukkah), a day of Thanksgiving, the appearance of a light in the sky. Is someone trying to tell us something? What do you think?

Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul. ~Walt Whitman

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Morning Coffee – What To Do?

English: Cappuccino in Corinthia. Italiano: Ca...I’ve been hearing it a lot again lately: something is going to happen, and I need to head for the hills, or stock up on extras, or  brace myself for the end that is near. Seems that this round of distress is precipitated by the upcoming Uranus square Pluto early November. This square will be the fourth in a series of seven for this sub-cycle of a larger series of Uranus square Pluto configurations that spans a couple of hundred years before it is complete. Or maybe it’s the Comet ISON.

Remember Y2K? How about December 21, 2012? The history of predictions for the end of the world is long and complex. Here are some other examples:

365 CE:  Hilary of Poitiers announced that the end of the world would happen that year.

848:  Thiota declared that the world would end this year.

January 1, 1000:  Pope Sylvester II and various other Christian clerics predicted the end of the world on this date.  Riots occurred in Europe, and many Pilgrims headed east to Jerusalem.

1186:  John of Toledo predicted the end of the world based on the alignment of many planets.

1284:  Pope Innocent II predicted that the world would end 666 years after the rise of Islam.

1346-1351: Various Europeans interpreted the black plague that was spreading across Europe as the sign of the end of times.

1504: Sandro Botticelli believed he was living during the Tribulation, and that the Millennium would begin 3 1/2 years from the year 1500.

October 19, 1533:  Mathematician Michael Stifel calculated that the judgment day would begin at 8:00 AM on this date.

February 1, 1624:  The same London astrologers who predicted the London deluge of February 1, 1524 recalculated the date after their first prophecy failed.

1656: Christopher Columbus claimed in his book of prophecies written in 1501 that the world would end in 1656.

1666: Some Christians feared the end of the world because of the presence of 666 in the date, the death of 100,000 Londoners from the bubonic plague, and the great fire of London.

1697: Cotton Mather, a Puritan minister, predicted the world would end this year. After the prediction failed, he revised the date of the End two more times.

1757: Emanuel Swedenborg claimed that the Last Judgment occurred in the spiritual world this year.

1805: The Presbyterian minister Christopher Love predicted the destruction of the world by earthquake in 1805, followed by an age of everlasting peace when God will be known by all.

Español: Charles Taze Russell1874: Charles Taze Russell predicted the return of Jesus to occur in 1874 and after this date passed, reinterpreted the prediction to say that Jesus had returned in invisible form, not physical form.

1880: Wovoka, the founder of the Ghost Dance movement predicted in 1889 that the Millennium would occur in 1890.

1910: Camille Flammarion predicted that the 1910 appearance of Halley’s Comet ‘would impregnate the atmosphere and possibly snuff out all life on the planet’ but not the planet itself. The comet was said to indicate the Second Coming to many.

English: An image of Halley's Comet, taken on ...Feb 13, 1925: Margaret Rowen, a Seventh-Day Adventist, declared that the angel Gabriel appeared before her in a vision and told her that the world would end at midnight on this date.

December 21, 1954: Dorothy Martin, leader of a UFO cult called the Brotherhood of the Sven Rays, claimed the world was to be destroyed by terrible flooding on this date. The fallout of the group after the prediction failed was the premise of the book When Prophecy Fails, published in 1956.

Feb 4, 1962: Jeane Dixon predicted that a planetary alignment on this day would bring destruction to the world. Mass prayer meetings were reported in India.

1967: Jim Jones, the founder of the People’s Temple stated he had visions that a nuclear holocaust was to take place in 1967.

Jun 21, 1982: Benjamin Creme took out an ad in the Los Angeles Times stating the Second Coming would occur in June 1982 with the Maitreya announcing it on worldwide television.

Leland JensenApril 29, 1987:  Leland Jensen predicted that Haley’s Comet would be pulled into Earth’s orbit on this date, causing widespread destruction.

April 23, 1990: Elizabeth Claire Prophet predicted a nuclear war would start on this day, with the world ending 12 years later. Her followers built shelters and stockpiled them with supplies and weapons.

May 2, 1993: Neal Chase, a B’hai sect leader, predicted that New York would be destroyed by a nuclear bomb on March 23, 1994 and that the Battle of Armageddon would take place 40 days later.

December 17, 1996: Sheldon Nidle, a California psychic, predicted that the world would end on this date, and that 16 million space ships and a host of angels would arrive.

Jan 1, 2000: Christian authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins stated the Y2K bug would trigger global economic chaos, which the Antichrist would use to rise to power.

May 5, 2000: Nuwaubian Nation: This movement claimed that the planetary alignment would cause a “star holocaust”, pulling the planets towards the sun this day.

Other famous predictors of the end in 2000 include: Peter Olivi, Isaac Newton, Edgar Cayce, Ed Dobson, Lester Sumrall, and 18th Century preacher Jonathan Edwards.

2010: The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn predicted the world would end this year.

Aug-Oct 2011:  Various sources predicted that the Comet Elenin traveling almost directly between the Earth and the Sun would cause disturbances to the Earth’s crust and bring massive earthquakes and tidal waves. Some predicted the comet would collide with Earth on October 16th.

June 30, 2012: Jose Luis de Jesus predicted that the world’s governments and economies would fail on this day.

Dec 21, 2012: The Mayan apocalypse, the end of the age at the start of the 13th Baktun.

2021: F. Kenton Beshore places the Second Coming of Jesus between 2018 and 2018 and the Rapture by 2021 at the latest.

2060: Sir Isaac Newton’s Biblical research led him to conclude the world would end this year.

2240: According to the Talmud, the Messiah should come within 6000 years from the creation of Adam, and the world could potentially be destroyed 1000 years later.

2280: According to Rashad Khalifa’s research on the Quran Code, the world will end in this year.

What was the purpose of this exercise? What are we supposed to do with this recent resurgence of apocalyptic fever? Will the Comet ISON be the end of us? What if it is? Is there, truly, anything we can do to ensure, absolutely, our survival? I am posing a series of hypothetical questions for you to ponder as you make your way through the day.

At the bottom of all the upheaval lies this Truth: all any one of us has to rely on is our own individual connection to our Higher Knowing. No other person can tell you what to do, can tell you what is coming. Only your Creator is the Keeper of the day, the hour, of your transition. Our purpose is to be, each and every moment, the best person we can be despite the circumstances – or perhaps because of them.

Ask in every moment to be shown what is it you need to do next, then set about doing it. We can learn our lessons with ease and grace, or we can learn them the hard way. I’ve experienced both, and I prefer the ease and grace version.

What is beyond your individual ability to prevent or change, give it over to a power greater than yours. Surrender to the guidance, the well of wisdom that flows from deep within your consciousness. Listen for the whispers of Truth that will keep you moving in the right direction, that will lead you to the fulfillment of your individual purpose for being on this planet at this time.

Don’t forget to breathe.

This was a longer ‘cup’ than anticipated, but now that the cup is empty, I leave you to go have a glorious day. I know I will!

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Morning Coffee – Life Purpose

Whipped cream coffee & sandwich What better way to start the day than with some words about the purpose of life?

Here’s something to ponder as you head out today:

And God created every living creature that now moveth, and one was man. Mud as man alone could speak. God leaned close as mud as man sat up, looked around, and spoke. Man blinked.

“What is the purpose of all this?” he asked politely.

“Everything must have a purpose?” asked God.

“Certainly,” said man.

“Then I leave it to you to think of one for all this,” said God.

And He went away.

~Kurt Vonnegut, Cat’s Cradle

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