Morning Coffee – 2017

As the rain pours down outside, I greet this day with a delightful cup of coffee. I haven’t shared a cup with you for quite some time. Pull up a chair. Pour yourself a cup. Let’s talk awhile.

So when was the last time you actually sat across from another human being in a focused way and had a conversation that didn’t involve your thumbs?

Can you remember the most recent time you listened with your full attention to someone share something with you?

I’ve noticed that people can’t be without their ‘phones’ even for a few short hours. Even when in a class, I often see a subtle checking of the phone. I don’t like the ubiquitous presence of these electronic attention-grabbers. It takes the person out of the present moment, and according to all the wisdom teachings, the present moment is the place of true power.

The power to change our past, our futures, individually and collectively. But we’re too busy checking our emails.

Recent research shows, and some programmers that are ‘in the know’, have begun to speak up about how our devices are being engineered to capture our attention. Our basic human instincts are being used against us, to cause us to become addicted to our electronic devices.

I’m beginning to be concerned that the newest form of slavery has invisible chains. How is this going to change the trajectory of the collective? That remains to be seen. The one thing I hang my hopes on is the power of our free will to choose what we will and will not allow in our lives.

I long for the days when the phones were tethered to the walls of our homes, and if you wanted to make a call when you were away from home, you had to find a ‘phone booth’.

When is the last time you saw one of these? They have virtually disappeared from the landscape, and nobody even seems to have noticed.

Think about it: if you needed to make a call, you actually had to stop what you were doing, and make that call. You didn’t have the ability to walk down the street and make a call. You had to pay attention to what you were doing in the moment. You had to fish for coins, find the number, dial the number, wait for the other party to answer, have your conversation, and then hang up before you continued on with your day.

Now you shoot them a quick text and wait for the ping of your phone to let you know they’ve responded. So, how present are you, anyway? So much is lost in written communication. Where is the voice inflection? The expression on the speaker’s face? Their body language is also an important part of the process. It’s ironic to me that despite our increased ability to stay connected, we are actually more disconnected from each other than ever.

Since when is it inspired advice to have a ‘family dinner’ one night a week? When did dinners around the table complete with conversation about our day go the way of the phone booth?

Our awareness has been shrinking of late, not expanding. I encourage you to spend a day, yes a day, without your phone. Turn it off. Leave it home. Notice your physiological responses. Notice how many times you reach for it to check your ‘messages’ and perhaps you will begin to understand how ‘dependent’ you’ve become. Then ask yourself if it truly benefits you to be constantly ‘connected’ in that way.

The next time you meet someone for lunch or a cup of coffee, why don’t you both turn off your phones and spend the time fully engaged with another human being? They are worth your attention. You are worth your attention.

Well, my friends, the coffee cup is empty, and it’s time for me to go about my day. Thanks for sitting with me. Thanks for listening.

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Indifference and neglect often do more damage than outright dislike. ~ JK Rowling


Morning Coffee – 01/10/13

A Matter of Perspective

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I’ve been getting a lot of lessons in perspective lately.  Perspective is defined as one’s point of view, but can also be described as the relationship of one thing or person to another.

I’ve written here already about some of the insights I’ve had lately about relationships in my life.  Yesterday I had a conversation with somebody that illustrated a totally different side to this thing we call “perspective”.

I’ve been participating in a group effort where I had the perception that I wasn’t doing very well. I did not interact with other members of the group much, so I didn’t know how well they were doing. I only had my results to go by. Over the months I participated, based upon my output, I thought it wasn’t very good.  My perspective was that I was mediocre at best.

The conversation yesterday gave me a different view entirely. Again, it was like the relationship situations, only in a “good” way. What I mean by that is that relative to the other participants, I was actually doing well. I am going to do some spiritual exploring on this matter of perspective. I am beginning to have the sense that it colors our experience of things in a much more significant way than I’d previously suspected.

So thank you for the insight, my friend.

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Another Story from Another Day – Part II

The Story Continues

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The transfer was made with the utmost of care, and when all was ready, there was a gathering in the Great Hall.  And the time came for the child to say farewell to her home.  Where she were going she had no idea.  And although there was fear of the unknown, duty and courage prevailed.

What follows is an excerpt from the personal journal of the Princess:

As I waited in the ante-chamber behind the throne, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach.  I could not allow my apprehension to show, for to do so would be to disgrace my father and my family.

As the handmaidens adjusted my garments and my headdress, I knew the time was drawing near.  I could hear the noise level of the voices from the visiting dignitaries, the royal families of the nearby planets, and the representatives of all of the guilds of our home world rising as the Great Hall filled, and I knew I must be strong. The sounding of the horns brought silence, and signaled that it was time for me to take my place upon the throne.

The curtains parted, and I took my seat.  And now the formal leave-taking ceremony began.

The first to approach was a man playing music accompanied by a small monkey-like creature which danced and cavorted while the music played.  The man left the monkey-like creature on the bottom step that led to the throne to remind me to remember to laugh.

The next to step forward was an imposing man dressed all in midnight blue velvet.  I remember he had fierce, piercing eyes, and that his power permeated his entire energy field yet not in an unbalanced way.  He told me he had come as an emissary bearing the gifts that the person he represented wanted me most to have.  Because of his high rank, this man was allowed to climb to the next to the top step and kneel there.

From within the folds of his cloak, he withdrew two small flasks.  One flask contained a liquid light that was ruby-red in color with beautiful golden flecks in it.  The other flask contained a liquid light that was a deep purple blue with sparkling silver flecks in suspension.

As he gently placed the first flask with the ruby-red liquid in it at my feet, he said ” This is passion.”

When he put the second flask with the blue liquid in it at my feet he said ” And this is compassion.”

As he bowed in deep respect, stepping carefully backwards down the steps, I noticed an elderly couple approaching pulling behind them a small wagon.  Inside the wagon was a large jar filled with what looked like dancing sparks of light.

The couple smiled, and bowed, and left the wagon with the jar full of dancing lights near where the monkey-like creature was playing.  This gift was so that I would not forget who, and what, I was.

I knew the time of my leaving was coming soon, and my heart was saddened.  As the king and queen, my parents, stepped forward, they took their places one on either side of me.
They turned to stand facing each other and they opened their arms and their hearts.  A beautiful ball of pink and gold  light formed between them above my head.  This ball of light and gently came into the top of my head and centered itself in my heart.  This was my final gift.

The love of my parents is what connects me to my home world.  It is on this vibration that I will be able to complete my journey home when the time comes.  I could feel their thoughts as I readied myself.  ” Know how much you are loved.  Know that you are love.”

And then it was time for me to take my leave of this place, the only home I had ever known throughout all of my different incarnations.  I had continuity of consciousness and complete and total memory at soul level while incarnated.  But this facility was about to be lost to me.

Mission: Earth, Voyage to the Home Planet

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The energy of the royal one was propelled through the dimensions and across vast distances of space and time on a pulsing a beam of light.  The journey was instantaneous.

She was hidden in the farthest reaches of the known universe in a little backwater solar system that was of little consequence to anyone.  It was thought that here, the Book of Knowledge would be safe.

There is a light that shines beyond all things on Earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens.  This is the Light that shines in our hearts. ~ Chandogya Upanishands.

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The Greatest Love of All

Whitney is Singing Loudly Today

Mt. Whitney, California 1999

I know it’s not Whitney Houston, but is a pretty sight.

I woke up this morning with Whitney Houston singing in the background of my mind, and that girl has some pipes!  I paused a moment to inquire as to the message, and felt like I wanted to share it here today.

The music was likely precipitated by a reading I gave yesterday, which left me a little frustrated.  I delivered the message, but felt it was bouncing off a brick wall of resistance.  Sometimes I don’t have the words to give that they want to hear, and I have to remind myself that I am just the messenger, after all. Can’t make every horse drink!

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